Destiny Iron Banner Rank Math

Destiny Iron Banner Rank Math by TerminalSarcasm

Taking nothing away from THIS awesome post that GenericDreadHead put together, that is true art.

However, not everyone already has all three IB items. Some people (myself included) couldn’t bring themselves to buy them all previously because of the glimmer hit. And there has been some misconception that “all it takes is six matches a day” among my Destiny buddies…

So, I wanted to make a few points for beginners and/or those who aren’t that great at PvP, so they have a frame of reference… because getting to rank 5 is not as easy if you’re starting from zero.


How far are you trying to get (do you need Rank 5?), how much time do you have (IB may not be for people without a lot of time available), and how much glimmer will you need to have in your bank (all three class items and one weapon will cost you around 25 kG). These are all important considerations.


This wasn’t exactly covered in the other post, but you start at 0, Rank 1 is 100XP, Rank 2 is another 1200 XP, and then each level from 3-5 is another 2400 XP each.


This is something you must buy every day. You can probably get away without Tuesday and Wednesday, but you’ll have a longer road ahead. I won’t repeat the breakdown from HERE, but I will get into it a bit later with the IB item buffs…


Odds are (but hopefully not), if this is your first IB… you’re not a PvP god. I mean no offense, but lets be real here, you may lose more games than you win. My math is based on 5 losses per win. Any losses after 5 in a row are worthless (literally, rep-wise). If you lose more than a couple in a row, you might think about switching lobbies, hooking up with some buddies, or even LFG… Again, see the breakdown HERE.


Again, if you’re not a PvP god, you will struggle with the bounties. IMO, playing IB to finish specific bounties is not advisable. Don’t change your play style because you need 9 more MG headshots… it’ll cost you and your team. My math is based on ONE bounty per day, the 10,000 XP one, which is essentially a gimmie.


OK, the rubber meets the road here, and hopefully I haven’t scared you away from playing IB. I’m going to tell you, based on having ZERO IB items from the start, buying each one at the end of the day you can buy it, and running it the next day, how far you can get on 6 matches a day (again, assuming 5L + 1W, but the difference between that and 3W+3L is nearly negligible):

DayItem BuffMatch XPBounty XPTemperDaily XPTotal XPEnd RankWhat to Do?
TUE025010010%3853851 (+285)Buy Emblem
WED10%25010013%4358201 (+720)nothing
THU10%25010025%48113012 (+1)Buy Shader
FRI21%25010040%59218932 (+593)nothing
SAT21%25010060%66725702 (+1270)nothing
SUN21%250100100%84734172 (+2117)nothing
MON21%250100150%105844753 (+775)nothing

I’m sorry to say, that you did not make IB Rank 4, and quite frankly, you have 11 more WINS on Monday to get there…

Your best bet, is to put in more game, and maybe even more on the weekend.


So this is, in my opinion, the best case scenario for beginners, especially those on a time budget who have a 9-5 with a family. This is based on 6 games a day, and TEN (8L+2W) on the weekend (F/Sa/Su) and an extra bounty every-other day. It’s worth noting, that you’re still looking at a total time investment of 10-12 hours.

DayItem BuffMatch XPBounty XPTemperDaily XPTotal XPEnd RankWhat to Do?
TUE025010010%3853851 (+285)Buy Emblem
WED10%25020013%5599441 (+844)nothing
THU10%25010025%48114252 (+125)Buy Shader
FRI21%50020040%118526102 (+1310)nothing
SAT21%50010060%116137713 (+71)nothing
SUN21%500200100%169454653 (+1765)nothing
MON21%250100150%105865234 (+423)buy stuff!

CONGRATS! You just made IB Rank 4, now spend that Glimmer!!!

P.S. Anything better only makes it go that much quicker. IDK, maybe I’m not a Glass Half Full kinda guy…

EDIT: As pointed out by iliketowearhoodies, grab your emblem and shader as soon as you level up, equip them, and then turn in the bounties you’ve completed for the day for even more rep gain!

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