Summoners War R5 Increasing DPS Guide

Summoners War R5 Increasing DPS Guide by KAZUTO111

It has been a long time since the last R5 guide was released, and a lot has changed since then. After a lot of testing with my amazing guildmates and other friends we have come to several conclusions. These are constantly updating as we continue to test more, but I’m here to share with you the conclusions we have reached so far.

First I’ll tell you a little about me. I am KAZUTO111 and I’ve been playing this game since June 2014, 2 weeks after it was released. I am the leader of !nkedGuns, a G3 guild that competes for Legend once a month as well, a G2-3 player in arena, and, more importantly for right now, I have been farming R5 for a long time now, and have made several advancements in my teams along the way. This guide is the culmination of all that testing.

To start off, let’s touch on the basic set up for an R5 team. None of what I’m about to say is anything new and most people benefitting from this guide likely has a team similar to this.

2 healers 1 cleanser 0-2 utility/debuffs 1-3 DPS

Nothing of what I am going to say goes against this team set up, it is more to do with how you rune these monsters and the specific monsters you use.

Let’s start by talking about the specific monsters to use in each team.


Colleen is a mandatory healer due to her S1 attack break and S2 heal block, the two most useful debuffs in the game. If you don’t use Colleen you will need to use a Magic Archer or a Desert Queen, but Colleen is so good that there isn’t a reason to not use her.

Your second healer has a lot of options. I’ll list some of them here and pros and cons of each.

Chasun: Probably the most common option. Chasun is a great healer, but the problem is that’s about all she does. She has glancing in S1 but it’s unreliable and Lisa generally has glancing covered (just one Lisa can keep glancing up at all times). This means the only thing Chasun brings other than healing is attack buff, which is nice but fairly minor. A good safe option, but not an end game healer.

Ariel: A lot of people think Ariel is the premium healer for R5. This is not true. Ariel is, again, a safe option, with a very powerful AoE heal, but is even less end game than Chasun in the sense that Ariel literally has nothing except healing and some minor defense based DPS (if you build him SPD/DEF/DEF).

Praha: Even worse than Chasun/Ariel in terms of multitasking, she’s only useful for her 41% Res leader skill. I generally recommend building teams to work with 30% Res lead but if you don’t then you need either her or Tesa.

Belladeon: The F2P God is still viable in R5 as one of the better healers. While his heal itself is not huge, Bella is a smart healer which means he’s one of the few that will save the heal for when it is needed. Combined with high base Defense making him viable for front line even without god tier runes, Bella is actually a pretty decent monster for R5. What sets him apart from Chasun, Ariel, and Praha is, of course, the S1 Defense break which is pretty much necessary for any team wanting to clear fast.

Konamiya: Another F2P option, and one of the better healers as well. The more cleanse you have, the more your damage dealers can attack and the safer and faster your runs are. Konamiya is good because he combines heals + cleanse + attack buff, three purposes in one and two of them being very important. One thing to note is that Konamiya does feed the boss’s counterattack which might end up being counterproductive (more on that later).

Anavel: The premium version of Konamiya, Anavel combines the cleanse with a bigger heal and more DPS because you can build her for Attack. For raids I would build her SPD ATK ATK or SPD ATK HP and focus on her heals.

Mihyang: I think she is the best healer for Raids in the game, but also the hardest to rune. She combines solid DPS, cleanse, and a big heal in one monster, making for one one of the most multi purpose units available. She has glancing in S1 as well like Chasun so, although i isn’t a major point, she does have debuffs as well.

Please note that although I think Mihyang is the best, that does not mean you should replace your Ariel for Mihyang immediately. Your rune quality has to be much higher to use a healer like Mihyang over Ariel. If you are struggling to live in R5, use a safer healer. Generally Ariel > Chasun > Praha > Bella > Anavel > Konamiya > Mihyang in terms of safety, and Mihyang > Anavel > Konamiya > Chasun > Ariel > Bella > Praha for DPS (note that Bella, although weak in terms of DPS, has one of the most important debuffs for DPS in S1 so using bella might speed up your runs a lot more).

Runes vary depending on which healer you have. Colleen should be triple Revenge or at least double Revenge and as fast as you can with high Res and Acc. Your other healer should be Violent for sure. Mihyang and Anavel can be made with crit stats, as can Ariel for more DPS. All of these should be built with a lot of speed as well, at least 200+, and 70% Res.


Lisa: The standard cleanser, although her CD is long she makes up for it by reducing the CD of your other monsters and by adding a lot of DPS by attacking with others. She’s also one of the few monsters in the game with reliable S1 glancing. She’s definitely the top cleanser, although again not the safest option if you’re just starting out in R5.

Dona: Def break + slow on a 2 turn CD is fantastic and gives Dona a niche as a cleanser with more debuffs than ny other. Although the AI is pretty bad and then attack bar boost isn’t as powerful as we initially thought, Dona is still a good cleanser and works in lieu of Lisa, while providing more debuffs and a shorter CD.

You can also use Konamiya or Anavel in this slot for beginning double DPS R5 teams in order to still have 3 healers.

As far as runes go, you want your cleanser to be as fast as you can and on Violent with at least 70% Resistance. If you can get the stats to front line with it then that is best as well.


Hwa: Hwa is the only non farmable monster I think you need to have to make a great R5 team. You can find ways around not having Hwa, but she really is the best Raid monster in the game. I will assume anyone reading this has Hwa – if not, you will likely need to use safer healers in order to make your team work.

Runing Hwa is one of the most difficult parts of a Raid team and is also probably the most important monster to rune properly.

First of all – Violent is wrong. Using Violent on Hwa, and any DPS, reduces overall damage you do. This is because the more turns your monsters take, the more they get stunned which results in less damage. The only monsters that should be Violent are your cleanser (the more turns they get, the more cleanses so the less impact stuns have) and one healer (for safety). If you can get better stats on your monsters (which I’m sure you can) by not having them on Violent, then do it. The more you get out of each attack the more damage you will do (and saving Violent runes for PvP monsters is appreciated). Try it out – I didn’t think it would work either, but I switched my Hwa off Violent and my DPS skyrocketed.

Back to Hwa. Hwa is interesting because she’s the only DPS that actually needs speed since her main purpose is not to do damage, but to control the boss so he doesn’t attack too often. This makes Swift probably the easiest way to build her. Aim for +120 speed or so with as much damage as you can get. The slower your Hwa, the safer the rest of your team has to be.

Second/third DPS: There are a lot of monsters you can use for this spot. Ardella, Trevor, Mei Hou Wang, Perna, Xhing Zhe, Rigel, etc… possibilities are endless. For the exact monster you will have to experiment yourself and find what works best for you. Regardless of the monster you use, there are some rules for runing that you should follow.

Vampire runes: Vamp runes are fantastic because they allow you to build more yolo and even front line with your DPS monster (this is ideal so you can have more speed on other things, more on that later). ATK CD ATK is much better than HP CD ATK. Both the monsters I use in this slot are on Vampire.

Double/Triple Revenge: If you don’t need Vamp and have great Revenge runes you can try this. Revenge procs are free DPS + debuffs, use them on as many monsters as you can.

Stat runes or broken sets: Also viable if you can get great stats doing this, however like with Revenge you will have to use the monster in the back line.

Utilty: Utility slot takes the form of various things, usually due to debuffs they provide. Darion and Dias are the two most common as they also lower your team’s requirements to tank with their passives, but Light Salamander or Water/Fire DQ can also be used effectively (the latter two for their leader skills as well). This is your free slot; you can use it as another healer, another cleanser, another DPS, or a utility slot – depends on what your team needs to synergize with your teammates.

Utility monsters should be triple Revenge and built tanky enough to survive in the front line, with other stats going to speed or crit stats.

So that’s about all we have decided on how to maximize R5 DPS efficiency. If there’s one thing you should take away from this, it’s that Violent does not mean more damage. The fewer monsters you have on Violent, the better. Vamp runes are very underrated and all those Vamp runes you have stored away that were too good to sell should come out now. :)

To finish this off, I’ll list my team with stats.

Front line:

  • Lagmaron (Vampire Blade, SPD CD ATK – 22750 HP, 1811 Attack, 874 Defense, 220 Speed, 84% CR, 161% CD, 23% Res, 21% Acc)
  • Colleen (Revenge/Revenge/Guard, SPD HP HP – 29156 HP, 951 Defense, 241 Speed, 45% Res, 38% Acc)
  • Lisa (Violent/Broken, SPD DEF RES – 25241 HP, 1267 Defensem 238 Speed, 99% Res, 27% Acc)


Back line:

  • Hwa (Revenge/broken/broken, SPD CR ATK – 15,983 HP, 2093 Attack, 844 Defense, 229 Speed, 82% CR, 93% CD, 35% Res, 70% Acc)
  • Mihyang (Violent/broken, SPD CR ATK – 19806 HP, 1814 Attack, 777 Defense, 198 Speed, 91% CR, 101% CD, 51% Res)

My flex spot goes to one of three monsters right now:

  • Darion (Triple Revenge HP CD HP – 34,900 HP, 1085 Def, 111 Speed, 45% CR, 146% CD, 44% Res, 56% Acc)
  • Ardella (Vampire/broken, ATK/CD/ATK – 20,384 HP, 2199 Atk, 942 Def, 140 Speed, 58% CR, 150% CD, 31% Res, 20% Acc)
  • Dias (Revenge/Revenge/Guard, SPD/HP/Def – 28,392 HP, 1521 Def, 181 Speed, 72% Res, 52% Acc)

As far as leader skills go, I always run with CR and Res, with the third spot usually going to Defense but can do HP or Speed as well – I’ve even used Attack and no leader skill at all and had successful runs.

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