Destiny The Elder Cypher Guide

Destiny The Elder Cypher Guide by Scamdor

Step 1:: Complete the Prison of Elders on level 34-35 difficulty, (pretty much confirmed that it doesn’t drop from multiple attempts on a character) get lucky, and get the Elder Cypher drop, then Proceed to take the Elder Cypher to Varicks, and pick which Exotic you want.

Step 2:: Open the big chest on any difficulty (32+ seems to have much better odds.) to get the Queen’s Cypher, and return this to Varicks.

Step 3: Wait for a period of time. (Basically completely random.)

Step 4: Kill bosses in the arena for points. If you can do the 35 PoE twice, that’s the quickest way to do this. :)

1000 points are needed.

Non-named Bosses appear to count for 75 points. (28 difficulty and wave 4 32 difficulty)

32 boss counts for 250 points. (Valus)

32 PoE counts for 325 points. (3 runs + one 28 for full completion!)

34 boss counts for 350. (Urrox)

35 boss counts for 450. (Skolas)

35 PoE counts for 525 points (Just 2 runs for full completion!)

(One potential farm is to do the 40 second Skolas kill, die and repeat. NOT TESTED.)

Step 5: Return to Varicks to enjoy your new Exotic!

Hope this helped! :)

For those asking about the Dreg’s Promise, it is abyssmal (in PvP). Only half the shots you actually hit will register, making it basically useless unless you hipfire. 3/10.

In PvE it’s okay, not really worth your exotic slot though. I’ve heard that Queenbreaker’s Bow is way better. Nonetheless, if you guys have questions, then I’ll answer! :)

Footage + Screenshots

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