Aura Kingdom FAQs

Aura Kingdom FAQs by WingsOfAzrael

Frequently asked questions in order by subject

Hit the ctrl key + f to find what you’re looking for. The current categories are: general game questions, game phase questions, founder pack questions, stress test and wipe questions, class/build questions, pvp questions, crafting questions, eidolin questions, dungeon/leveling questions, achievement questions, loyalty point questions, item mall questions, gold questions..

General Game Questions:

1. When you die do you lose exp?
A: No.

2. What’s the level cap for open beta?
A: Lv 75.

3. What’s the content cap for open beta?
A: Lv 50 dungeon and quest wise. Lv 60 Weapon wise for crafting.

4. Can you reset your stat points and your envoy path?
A: Yes.

5. How much does it cost and how do you do it?
A: Click the character interface and click the tab ‘character or envoy path’ its 15g to reset which gives you all your points back. But its 45g total to reset envoy path, defense points and attack points.

Game Phase Questions:

1. When does Founder’s Beta start?
A: December 16, 2013.

2. When does closed beta start?
A: December 23, 2013.

3. When does the stress test start?
A: December 30, 2013

4. When does Open Beta start?
A: January 6th, 2014, 5:30 pm PST.

5. When is the server wipe and when are servers gonna be taken down?
A: January 4th, 4pm PST. They will not be back up till the 6th.

Founder’s Pack Questions:

Questions that have been asked have been answered here.

Stress test & server wipe Questions:

1. Will there be new content in the stress test?
A: No, new content will be released when open beta starts.

2. How many server wipes are there and when are they?
A: One server wipe after the stress test ends before open beta.

3. What all gets wiped during the server wipe?
A: All characters that have not been made on an account that have purchased a founder pack or multiple will be deleted. Those that have purchased a founder pack will save their names and the characters will be reset to level one, all the items, gold and eidolins, pvp scores, currency of any kind will be wiped.

4. Will I get the stuff from my founder’s pack(s) back during open beta?
A: Yes, all the stuff from the founders packs you bought will be resent to your account’s item mall bank to be reclaimed when open beta starts.

Item Mall Questions:

Will be updated in open beta.

Loyalty Point Questions:

1. What are loyalty points?
A: Loyalty points are a form of currency in AK that you can earn in game doing various things to buy stuff in the item mall with.

2. Are loyalty points tradable?
A: No.

3. Where do I get loyalty points?
A: You can get them from doing certain achievements, through founder’s packs and killing certain bosses.

4. Where can I see the amount of loyalty points I have?
A: Click the ‘B’ key or the bag icon on the bottom right of the screen, it will be under your gold.

5. What monsters drop loyalty points?
A: The silver chests in GG/AT Hard, Excited Bunnies and Beruit in Skandia, Eidolin spawns in Skandia, Eidolin spawns in the Temple of Eidolins.

6. Are the items you get with loyalty points tradable?
A: No.

Class/Build Questions:

1. Are there any bad class combinations?
A: No, but it depends on the player, and how they play + their build.

2. Can you pick more than one class?
A: Yes at a higher lv you get to choose a sub class.

3. What level can I pick a sub class at?
A: Lv 40

4. What are the requirements to pick a sub class?
A: You have to be done with the storyline quests.

5. Is there class forum subsection?
A: Not at the moment.

6. Are there any guides for any classes?
A: A few not many though due to the game being recently released.

7. What are the stat caps?
A: Defense Damage Reduction: 75%
Other Damage Reduction: 75%
Critical Hit Chance: 100%
Critical Hit Damage: 300%
Hit Rate: 75%
Evasive: 95%
Reflect: 95%
Speed: 50%
Damage Over Time/ Heal Over Time Interval: 0.8 sec
Normal Attack Speed: 0.5 sec
Some players raise their stats even after they reach the cap. This is to counter ‘stat reduction’. For example, some players raise their hit rate to 75+%, thinking that their chance of hitting target with 95% evasive is higher. There are also some that raise their Critical Hit Damage over 300%, thinking that opponent with 200% Critical Hit Damage Reduction can reduce their Critical Hit Damage by 200%.


Muse’s Bard/Wizard guide(WIP)

Katsuie’s Duelist/Sorcerer Guide(WIP)

More answered questions:

Gear Questions:

1. Where do I get gears from?
A: Vendors in cities or drops from bosses in dungeons/mobs, or crafting.

2. Where can I get Lv 45 gears?
A: Currently the only way is from the Monster Madness event before maintenance.

3. Where do I get Lv 48 gears?
A: The vendors in Navea.

4. Where do I get Lv 50 gears?
A: Currently the only ways are from Skandia boss eidolin spawn drops which is a lv 50 dungeon. Or crafting it yourself.

5. Where do I get PvP gears?
A: By the war hall in Navea before the entrance to the left of the doors are the pvp npcs which you can exchange war coins(won by doing pvp) for various gears.

6. What are secret stones and what are they used for?
A: Secret stones are stones used to level sigils which you can put in your gear to enhance your skills and give bonus stats.

7. Where do I get Secret Stones?
A: Quest reward boxes, mob drops, linking with eidolins, other players.

8. What are sigils?
A: Sigils are stones that you can only put in certain pieces of equipment that enhance skills for each class and give bonus stats and or effects.

9: Where do I get sigils?
A: Mob/boss drops, the master class tutors in Navea on the right of the PvP NPCs.

10. What gear can break?
A: Only Weapons.

11. Can your subclass weapon break?
A: No.

12. Can I craft gears?
A: Not till open beta.

13. How do I get better ranked gears?
A: Dungeon drops or when you buy from a vendor it will have a certain chance to come out as better ranking.

14. What are the ranks of equips?
A: White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple(PvP)

15. Why do gears have different stats than others of the same item?
A: Rank difference and depending on the set it adds other stats besides defense such as evasion, speed or damage.

Fortification Questions:

1. How high do fortifications go up to?
A: +20.

2. How do I get fortification scrolls?
A: Basic fortification scrolls can be dropped by certain mobs and obtained through certain quests & reward chests, those go up to +9. Advanced fortification scrolls can be obtained by buying a supply pack with AP or gained through various quests in game.

3. Can items break if the fortification fails?
A: No.

4. Can you transfer fortification ranks from one piece of gear to another?
A: No.

5. What gears can be fortified?
A: Armors, gloves, weapons, boots, hats, and belts.

6. When I fortify weapons what stats will be boosted?
A: Only the damage.

7. When I fortify other gears what stats will be boosted?
A: Only defense.

PvP Questions:

1. What is PvP?
A: Player versus player arena.

2. What are the requirements to join PvP?
A: Be Lv 40+ and sign up at one of the times when it’s going on.

3. What are war coins and how do I get them?
A: War coins are rewards from doing pvp from completing various goals such as killing players, stealing the alter/giant corn. You also get coins for being on the team that won that match.

4. What can war coins be exchanged for?
A: Lv 50 PvP gears & sets at the vendors on the left of the cathedral door in Navea.

5. How much do gears cost?
A: It varies from what kind of gear it is, but 750-1500 war coins a piece.

6. How do you get points in PvP?
A: By killing players, healing players, stealing the alter/giant corn.

7. How long do Arena and matches last?
A: Arena lasts for 30 minutes at a time and is every 2 hours, matches are 9 minutes each.

8. What types of Arenas are there?
A: Tanuki Turmoil and Excelsior Arena.

9. What is Excelsior Arena and what are the goals?
A: Player vs player. The goals are killing & healing other players, and stealing the alter from the opposing team, you steal the alter by attacking the alter.

10. What is Tanuki Turmoil and what are the goals?
A: Player vs player. The goals are healing and killing other players and stealing the giant corn from the opposing team.

11. How do I steal the giant corn in Tanuki Turmoil?
A: Attack the tanuki boss of the opposing team and kill it to steal the corn.

12. Are you allowed to duel?
A: Yes, all you have to do is be in a public area(not a dungeon) and right click on the player you’d like to duel and send a duel request.

13. Are there rewards for dueling?
A: No.

14. Do you lose exp or items if you lose in a duel match?
A: No.

Dungeon & Leveling Questions:

1. How do I get to Lv 40?
A: Storyline quests will get you from Lv 1-40.

2. How do I get past 40-75?
A: Grind dungeons.

3. How many people per party in a dungeon?
A: 5 including yourself.

4. What kinds of dungeons are there?
A: Solo dungeons, quest dungeons, group-exp dungeons and loot dungeons.

5. What are the group exp dungeons?
A: Alabastren Temple, Miner’s Steppe, Deep’s Cavern, Candeo Cove & Gydaie Glen.

6. What level do you have to be to enter these dungeons?
A: Alabastren temple requirement is Lv 30, Gydaie Glen party/solo is Lv 38, Gydaie Glen Hard is Lv 40. Miner’s Steppe is lv 40, Cameo Cave is 45, Deep’s Cave is lv 48..

7. What loot dungeons are there?
A: Otherworld Skandia & Temple of Eidolins

8. What are the level requirements for these dungeons?
A: Skandia requirements is Lv 50 minimum, temple of Eidolins is Lv 30 minimum.

9. Are these solo or party dungeons?
A: Skandia is a party dungeon and Temple of Eidolins is a solo dungeon.

10. What do you do in the Temple of Eidolins?
A: You pick one of 3 treasure chests based on your level and what you think you can handle, the treasure chest Lvs are Lvs 35, 50, and 60. You need to be Lv 30 to open the Lv 35 chest, Lv 40 to open the Lv 50 chest, and Lv 50 to open the Lv 60 chest. Once you picked a chest and opened it you’ll get an unidentified summoning stone. Right click on that and you’ll get a summoning stone for a certain eidolin, right click to summon it, and just kill it it to get rewards. You get 1 drop from the Lv 35 chest, 2 drops from the Lv 50 chest, and 3 drops from the Lv 60 chest.

11. What are the rewards from the Temple of Eidolins?
A: Eidolin key fragments, loyalty points, eidolin exp crystals, elemental crests/symbols which can be used to evolve eidolins or add stats. The key fragments, loyalty points and elemental crests/symbols are non trade.

12. How often do the dungeons reset?
A: Alabastren Temple, Deep’s Cavern, Miner’s Steppe, Cameo Cave, and Gydaie Glen reset every 2 hours so you get one entry (Hard, solo & party modes) every 2 hours. Skandia resets every 3 hours and Temple of Eidolins resets every 6 hours.

Eidolin Questions:

1. What are eidolins and where can I see a list of them?

2. How do you evolve an eidolin and what are the requirements?

3. How do you care for an Eidolin?

4. What are eidolin keys and fragments and how do you use them?

5. How do you get more eidolins?
A: You can pick 1 of 4 starter eidolins when you first create your character. At Lv 25 you get another eidolin, Sigrun, through a quest. At Lv 40 you get the eidolin Gigas from a quest, which will not be implemented(put in the game) till open beta. You can get eidolins by doing daily quests which give Ancient Eidolin Fragments, you get 30 of those and go to a traveling merchant in one of the maps and buy the eidolin piece that you’d like from the merchant, there are only 5 eidolins you can get from the traveling merchants: Eligos, Maja, Yarnos, Tigerius Ceaser, and Bahadur. You can also get key fragments from Skandia the Lv 50 dungeon and the Temple of Eidolins or with loyalty points in the item mall.

6. How many eidolins can you have with you at one time?
A: 3. But you can store eidolins and use them on each character just so they aren’t in use by another.

7. What are the requirements to use an eidolin from another character?
A: You have to be Lv 35.

Achievement Questions:

1: What do you get from doing achievements?
A: A few loyalty points depending on the achievement and a title per achievement.

2: Can you do achievements more than once?
A: No, achievements and titles are shared on the same account on the same server by every character.

3: Is there a guide for achievements?
A: Yes but this only goes as far as Catakara Forest.

Crafting Questions:

1. Is crafting in game yet?
A: Yes.

2. When will crafting be put in the game?
A: Open beta.

3. How do you craft stuff?
A: You cannot do this till open beta, but right click on the recipe you’d like to learn.Then you need the items and you right click and pay a fee to make the item and gain a certain amount of exp per each item you make.

4. Can crafting fail?
A: No, but the percent of the gear can decline so basically failing.

5. What level do you have to be to start crafting?
A: Lv 42.

Food Crafting:

1. Does it cost money to craft food?
A: Yes

2: Is there a level limit on what items you can use?
A: Yes, also you may not be able to get all the ingredients if you’re a lower lv than one of the maps which one if the ingredients is found in.

Aura Kingdom Food Crafting Guide

Gold Questions

1: How do I make gold?
A: Aura Kingdom Money Making Guide

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