RotMG Godland Etiquette Guide

RotMG Godland Etiquette Guide by RanRan

This is my first guide that I’ve written after massive observation, personal experience, and many encounters with users*.

I write this because I think it’s needed. If someone did this before me, oh well.

Finally! You’re 20! Time to go hit the GodLands, right? Everything’s great, you’re making fast pace of finding and murdering gods, and even overflowing with pots! What’s going to st–


What just happened? You’re now staring at the eulogy of your character. Maybe you cried, pounded your desk, or screamed “NOOOOO–“. It happened so fast, you don’t even know what killed you.

In cases like this, 99% of the time, many factors could be in play when you died. You were swarmed, you made a wrong step, you didn’t nexus in time, or a lack of healing from your “partners”.

But more often than not, the most likely cause is one of two things:
Your skill and lack there of, and your stupidity.

Now some people may think that since this is a MMO Shooter, there isn’t “rules” in place about how to handle others in the Godlands. But among the frequented players, there is a unspoken set of rules I believe we all follow and break from time to (all the) time.

To the best of my knowledge, and with the help of the community I will attempt to throw the book for those who frequently break these “rules”.

The RotMG God Land Commandments

Suggested by GingerBear, this rule supersedes all others.
α)If you’re uncertain of your survival skills, do NOT teleport to lone dots in godlands.

They are likely skilled players who might be pulling 3-5 gods at a time. It’s better to just tele to a huge ball of people, there will likely be some healers, and the others work as “meatshield”, too.

#1) Thou shall not teleport on a Rogue.
I first heard this when I started and learned it the hard way.
When the Rouge is in the middle of pounding on a event, or taking on a event, you shouldn’t follow them or shadow them. They’ll nexus/die, and then you’ll die. And then, they’ll /ignore you for getting them killed.
User Experience: AntiLol
I put them on lock, so that I have a good ‘idiot list’ for the realm I’m in. It’s far more beneficial to a decent rogue to know who and how many idiots are floating around you, than to say, lock high rank players and port to them all day assuming they are decent at the game when you want to leech xp.

#2) Thou shall not venture where thou shan’t be.
More often than not, people who just started out or trying to find some loot lying about come to you, asking you for things in the middle of a fight, or while you’re focusing. It’s annoying and will most like result in the same punishment as #1.
User Experience: GingerBear
Do not friggin’ trade on anyone for (begging) items at godlands or at events, unless you want to give them something for free. The level of annoyance when someone constantly trades on you is immense. And some people never learn, trust me. (Thank god for the /ignore !)

#3) Thou shall not egress when trailing death.
Even more common than #2. People will anchor to you, run off in another direction and come running back with a posse of gods. Sometimes they make good by helping kill them, or they /troll by Nexus’ing.

#4) Thou shall not stalk a peer who wishes solitude.
In all honesty, I resound with this one. I like being alone when I Pothunt. When people openly defy my wishes, the nerve on my temple twitches, and I begin luring into the person, just to scare them off. If this happens to you, the best approach is to ask nicely to be alone. If they don’t leave, nexus and enter another realm. it’s that simple.

#5) Thou shall not refuse life over petty squabbles.
This happens rarely, unless it’s someone really new. Whatever you “did” to them, they might still resent and decide to betray you when you’re at your weakest. This happens more with Priests that don’t play the role of Healer and more of Offensive Healer that more suits a Necromancer. Unless there’s Stat Pots on the ground, just nexus and heal. Not worth dying over, is it?
User Experience: McFarvo
Even if there are stat pots, if you’re on a potted character and/or wearing decent gear (t10+) then most drops are not worth dying for. Nexus is your friend!

#6) Thou shall share commonwealth of joint efforts.
This happens among those few players who will ask for a boost/heal from a Pally/Warrior/Necro/Preist, decimate a Event, and ride off into the Nexus without even giving partial credit to the contributors. Even if you didn’t *really* needed to be helped, but you join in to kill it, you *should* let the loot trickle down amongst everyone.
User Experience: GingerBear
Don’t forget to thank the healers work (including asking for pally buff or necro leech). Whether it is a simple “thank you” upon heal, a random mana potion dropped at them, or a small share of your loot at an event (which will likely require a healer if you’re not a pro), it’s all the same.
Same goes for the warrior/pally boost at events. Nothing feels worse when a rouge/knight asks for boost, kills the cube/skull and leaves with the loot w/o a word.

“If you see a team of players trying to do an event, do NOT waltz in, kill the boss and leave with the loot like some 1-man-army, even if you are.” ~GingerBear

#7) Beware the surroundings of a Black Knight.
I’m not familiar with this one, however we have a user who does.
User Experience: Arturo
Usually they have enough defense to stay close gods, and they keep moving to avoid bullets, so if you teleport on them you will be at shotgun range and with bullets on the way, and if they are good, usually they are reaching an event (Like NoobWc at Testing), and that’s a place you don’t want to be, since like teleporting to a rogue, he will be swarmed, but worse, because gods will be following said Knight.

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