Heroes Charge After Purple Crusade Guide

Heroes Charge After Purple Crusade Guide by flexr

After purple promotion, Crusade becomes significantly harder because
a> Great jump in physical dmg output. Tanks now melt in seconds.
b> Higher enemies hp threshold. AoE cookie butter may not work as effectively.
b> WC makes fights fights 6v5.

So in order to clear Crusade successfully, you need to devise a different strategy, the 5 men line up DK + Chap + 3 will not work all the time anymore. You need at least 8 heroes with max skills for constant rotations.

Phase 1: Preparation. This should be done at around lvl 4x just before purple.

1> Choose the heroes you want to invest and start lvling their skills up together with your main heroes whenever you have spare money. List of good heroes to choose from:

Main tank – (Most important tank who can heal) – DK
Meat tank – (Use US once, then die for the team) – Shallow Keeper, Savage One, Bear Warrior, WC
CCs – (Disable/Cancel enemies spells) – Vengeance, Mystic, Old Curse, Silencer
AoE casters – (Main source of dmg) – Death mage, Succubus, Windmaster, Ice Mage, Frost Mage, Lightning Elemental
Backline destroyer – (Destroy enemies strongest DPS) – Arcane Sapper, Pilot
Support – (Heal keeping the team alive) – Chaplain, Shadow Shaman

2> Keep your heroes power as low as possible without compromising too much on arena ranking. A good tip is to avoid skilling up unimportant skills such as WC US or Wind PS. Try not to enchant purple item to full cuz it will give you a tons of power. Doing this will makes your team appear to be weaker than what it really is, which helps to avoid strong teams in Crusade.

Here is the example of my Crusade team:

Phase 2: Action. There are plenty of strategies to choose from. You must consider your opponent team formation and select the best counter.

Before moving on, let me remind you again. The objective of Crusade is not just to win, it’s to WIN WITH MINIMAL COST. So if you feel that your team has taken too much dmg, don’t hesitate to fight again.

1> Outlasting: This strat revolves around heal from DK and chap. Basically, you need to cast your ulti at once, wait for the enemies to use ulti back then cancel them with Silencer/OC,etc. Then heal back up and wait for the 2nd wave of US to finish them off. This standard strat works decently well against most teams. Not the most effective though since your team may take considerable dmg.

2> Protect the Sapper: This strat works best when the enemies has 2 or more int heroes like WC, OC, WR/Succu, Leaves and Com. The basic idea is to provide maximum protection to Sapper till he wrecks the enemies backline open. At the start, use VG/OC US to stun the whole enemies first, then after that, Mystic will auto cast blind. DK will also shield AS when he’s on low hp too. Manually trigger Chap heal when necessary to save AS. You can add in Pilot for even more dmg.

3> All out. This is the best you can do against a very strong team. WC, OC, Luna, Leaves, Com at equal or higher lvl ensure that DK get obliterated in less than 5 sec even after using US. Against this annoying team, you got to finish fast. Either they are dead or we lose. So do not put any tank, just pick 3-4 strong AoE heroes and cast their US right at the start with Commando 25% dmg buff to maximise dmg. Works best if you have a Death Mage + 1 CC.

Just keep trying till you pass. Good luck.

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