Heroes Charge How to Compare Heroes Guide

Heroes Charge How to Compare Heroes Guide by Heine

I don’t know if it could be useful, I decided to do this quick guide because of the huge amount of threads opened in these days entitled “promote or not?” and “in a magical team is better x or y?” (or something like this however).
To do the comparison there’s a nice tool in a Chinese site which allows people to compare different heroes or even the same hero with different promotion status, gears and stars. The main problem of course is that the site is Chinese, so not so comprehensible at all for most of this forum users. Here comes in help Google Translate (or every online translator you can afford).


Here a quick step by step guide to follow for those people are not practical and want to use this interesting and useful tool.

1- Go to THIS site. You will have this page


Here you can scroll the entire heroes list (with maybe also some hero we don’t have in our version of HC). The avatars aren’t the same you can find on your phone but if you observe them carefully I’m sure you’ll be able to recognize them.

2- The next step consists of choosing the heroes to compare. This is a pretty simple task, you just have to click on the heroes (or, if you wanna compare the same hero in 2 different promotion status, the same hero 2 times) and they will display exactly here


3. Now, you have to choose the right settings of your heroes. In my explanation I’m figuring out if I wanna promote my panda from purple +2 to purple +3. So you can choose the stars of your heroes, the promotion status, the level, the gears and the enchanting status of the gears.


4- Scrolling the page down, you will finally see the stats comparison, with the best stat evidenced in red. There’s only a little problem: can you understand Chinese? If yes you’ve done. If not, go to the following step!


5- If you don’t speak a fluent Chinese and you’re even not able to read it, the solution is obvious, and simple: use GOOGLE TRANSLATE!
All you have to do is to underline the text to translate, copy it and paste in google translate. Don’t forget to set the native language as Chinese, the second language, of course, is up to you.

Hope this could be any useful and will reduce the amount of posts asking if would be better to promote or not heroes.
Use this tool and choose on your own if promote or not and if you would prefer an hero instead of another one in your setup!

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