Heroes Charge Guild Raids Guide

Heroes Charge Guild Raids Guide by Uber Star

The Guild Raid

Guild Raids are one of the most interesting features of the game when the teamwork and strategy matters a lot. Right now we can play Guild raids in chapters 7-8-9-10-11-12 and soon when patch 1.6 comes we will be able to do chapter 13 and 14 too. Each raid have 7 stages (except chapter 12 which have 8) and ends with a final boss in the last stage. The personal objective of the raid it’s being able to do the highest “one-round damage” at any stage during the raid and the common objetive as a guild it’s finish the raid in less than 7 days to receive a bonnus reward.

Previous Stages

Choosing which heroes use at every stage it’s really important. Previous stages always have different combinations of enemies so you need to be sure to pick a good team to clean those previus stages efficiently.

The most recomended heroes for these previous stages are: Savage One – Tusked Storm – Rifleman – Shadowleaf – Drunken Master – Lunar Guardian – Warchief – Vengeance Spirit – Warchief – Old Curse

NOTE: As far as i’ve seen, there are some complicated stages like those that have a lot of siege and melt your backline heroes or those that have a physical inmune unit in front. If you are a strong player of your guild, help others cleaning these painful stages allowing the others to maximize their dmg input.

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Boss Stages

Chapter 7: Super Silencer (lvl 65) is a boss able to reduce power and silence the whole team so using magic heroes isn’t a good choice here. The way to go is running a strong Physical Team.
Recommended Heroes: Arcane Sapper – Lunar Guardian – Tusked Storm – Shadowleaf – Rifleman – Savage One
High Dmg Stage suggestion: Boss Stage

Chapter 8 : Super Fallen Dominion (lvl 69) is a boss that don’t have many disables but his dmg output is strong and can summon clones. Having tanky AoE hitters in front is really good against this one.
Recommended Heroes: Savage One – War Chief – Drunken Master – Tusked Storm – Arcane Sapper – Rifleman – Shadowleaf – Lunar Guardian
High Dmg Stage suggestion: Boss Stage

Chapter 9: Ancient Tree (lvl 74) is quite different from previous bosses. The armor, magic resist and HP of this one is really huge in comparission with the previous bosses. However, the dmg output of this one is low. This boss is inmune to Stun/Knockback/Sleep and any for of strong disable. (Slow and poison affect him). Can hit AoE melee and toss away all the melee tanks so just don’t use them. Strategy to hit hard this one is using magical team with strong single dmg output heroes.
Recommended Heroes: EmberStar – Imperial Executioner – Mystic – Frost Mage – Shadowleaf – Machinist – Poisoned One – Succubus
High Dmg Stage suggestion: pre-Boss Stage 2/3

Chapter 10: Super Spearman (lvl 80) do massive dmg and it’s quite hard to do now when our max lvl is 80. Strategy here is trying to keep him disabled with stuns.
Recommended Heroes: Savage One – Warchief – Drunken Master – Commando – Lunar Guardian – Shadowleaf – Rifleman
High Dmg Stage suggestion: Boss Stage

Chapter 11: Super Mystic (lvl 84) have AoE blind that reduces accuracy a lot. The channeled Beam also do huge dmg being able to finish the round with 2 beams. Strategy on this one is having stuns and silences to keep your team alive. Since he is lvl 84 there is no 100% chance to keep him silenced so the rounds depends a bit on luck.
Recommended Heroes: Emberstar – Imperial Executioner – Frost Mage – Shadowleaf – Silencer – Deathmage – Succubus
High Dmg Stage suggestion: First Stage 1/3

Chapter 12: Super Admiral (lvl 89) is very difficult right now since we are lvl 80 and can’t hit guaranted disables. Her AoE is huge and the team is going to be melted in like 40~60 seconds usually. Will be much easier after patch 1.6 with lvl 90 as cap.

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As far as i’ve seen on my own guild raids, the quantity of items dropped in a complete raid changes a lot, so in the next loot info i’m mentioning the min and max ammount of the dropped items.

Chapter 7 and 8 drops crap

Chapter 9 drops 3~6 Staff of Rawlis

Chapter 10 drops 2~4 Fanged Harp, 4~8 Bag of Holding, 2~4 Moonglow, 1~2 Hewn Axe

Chapter 11 drops 4~8 Hewn Axe, 4~8 Staff of Rawlis, 3~6 Kreln Horn, 4~8 Yew Bolt, 1~2 Fanged Harp

Chapter 12 drops 4~8 Gullak Aertahn, 3~6 Fanged Harp, 4~8 Moonglow, 3~6 Kreln Horn, 3~6 Staff of Rawlis, 2~4 Yew Bolt, 2~4 Hewn Axe

IMPORTANT: Leaders and Officers should check their queues to choose which chapters reset.

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6 Responses

  1. Boubou says:

    I liked the last part with the drop for each chapter which is handy to know when it’s time to reset a raid.
    I’m curious for the later raid, anyone has a drop list for chapter 13- 14- 15 ? Not only boss drop, but the whole chapter ?

  2. Nem says:

    Hello Tom, are you using WC, FD, CW, SL and RM or is the number 10 person using that team? Also what is the level of your characters compared to his? I do agree though, because I also use CW on Silencer for every battle. He does the most damage out of all my characters to Silencer, and his ability to make multiple copies is amazing.

    Also, I have noticed that sometimes the damage can vary based on luck. Such as which characters get his by silencers beffudle atk and loose energy and at what point it happens.

  3. Tom says:

    This guide is very good, but a bit outdated. I would like to propose a test with some of the new ones (I can’t test since I don’t have many heroes). I am doing extremely well with clone heroes like CW and FD right now on damage, to the point where I feel close to top 10 performance on my server.

    At level 76 on Chapter 7 endboss: Silencer. I am doing 1,66 Mill dmg (number 10 on server does 1,95 Mill dmg) using a team of WC, FD, CW, SL and RM.

  4. Winner98 says:

    What do you mean on the last part… What queues need checked?

  5. CoCo says:

    it is becos the chapter has been completed by your guild, ask your guild officer to reset the chapter

  6. Dave says:

    my team level is 46 and I have unlocked chapter 7 but when I try raiding in guild raids, says locked. can u help

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