Destiny Thorn Bounty Tips

Destiny Thorn Bounty Tips by PalmettoMoon5

Just abandon it and save yourself the asspain.

But if you’re a glutton for punishment and are looking for an excuse to hate this game, keep reading.

It actually wasn’t bad until the PvP section, but then it goes from 0 to fuck you, so I’ll pick up there with the tips that kept me from throwing my controller through my TV.

  • Don’t change your strategy to fit the bounty. If you are a run and gun player, stick to that. If you prefer to snipe, then do so. For me at least, trying to find a “better” strategy was counterproductive to just “sticking to my guns”.
  • Along the same lines, stick with the guns you prefer. Don’t try to become proficient with a void fusion rifle in the crucible if you suck with fusion rifles; trust me, it’s beyond painful.
  • Get the kill!!! When I realized this, it was the turning point for me. I was trying sooooooo hard to get the kill with my void weapon/ability that I would often time get crushed because I couldn’t work the timing out. It’s so much better to take the 0 and get the kill than take -2 trying to ensure it’s a void kill. The other guy doesn’t give a fuck that you only want to kill him with void, he’s going to kill you with whatever he has at his disposal, you should absolutely do the same. A 0 is a win with this bounty, the points will come.
  • Some maps are counterintuitive for your playstyle, skip them. This is a total dick move, and I apologize to all my fellow Guardians I bailed on this weekend, but I’ll forgive you if you do the same while grinding this bounty out. Bigger maps almost always led to me getting negative or very few points. It just wasn’t worth the time when I was trying to grind out points, so find out which maps you suck at and start avoided them.
  • You’ll have good games and you’ll have really bad ones. Never have I yelled at my TV like I did doing this bounty. Take breaks when you start raging, it’s a total grind so mentally prepare and relax as needed.

Once you complete that gem of an experience, it doesn’t really get any better. Xyor took less total time than the PvP, but by no means was it pleasant.

There are plenty of guides out there, so I’ll just share what worked for my group. Before heading to the Summoning Pits, make sure you have weapons that can break the arc and solar shields.

  • At the door encounter, clear the “safe” room before above it. You can retreat here as needed. The waves are tough, but manageable if you can keep the knights at distance. If you wipe, you’ll have to reclear the room, but it’s worth the time.
  • Once you reach Phogoth there are two relative “safe” areas. The Shrieker room where you enter Phogoth’s chamber and behind the rocks on the left side of the room. We put two in the Shrieker room and one at the rocks.
  • Obviously, a Shrieker spawns in the Shrieker room, so be mindful of that, but kill the mobs that will gather in the doorway. Once they gather there, rock dude can clear trash that hasn’t massed in the doorway with a sniper (yay Ice Breaker), and then try to lay waste to the mobs at the Shrieker door with their heavy weapon. Once they start to chase rock guy back to the rocks, the Shrieker room team does the same, clears trash and then uses heavy weapons to pull any mobs that gathered near the rocks back to the Shrieker room. Rinse and repeat as needed until Xyor spawns, then be patient, trust whatever system you’ve been using, and absolutely crush him.

The major theme of the fight is being patient and staying alive. Find some safe/cheese spots and pick your way through.

Hope this helps someone, because it truly is a wretched bounty that nets a truly subpar (for now) weapon. Best of luck Guardians!

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