RotMG Pets Basic Guide

RotMG Pets Basic Guide by Grontait

What are “eggs”?
An egg is an item that can only be used in the pet yard, and when used will spawn a pet, there are 15 types of eggs.
Eggs are only obtainable through “Pet eggs”, which are dropped in dark blue potion bags by Lesser Gods, Gods of the Realm, Event Gods, Dungeon Bosses, Oryx’s Simulacrum, and Oryx 2.

What are “pets”?
A pet is your characters best friend, it helps you in battle by healing you or dealing damage to foes.
A pet has 3 abilities (second ability is unlocked at uncommon and the third at legendary), there are 14 types of pets and 5 types of rarity.
They do not disappear when you die.
You must feed them in order for them to grow stronger and level up.
To level a pet’s rarity level you must fuse 2 of the same rarity and family.

What is the “pet yard”?
The Pet Yard is where eggs must be hatched, and it can contain up to 50 Pets. Pets are only removed from the yard upon being Released or Fused – they do not leave when you die. The Pet Yard is also the place to feed or fuse Pets. Both functions cost Fame or Gold, at an increasing price which is dependent upon the pet’s rarity level.

What abilities/max levels?
Max levels:
1-30 (Common)
30-50 (Uncommon)
50-70 (Rare)
70-90 (Legendary)
90-100 (Divine)

All abilities:
Heal: “Heals you periodically.”
Magic Heal: “Restores your Magic Points periodically.”
Attack Close: “Shoots at any nearby close-range enemies and deals heavy damage.” Range of 3.5 tiles.
Attack Mid: “Shoots at any nearby mid-range enemies and deals medium damage.” Range of 6.75 tiles.
Attack Far: “Shoots at any nearby far-range enemies and deals light damage.” Range of 9 tiles.
Electric: “This attack has a chance of paralyzing your foes.” Affects enemies between 2 tiles to .35 tiles.
Decoy: “Enemies will aim at your pet instead of you.”
Rising Fury: “Your pet will charge an attack when you stay still, and release a area burst when you move.”
Savage: “Increases the effect of attack and eletric abilities.”

Feeding and fusing!
Items contain a “Feed Power”, shown in their description, with higher numbers meaning that the item will increase a Pet’s levels more. It is advisable to use higher feed power items when possible, as it costs Fame or Gold each time a Pet is fed. Food items can also be bought in the Nexus, whose only use is to feed Pets.

Fusing pets is only possible when the two pets used are of the same family and rarity, and as long as the Pet Yard has been upgraded to a high enough level to allow for it. The pet on the left and its stats will be retained while fusing, while the other will be consumed and disappear from the Pet Yard. It is best to max both pet’s stats before fusing, otherwise it will have a lower stat cap once fused. Fusing will give a random pet of the next rarity level. Below is a breakdown of the respective costs. “Fusion Strength” is a measure of how maxed the two pets being used are.

Rarity LevelPet Yard updateFeeding costFusing cost
Common10(fame) or 5(gold)300(fame) or 100(gold)
Uncommon500(fame) or 150(gold)30(fame) or 12(gold)1000(fame) or 240(gold)
Rare2000(fame) or 400(gold)100(fame) or 30(gold)4000(fame) or 600(gold)
Legendary25000(fame) or 1200(gold)350(fame) or 60(gold)15000(fame) or 1800(gold)
Divine50000(fame) or 2000(gold)1000(fame) or 150(gold)

Fusing unmaxed pets!
Pet rarity corresponds to common, uncommon, rare, legendary, and divine, while ability level corresponds to the the level of things such as heal, attack, paralyze, etc. When increasing the pet’s rarity level, their ability level will not be affected. However, the ability levels’ stat caps can increase, the next ability can be unlocked, and the pet may look different depending on the rarity level.

For example, a divine pet with the heal ability at level 30 will heal 14 hp, just the same as a common pet at heal level 30. The only difference is that the pet looks different and has a higher maxed stat cap.

At higher rarity levels, it is more costly to feed a pet. Coupled with this, feed power is less effective at higher ability levels, as 500 feed power may raise a low leveled ability several levels, yet hardly do much at the higher ability levels. Because of this, it is advantageous to level up at a lower rarity level until max, and then fuse as it is easier and more cost efficient to level up at the lower rarity levels.

So in a nutshell: DO NOT FUSE UNMAXED PETS


Q:”I fused 2 unmaxed pets, what do i do?”
A: Sadly you can’t do nothing, you will have to make 2 more.

Q:”Why can’t I hatch my (e.g rare) egg?”
A: Your pet yard needs to be on a higher level or you have reached the pet limit 

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2 Responses

  1. EoTN says:

    A bit late, but for posterity, all pets are equal. If a maxed pet has the same three abilities as a different maxed pet, both will do the exact same thing, the only difference is cosmetic. As such, pick a pet whose rare forms are a design that you like, (or divine forms if you want to spend real money or have an unmaxed vanity pet) and start working on it!

    You ideally want to have a combination of heal and magic heal as your first two abilities. Humanoids are the easiest as they ALL have heal as their first ability, as such they are generally more expensive to trade for than other families.

    For other families, you want to confirm whether there is a pet that does have heal or magic heal as its first ability. Feline, Canine, Avian, Farm, Reptile, Penguin, Aquatic and Humanoin CAN have the first ability be heal. NONE of the other families have the first ability of heal.

    If you’re OK with getting magic heal first, then the following can have magic heal as their first ability: Feline, Avian, Exotic, Farm, Woodland, Penguin, and the ???? family.

    As such, families that CANNOT have the heal/magic heal combo for the first two abilities are: Insect, Spooky, and Automaton. If you want to have a heal/magic heal on any of these pets, it will REQUIRE going to legendary to unlock all three abilities, whereas the rest can have the combo at uncommon.

    Now, getting the right abilities can be time consuming, and in the event that you are trading for your eggs, expensive. Each ability has a 1/8 chance of appearing as the second (or third) ability. As such, it’s really a 1/6 chance, as two abilities are already taken up by the first and third abilities. Because of this, for a humanoid, there is a 1/6 chance that you get a heal/magic heal combo, or 16.6% if you prefer. Since other families don’t have a guaranteed first ability, they fall off a bit in the odds of getting the combo.

    Now, let’s say you want ONLY heal as the first ability, not magic heal, for whatever reason. Farm, and reptile each have a 1/18 shot at giving you the H/MH combo, or 5.5%. Penguin is 1/24, or 4.2%, Avian is 1/30, or 3.3%, Feline is 1/36, or 2.8%, and Canine and Aquatic are 1/42, or 2.4%.

    Now say that you ONLY want Magic heal as the first ability. (…why though?) Exotic, Farm, Woodlands, and ???? each has a 1/18, or 5.5% chance of getting the H/MH combo. Penguin is 1/24, or 4.2%, Avian is 1/30, or 3.3%, and Feline has a 1/36 chance, or 2.8%.

    Now, I’m SURE you noticed a few families fall into both categories. That’s because they have a common that can have heal, and another that can have magic heal, effectively DOUBLING your chances for that family. So, here’s a complete list of families that can give you Heal/Magic heal, regardless of which is the first ability, and sorted from best odds, to worst:

    Humanoid: 1/6, 16.6%.
    Farm: 1/9, 11%
    Penguin: 1/12, 8.3%
    Avian 1/15, 6.6%
    Feline, Reptile, Woodland, Exotic, ????: 1/18, 5.6%
    Canine, Aquatic: 1/36, 2.8%

    And lastly, say you REALLY want to get a legendary/divine pet from Insect, Spooky, or Automaton, with a Heal/Magic Heal combo. You would need to get a (first ability)/Heal/Magic heal combo, or a (first ability)/Magic Heal/Heal combo. Well, if you don’t care about the first ability, (and you REALLY shouldn’t, it makes it 3x harder) you have a 1/30 chance of H/MH, and a 1/30 chance of MH/H, so a 1/15 chance, or a 6.6% chance of getting the right combo. This is because you don’t have to worry about getting a 1/3 chance of heal being first, so ALL of them have the same odds of any two specific abilities. Say you want Attack far/electric? same odds! Now, if you want one first, say heal/Mheal and not the other way around, you’ll be stuck with 1/30 odds, or 3.3%.

    Now, if you care about the first ability, you get a 1/15 for automaton (all electric :P), a 1/45 for spooky, and either a 1/30, or a 1/90 for insect. At this point, I BEG of you not to care about the first ability, OR the order of the H/MH. If you NEED Heal as the second ability, for an insect with decoy, you’re looking at a 1/180 chance, or 0.6%.

    One final thought. I mentioned that all pets are equal earlier. That’s ONLY true if you max level the first ability of BOTH PETS before fusing them. EVERY TIME. So two level 30 commons, two level 50 uncommons, two level 70 rares, and two level 90 legendaries. Otherwise, the max level WILL be mower than it should. The formula is such that you get the average of both pets’ first ability levels, plus 20 (or ten when fusing legendaries) as the new MAX level, so if one legendary pet is level 90, and the other is 50, you’ll end up with a divine whose maximum level is 80. So be sure to take the time to max your pets before fusing, or you’ll end up regretting it.

    TLDR: All pets are equal when you fuse at max levels. You want to have a heal/magic heal combo as your first two abilities. The families that this is easies to do, are Humanoid and farm, with greater than a 10% chance of getting that combo, and Penguin and Avian right behind at greater than 5%. Decide if you want the art you like most, just want to get the combo. If it’s art, then accept the odds, nothing to do but wait for the right egg. If it’s the combo and you don’t care about art, you have two options: Trade for baby eggs, or farm godlands. If you’re farming godlands, hatch every egg you get (except spooky, automaton and insect) and save every pet you get. Eventually you’ll get one with Heal/Magic heal, and from here, the actual hard work begins… :P

    TLDR to the TLDR: All pets can be the best. Heal/Magic heal as the first two abilities is ideal. Trading for Humanoid eggs is the fastest way to get that combo, but farming godlands until you get that combo to drop is also viable.

  2. YOLOSWAG says:

    Which pet would be the best.

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