Destiny Venus Cave Glimmer Farming Guide

Destiny Venus Cave Glimmer Farming Guide by SouthStands

Disclaimer: This isn’t a new cave, or a new method. What this is, though, is a step-by-step guide for those of us sick to death of Exclusion Zone. There’s been videos and write ups, but I’ve tried to simplify everything and include screenshots and some tips I’ve found to help the process along. Find a buddy and shoot into a hole for hours of fun*

*not actually that fun


PRIMARY: Long range scout w/ firefly

  • Optional
  • The IB scout w/ firefly and range+ scope, works great for this

SECONDARY: Icebreaker

  • Essential. A firefly sniper might work, but you really need the regen ammo here.

HEAVY: Cluster-bomb rocket launcher

  • Optional
  • I use Hunger of Crota. Tracking isn’t really essential because if you can’t hit the hole here, you have larger issues to worry about. The clusters really help mop up dregs you may have missed.

STEP 1) Load up Venus on Patrol. Look for an easy Kill Everything / Collect Drops bounty on the way, as you might as well get some rep out of it as well. Head right, past the first few towers and the statue, to the building with an open front door. It has a servitor + mobs there. You went here during the first Venus story mission.

It looks like this: link

STEP 2) Kill what’s there. I like to go inside and clean house first, then go on, because if they’ve already spawned, you likely have a dreg hiding behind a pillar already.

STEP 3) Pop an ether seed. This should be pretty obvious. Note that this method doesn’t replenish your consumables like Exclusion Zone does. Be aware!

STEP 4) Run directly outside of the door, and hop up to the marked position here: link I like to line myself up between the two large plants (the first X) and turn and aim into the door with Icebreaker. You’ll want to put your reticle right between the two door markings to the spawn room like so: link. Then, I slowly walk backwards to the second X while aiming. This will start the spawn.

It should look like this: link. You should be able to take out that servitor right away.

STEP 5) Pop the servitor, and follow up with another shot as quickly as possible at the other enemies. If you can, I find that aiming towards the middle of the pack, even chest level gives me a higher chance of wiping them all out in one shot. Remember, Icebreaker’s explosion does not require a headshot. If you aim for the first enemy, you many times won’t get the ones in the back, who may scurry out while you’re reaiming. I can’t get it right every time, but I do probably 80% of the time. With a second person next to you, this won’t be an issue. You’ll take out the servitor, and he’ll grab the rest of the mobs in a group. If you’re soloing, try to take the group down in 2 shots. 3 shots is okay too. 4 and 5 shots means you’ll need to be perfect the next time or run out of ammo, so you’ll need to get creative with your other weapons (more on that later).

STEP 6) If you’ve cleared out the room successfully, you should see a glimmer number somewhere as low as 80 and as high as 95. See: link This will help you know if you’ve missed a dreg. (It’s always a dreg.) If it’s lower than 80, you’ve missed one. If it’s in the low 80s, keep a watch for one last enemy, though it could be a smaller wave. If it’s higher than 85 and into the 90s, you’re fine. Get ready for the next wave.

The next wave will spawn roughly 3 seconds after the glimmer notification disappears. You can use this to your advantage!


  • If you’re low on Icebreaker ammo, switching to a full rocket while waiting for the glimmer notification to disappear will let you take out the group with one shot, which lets your rifle recharge. Fire the rocket after counting to 3 when the glimmer goes away. It should be in flight right as the mobs spawn. Cluster bombs really help take out the whole room.
  • Alternatively, you can fire one Icebreaker shot to take out the servitor, and switch to a firefly scout to pop the mobs. You’ll have to hit headshots, but the firefly effect is larger and should help take out everything. It’s risky, but I’d say I can normally do 3 or four straight cycles with the scout + one Icebreaker shot. Sometimes I miss. I’m not the world’s best player.
  • Eventually, you’re going to miss a dreg. He’ll be hiding behind a pillar, and if you’re lazy and want to take him out, use your cluster rockets to fire on either side of the pillars next to the door. That should take care of him. If he’s in front of one of the two pillars closer to the entrance, I just end up running in and punching him in the face.

*Doing this with a buddy means the runs should go smooth. You’ll only need to pop out of ADS to reuse an ether seed or to run in and get loot.

I’m not saying this beats farming Exclusion Zone as far as efficiency, but I’m tired of shooting space turtles. I also feel like I get more engram drops for alt class materials, and you’re right next to a patrol beacon, which nets you a few easy collect/kill missions in the process. The biggest downsides: not renewing ether seeds and other players coming and and ruining your fun. It happens. Don’t be a dick! If you see someone farming this, stay and help out. You both will get glimmer!

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