Aura Kingdom Loyalty Point Farming Guide

Aura Kingdom Loyalty Point Farming Guide by broken415

This guide is to help you farm up some Loyalty Points so that you can be able to purchase the items you want in the Loyalty Shop or have a chance to engage in the Paragon table!

(***Note, this guide will NOT include ALL of the ways to inquire Loyalty Points, but it will show you most ways of how to obtain Loyalty Points daily. In the end, I will show some other ways to obtain LP, but this guide is geared towards farming LP on a daily basis.)

List of ways to farm LP daily:

-Daily Achievements
-Temple Of Eidolons/Guild Hall
-Fight Club


This one is the easiest way of obtaining LP, however it does not give much. When pressing “O”, you will see your friend list. When you friend someone, you have the option of “greeting” them which gives you 1 LP. On the top right part, you can see how many remaining greetings you have. The max greetings you can do a day are 10, which accumulate to a total of 10 LP a day if you greet ten of your friends. However, you can only greet your friend when they are online.

Daily Achievements (Daily gathering, top kill, wipe out)

Now this is my favorite way of farming LP. As you can do this every day and average around 200-400 LP depending on how many you complete. Press “L” and click on the third tab, “achievements”. Once there click on the scroll down box and scroll down until you see the option for daily top kill, wipe out, gathering. You can click on them, and they will list the tasks you can do. For these daily achievements, what you typically do is go around different maps and complete the task to obtain LP. For daily gathering, you mainly just go around and try to find the ingredient or mineral ore that you must collect from (usually collect just 3 of whatever ingredient they tell you to pick). For top kill, you just have to complete either dungeon runs, whether it is solo or with a party as well as killing mini bosses. For wipe out, you’ll have to kill about 15 of a certain mob from a certain map. Each day, the things you have to gather, dungeons you have to run, mini bosses you have to kill, and mobs you have to kill will change. So each time you do it, it won’t be the same.


Temple of eidolons

Another way of getting LP is through killing Eidolons. A good way to kill Eidolons daily is through the Temple of Eidolons. You can enter the Temple of Eidolons four times a day, 6AM, 12PM, 6PM, 12AM (These are all EST time). Upon entering the Temple of Eidolons, there are 3 chests to open, a level 35, 50, and 60 one. Note, that when opening one of these boxes, there is a level limit to summoning the Eidolon. For the level 35 box, you must be at least level 25, for the level 50 box, you must be level 40, and for the level 60 box, you must be level 50. Each Eidolon summoned has a chance to drop LP.

Guild hall

Like mentioned above, killing Eidolons is another way of gaining LP. Through guild hall, Eidolons spawn there at various times every day. More info can be found here about the guild hall.


Once you are level 50, you are able to start doing Otherworld Skandia. From here, killing the Exciting Bunnies and Beirut will have a chance of dropping LP. Same goes for when you get to level 60. You can then go to other Otherworlds, such as Helonia Coast, Miner’s Steepe, Gydaie Glen, and Alabastren Temple. Not to mention, Eidolons have a chance of spawning, and as mentioned before, when killing an Eidolon, there is a chance to obtain LP.


When fishing, you have a chance of obtaining an item called “miracle cube”. If you open this item, you have a chance of obtaining LP.

Miracle cube:

Fight Club

Each day, you have a chance to talk to Fighting Taylor at Navea at x: 526 y: 304. He has a quest in which you can take. You can accept any level difficulty, and if you succeed, you will be rewarded with a Fight club prize box which, when opened, has a chance of giving you LP.

Of course there are many other ways of obtaining LP, but this guide is mainly talking about ways to obtain LP on a daily basis.
Other ways of getting LP (but I will not get into detail about) are:
-Hard mode dungeon runs (they have a chance of a secret treasure box appearing that can drop LP)
-Inferno Abyss
-World Boss
-Sky Tower
-PVP rankings (top 100 in whichever category get LP, varies depending on rank)
-Forging rankings (top 30 get LP, varies depending on rank)
-Crafting LP from the Alchemy Scholar in Navea

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