RotMG Basic Survival Guide

RotMG Basic Survival Guide by player77377

Starting Off

First, make your account. Once you make that, you will be somewhat noobish unless you had played this kind of game before. (there is games like this even though this is the FIRST bullet hell-shooter that includes Multiplayer.) As you pick the first character as we all know to be the god pot farmer, aka wizard. You will go through the tutorial and level a few right before you enter the nexus, one of the many spots Oryx cant bother. You will be safe from the MANY things that are set out to kill you gruesomely and maybe dance on your graves but yet they still look harmless. You will be safe as long as you stay here, but as soon as you go out to begin your adventure, you cant turn back until you click the nexus button in the corner near the bottom right of your mini-map. (or die.)

Levels 1-5

As you come into the world some people know as a fucking death trap, you might as well know your facts. Go to here for some info if you bother to read it even.
Once you are done reading, go kill some beginning monsters, dont kill the cubes if you want a achievement if get to level 20. Anyways. Start saving Health potions in your inventory in case of a emergency. a REALLY important lesson learned. Once you get to at least level 3, go inland a bit and see if you can find some good quest monsters like a bandit leader or a Giant crab or so. Once at level 5. Go inland even more and try to find someone to partner with, as once said in Finding Nemo, “Never Swim alone.” (Don’t go alone!)

Levels 6-10

Once with a partner if you can get one, Try to find another Good quest monster, or find the desert to see if a horde of monsters are together. (if you kill most of them, you can level up to 10 QUICK.) If not, stick together and try to find some legit monsters that give at least 40+ exp. repeat this pattern to level in a matter of a few minutes.
Don’t go to god-lands thinking “I’M SUCH A BAD-ASS, I’M SO LEGIT THAT I’M GONNA KILL SO MANY GODS AND OWN COMPARED TO NOOBS” You will Often die of a sneak attack from a Medusa or Ent god. (personal experience)

Levels 11-15

Once up to 10, you can go anyway BUT god-lands, you can try to kill some lesser gods to get up to a whopping 50 exp. I suggest some dungeons, like spider den. ( bring along at LEAST 3 people) (Also, if you want, Read the Dungeon Running for tips and such.) After a few dungeons and some of the reward dungeon loot equipped. Try to Get a Hp or Def ring, if you kill some greater monsters, you can get Greater ranked rings. Or Again, Daring enough to go into the god-lands and hope you can get a GOOD ring with only about 10% chance. (YES, GOOD PEOPLE, I RESEARCHED, I Estimated around 10%. Don’t you dare go “YOU DON’T KNOW YOU DUMB-ASS, YOU CANT ESTIMATE THAT.” I Even Confirmed it with Wild Shadow.)

Levels 16-20

Now guys, you are Now good enough (hopefully) to dare yourself to going into the dreaded god-lands. Once there, I strongly recommend going to a Group of people with around 5+ people. You can fire along with them and sadly only get 50% you would get alone, but Remember, Life over Loot. It is NOT worth it to get something that would get you into a situation that could kill you Instantly. I Learn that lesson Over and Over again. Even if you got a stat pot drop. It is not worth to die and lose ALL of your hard work, It could happen again! I mean, another might drop safely in a minute or two!

Level 20+

(what I mean’t by the title, Is to max your stats.) Once you start trying to get better and raising your stats. Create another account or use your chest. Save some pots and top tiered gear in case you die. Start saving some potions of speed or etc. and use them to exchange for gear. like a master robe or golden bow. once you get good enough gear, start saving potions again, once you think you have enough, drink the potions you have in your vault, and start saving again.

Dungeon Running

If you enter a dungeon, make sure you have someone with you unless you want to have a greater chance of getting GREAT loot in a place like Undead Lair (Place to find the legendary Doom Bow) Once you start, NEVER BE TOO CAUTIOUS!!!! You could go into a random room and get SLAUGHTERED. Always take Precaution when entering another room. And when your Hp Goes down to around 150, Dont be the hero or Bad-ass and continue on, Use a health potion or rest! Once you get to the Boss, find somewhere to take cover IMMEDIATELY if you can, if it’s someone like Septavius that deals over 100 damage in one hit if its a regular attack and not to break armor or lower speed, you can get Screwed over pretty fast. Once done, you get a chance to get a RARE weapon or almost definite stat pot. Leave and WA-LA!

Final Sayings

After reading all these steps, please take them to consider, these will help a lot, and I don’t want everyone to become a noob. Hope you have fun!

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    Your web is really useful u tought me some things but i would recomend you make a aticle on all the ways you can max a char(like market,dungeon farming,etc.(and if you play rotmg hit me up on pm to get a free att pot;) )

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