Summoners War Giant’s Keep Guide

Summoners War Giant’s Keep Guide by zer6lin6

Hey guys,

I see in many forums, I’m not the only one having troubles with b7+ (well, I guess I’m not having them anymore). I have been theorycrafting about giants keep for weeks as well.

I’m willing to tell the ones who need help though, there are different ways to beat b7-10, without even having any natural 4* monsters.

The real key to beat giants higher level is damage over time, and finding away to keep your damage dealers alive, so the dots can tick.

So first of all here’s a list of the damage dealers;

1-3- Stars;

Water Imp – 3-4 dots over 2 turns, safe choice and easy to get (wind ninjas are not recommended anymore) .

How many dots you need, depends on how many turns you can survive, so you need a monster that keeps you alive to let the dots tick a second or even third or fourth time.

Here’s a list of monster, that can keep you alive;

4- Stars;

Fire epikion priest – she can keep you alive for 1 turn, so you need at least 10 dots at the boss

Water death knight

1-3 Stars;

Light fairy – invincibility for 2 turns, need 7 dots for bosskill

Dark elemental – no words for this monster, it can clear b10 easily

That’s it.

So, go for water imps.

If you have 3 water imps, you can give the boss up to 10 dots (more than 10 debuffs per turn are not possible anymore) for 2 turns, that’s 50% of its hp per turn.

Take a fire priest in your team and use fanatic, or a light fairy and use her shield, or a dark elemental and use power of darkness, or a water bear and atk a tower, survive the golems first strike with his passive, to let the dots tick another time and the boss is down, simply as that.

The actualy hard part of the dungeon is the way to the boss, the monsters are level 65 and hard to beat, but your imps do well with their freezing ability.

Monsters that help you get through stages;

1-3- Stars;

Fire hellhound – His buff greatly increases your imps’ crit rate, you won’t need runes to reach 100% critrate anymore + he is a strong attacker that helps you through the stages.

There are probably a lot more monsters you can use here, this is just the one I use and it works.

An example of full 2-3* team that can clear the b10 dungeon;

For dots, 3x water imp with 6x blade/or focus runes (I use 4xblade 2xfocus), they need 100% crit and as much effect accuracy as possible.

For shield, Light fairy with any runes, fatal energy runes are probably the best on her.

For waves and crit buff, Hellhound, considering the cost to put your team together and the value it brings out for the dungeon, hellhound is far the best in my opinion, use it with fatal/blade runes .


The imps need to have 100% critrate and 85% accuracy for being able to hit all dots. There will alwayws be a 15% chance of missing your dot, though, even if you have 100% accuracy.

I have 60% accuracy on my imps which is enough for b10. Another way to avoid spending millions of mana for 100% crit on imps is having imps with 75% crit and adding a hellhound to your team to buff the rates up to about 100%.

I hope this guide helps you plz upvote ;X so long, zergling

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  1. roy says:

    do i have to turn them all to 5 or 6 stars (water imps, fire hellhound, light fairy)?? thanks

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