Destiny Cheesing Bounties Guide

Destiny Cheesing Bounties Guide by HyFikz

I am going to keep this as short as possible. But here is my guide and strategy to all the bounties. Yesterday I finished every 3,750+ bounty on all three characters in about 45 minutes. It is very daily dependent and you have to use your head with different combinations, but I will do my best to cover everything. I will use today’s bounties for example

1) Hunt the knights who serve as blades of Crota

2) Rapidly kill three hive with special, 5 times, no deaths.

3) Complete 5 bounties in a day

4) Kill hive with precision damage using throwing knife

5) Fallen Majors/Ultras

6) Vex Majors/Ultras

7) Kill 20 enemies without taking damage

Now, I only have 7 picked from today that I would do. Call me lazy, crazy, or dumb, but that’s all I would do. I have three characters and I want the most XP for the least amount of time. I can finish all 7 of these in the time it would take to get 3 public events and go through that pain in the ass. Do it if you want, but this is just my guide.

Now this set of bounties is a little trickier than most so that’s good. Here’s where I would start.

  • Load up the Fist of Crota on 24, kill no enemies at the start, drive to the knight, and kill the three acolytes with my mythoclast (special weapon) then kill the sword knight.
  • Use my mythoclast to waste the thralls and get my three kills five times with a special weapon.
  • If I didn’t get all five, I would go to orbit, load back in and repeat since death with restart the bounty. If I did get all five I would run to the end, no respawn zone death, respawn, run back and kill the sword knight (2/3 down) and then start precision killing the thralls with my throwing knife. Get as many as you can.
  • Run back down to end, die, respawn, turn around run back and kill the knight for 3/3 and also finish of the precision kills with throwing knife. If you didn’t finish that yet, just repeat the above.
  • Fallen Majors, this is a tricky one for most, and some might have a better spot than me, but if the weekly has fallen majors I will use that (Omnigul, Devils Lair) if not I go to venus patrol. Go right off the start and follow that around to the Ishtar Cliffs, the area you reach by following the Shattered Coast path, where a Fallen dropship frequently deposits yellow-bar Vandals and you can also find one in the dark swampy area away from the cliff edge, guarded by a trio of Shanks.
  • Next up, Vex Majors, perfect stay on Venus. Go back to the start and go left from the start into I think the Ember Caves, stick along the right hand side and turn right and follow that down to where the Vex are. On both sides of the bridge you can find lots of Major Vex’s, as well as sometimes down on the ground to the left and right of the bridge. Takes a minute or two.

That’s it. The reason I picked up the 20 kills without getting hit by the enemy is because it’s easy and you don’t have to pay attention to it. It finishes itself.

Here are some other popular ones.

  • Kill Sardok: Once you kill him and the bounty shows up, go straight to orbit to save the checkpoint for the next time it shows up. But before if the bounty for Frigolis shows up, you need to start from the beginning to get him.

Side note: Any target bounty you can go to orbit right after you kill the target to save the checkpoint for the next time it shows up

  • Hive Ultras: Spawn Earth Patrol and go into the basement right off the spawn area. Three knights spawn down there, kill them, run back upstairs, run back down, rinse repeat.
  • Cabal Majors: Load up the Exclusion zone, the drop ships near the start will drop off 9 Majors. Kill 8, and let the 9th on kill you. Respawn and finish the bounty, but don’t kill them all just go to orbit since that will now give you a nice checkpoint for next time
  • 100 enemies without dying: Just pick it up and do the easy bounties and make sure you don’t die
  • Rapidly kill 4 enemies (or just hive?) with a heavy weapon 5 times: I use Gjallarhorn, you can use a LMG, just mix these in with your other bounties, like killing knights who serve as blades of crota, when you use the Fist of Crota mission to do this, there are plenty of thralls to drop four kills quickly with a heavy.
  • Melee 7 enemies rapidly: Fist of Crota as well, the sword counts as a melee. easy!
  • Kill 15 enemies from behind: I use helm of st 14 and play wack a mole from behind. You go use a hunter to go invis. The best trick is to just use fist of crota again gather all the thralls and have them chase you, throw a grenade behind them that can hit them from the back. Or a rocket.
  • Public events if you wish: use
  • Complete a strike without dying: Use a Tiger strike, unless there’s another bounty for a specific strike like Devil’s Lair, load up the strike from the map and do the level 8 strike and pair the two bounties. I normally skip the specific strikes, but I will do a strike without dying because I can do a ROC strike and get rewards and have some fun while pairing it with 100 enemies without dying, or 20 enemies without taking damage etc.

If there are popular ones let me know. This is all I can think of right now, but it should be enough to get you on the right path and understand how I think about grouping up the bounties and just picking ones that I can combine and do fast and then repeat that on three characters. I also try and use bounties for guns. So I typically tend to put fully upgraded armor on when I turn them in so all the XP goes to the gun I want. I do this because missions, weeklies, Nightfalls, etc do not give gun XP other than the kills you get, so gear has many more ways to level up than guns do. Unless I got a new exotic or piece of CE gear I want to level up fast then I will use the bounties as well. Weeklies at max difficulty and Nightfalls give 7500 XP, weekly on mid difficulty gives 6000 XP and lowest level gives 4800 XP. Even though those numbers don’t show up, they do, and it all goes towards gear.

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