Destiny Max Vanguard Marks in 3 Hours Guide

Destiny Max Vanguard Marks in 3 Hours Guide by altoidsjedi and heyitsmejosh

max vanguard marks

I was able to max out my Vanguard Marks in under 4 hours today while i was farming Public events ive been farming ascendant items for a couple hours every day this way for a few days now. Today i discovered it can be used to max out marks but in order to do this you need to be high enough level to solo the public events on earth, if not need some one to help. This is much easier to do as a party but its not hard to solo just make sure you have arc weapons for the captains. Here is the break down of the hour loop i used

  • There are two spawns on earth that you can pretty much set your watch to, and thats the Mothyards (Warsat/enemy/crew) X:00 and X:30 and the Divide (walker) X:10-15 X:40-45.
  • There are four other spawns that are hit or miss, the Steppes (Warsat/enemy/crew) X:15-:25 and X:45-55 forgotten coast (Warsat/enemy/crew) X:35-40 and Skywatch (Warsat/enemy/crew) X:00-:05
  • X:00 Mothyards: I start my loop at the Mothyards a couple minutes before :00 sometimes this one comes a minute or two early or a minute or two late but it always shows up. if you kill this one early enough you can make it to the skywatch for the X:00-05 event if not then you can move on to the divide for the walker
  • X:10 Divide: You want to get to around X:10 or so if you can, the walker unusually doesn’t show up until X:15 but sometimes hes early.
  • X:15-25 Steppes: Here you want to hang around the steppes, sometimes an event will show up sometimes it wont, its really hit or miss if no event shows up by X:27 head over to the mothyards.
  • X:30 Mothyards: As before this one is sometimes a a minute or two late/early but it always shows up. when are done with this you to need to head to the forgotten coast as quickly as you can.
  • X:36 Forgotten coast: this one usually spawns right at :X36 its been late once or twice but if its not out before X:39 its not coming and you need to hurry on to the divide either by orbiting and coming back or really fast on sparrow.
  • X:40-45 Divide: This is the walker again its pretty simple after you are done head to the Steppes like before as quickly as you can
  • X:45-55 Steppes: This is the last one, ive seen this one only a couple of times it rarely spawns, but i have seen it.

I’m sure there might be better public event loops to do out there but this is the one that i came across. You will get at least 16 marks an hour and will probably average over 20/hr depending on your luck. Either way i figured i pass on my knowledge to others.

a couple of notes:

the kill the enemy before the checkpoint is the hardest of the events and the only one ive ever gotten less than gold. to beat this event solo you need arc weapons because he gets his shield back up very quickly

you get 4 marks for gold 3 for silver 2 for bronze

There appears to be a cap on ascendant items per day after first 90 minutes i stopped getting them

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