Destiny Weapon Loadouts Guide

Destiny Weapon Loadouts Guide by tonguewin

Raid HM:

There have been a lot of discussion on raid loadout and I hope I can provide good suggestions on why I chose these weapons (HM VoG). I have six weapons I switch between during the raid depending on phase.

Vision of Confluence/Void Fusion Rifle/Gjallahorn//Fatebringer/Ice Breaker/Hezen Vegeance

Note: Atheon Epilogue can be substituted as it works against almost everything, I just don’t like it due to the short range and the clip burn. VoC can usually take out mobs at a distant by the time they get to you. Fatebringer explodes on crit hit so it makes taking out mobs easier. You can get overwhelmed when using AE on Hard but it depends on the player preference.

Gjallahorn one shots minotaurs – if you run out of ammo, switch to the void fusion rifle to burn them down

Fatebringer as everything has a crit point except minotaurs. Gjallahorn for minotaurs. Void Fusion if minotaurs are still alive or you run out of ammo.

Oracles: (depends if you cheese or not)
VoC/Ice Breaker for cheese as you stand up top and switch between to take down oracles. Without cheese; VoC/Void Fusion/Gjallahorn – same as conflux but VoC is better at taking down oracles on HM.

Templar: (depends if you cheese or not)
Cheese: DoT nades FTW. No Cheese: VoC for adds; Gjallahorn for the templar once the shield is down. Look at other strategy guides if you don’t want to cheese, I’m just providing weapon loadout.

Ice Breaker – use this for the first part of the gatekeeper phase to take down the gatekeeper. Once down, everyone runs to the left plate out of sight of the hobgoblins. Once the plate is up, the adds will go away and start the second phase. During this time, switch out your Ice Breaker to the fusion rifle and Gjallahorn. Use a heavy synthesis now. If you go into the portal, gjallahorn away at the gatekeeper, if you stay outside gjallahorn away at the praetorian. You should try to shoot the praetorian with one fusion rifle shot first and switch if possible.

VoC/Ice Breaker/Hezen Vengeance – VoC for oracles; Ice Breaker for Atheon when you’re in the middle and bubbled, Rocket Launcher to take out adds in portal whether it be green or red side.

NOTE: If you don’t BIS weapons, please make sure you have 300 DMG. You can take whatever primary weapon you want as you won’t be using it much, a void fusion rifle [77 Wizard – Crucible], any sniper rifle, and any heavy weapon as you will take down shields with the fusion rifle first [The Swarm – Vanguard]. Replace each for whatever phase is listed above that’s needed. There was a statement that said your heavy is the key to beating the raid. I’ll take it a step further; a void fusion rifle (one can be bought from crucible overmaster [77 Wizard]) is the key. You can use your fusion rifle on everything, they are great all around and should replace your primary the whole raid through (Carry extra special ammo synthesis but most of the time, ammo will drop). A maxed void fusion rifle will usually take out the shield of a minotaur/praetorian with one charge. Switch to a rocket launcher/machine gun to finish them off. 2 to 3 shots to oracles during the oracle/atheon phase which is great.

TLDR: Loadouts for Nightfalls/Raids.

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