Grand Chase Random Information

Grand Chase Random Information by DeSora

i just boring and has nothing 2 do while gc is down 4 maintenance so i write anything tat come out from my mind

The content is hybrid and i don’t feels like it need a table of contain

1. Potions:

Define “potion”: anything other than emoticon that lies within the 3rd tab/[Equip slot] , a type of non-equip consumable item in PvE

QWERT is fix hotkey for potion, there is nooo way for you to change the hotkey

Like every single command key from your keyboard, if you was typing message , went into portal and travel through next map, you will use up your potion while typing by pressing QWERT key.

There are 8 potion category, if you try to put 2 potion in same category, the new one that you select to put onto slot will swap it’s position with the old one, basically you can’t bring 2 different potion that lies within the same category.

Hp Potion : All potion in this category only have 1 effect, recover your HP upon use. The potion usually has red in color, resemble the color of HP. All potion in this category share same cooldown : 5 seconds. Under the full HP condition, HP Potion will not be use even if you press the potion hotkey. The potion in this category scale differently according to their specific formula, the formula divide them into 2 different type of HP potion :
Restore a constant amount of HP
Restore a constant % amount of base HP , base/not base on Lv

Mp Potion : All potion in this category only have 1 effect, recover your MP/AP upon use. The potion usually has blue in color, resemble the color of MP. An exception for [Epic] Sparkling Cider, all potion in this category share same cooldown : 5 seconds. Under the full MP/AP condition, MP Potion will still be use when you press the potion hotkey. Like HP potion, the potion in this category scale differently according to their specific formula, the formula divide them into 2 different type of MP potion :
Restore a constant amount of MP/AP
Restore a constant % amount of base MP/AP , base/not base on Lv

Note that 4th bar mp is an extension, 100% of your base mp still is 3 bar of mp, so if you use a guild mp potion, it will recovery 1.5 bar mp instead of 2 bar mp

Hp+Mp Potion : All potion in this category only have 1 effect, recover both your HP+MP/AP upon use. The potion usually has yellow in color. All potion in this category share same cooldown : 5 seconds. Under the full HP and MP condition, HP+MP Potion will still be use when you press the potion hotkey. Like HP, MP potion, the potion in this category scale differently according to their specific formula, the formula divide them into 2 different type of HP+MP potion :
Restore a constant amount of HP+MP
Restore a constant % amount of base HP+MP , base/not base on Lv

Emergency Recovery Potion : The only potion lies in this category is itself, the Emergency Recovery Potion. The potion recovery player from being affect by status (frozen, petrifying etc etc). Emergency recovery potion will not be use if you are not affect by any status even if you press the hotkey . Emergency Recovery Potion has a 5 seconds cooldown.

Revive Item: Other than Natals, I think there are another potion lies this category. The potion resurrection to all “0” Life teammate, the potion will not be use if you press the hotkey when no one in the party has “0” Life

Buff Potion : Self-explanation, the buff potion will give you a timed/permanent buff upon use, the buff last until it’s timed out or when travel through the blue portal. Generally the potion lies within this group is timed, 30 seconds duration and 60 seconds cooldown, exception for Guild Atk/Def/Vit potion with last until enter portal duration and 5 seconds cooldown.

Demon of Yore Potion : Self-explanation, all potion with Demon of Yore names lies within this category, but the category itself not just for Demon of Yore Potion, they are a few non-demon of yore in name potion was also list under this category. The potion in this category has various of effect, imposter-ing the effect from another category potion as well as some special effect like instant recovery pet cooldown. In all condition except of cooldown or dialog, pressing the potion hotkey will use up a stock from the potion. Potion in this category has either 30/60 seconds cooldown.

A not yet run out invincible buff will be carry through next room of the dungeon

Attack projectile Potion : Self-explanation, potion lies in this category will summon up attack projectile upon use, the damage and combo cause from attack projectile will added into player dungeon skill/combo score, basically you will be count as the one who deal damage if you use this category of potion to attack mobs, not as a 3rd party. Cooldown different according to potions, Firework projectile has a short cooldown and Dio’s 4th WF/DF 3bar special projectile has long cooldown time.

Slight note that if an enemy attack deal 99999 damage to you when you are recovering HP (from yamani or SoD gardosen), you can survive through the damage with potion. Potion has a max speed of recovery 50% Hp and 2 bar Mp/Ap a second, so you can use the potion before hand for your own advantage.

2. EXP things

All about value and numbers – (Dig up from my text document file)

Something about WL stage exp info:

MAX EXP     Base EXP
1. 6448065  389883 
2. 5818250  263920
3. 7401770  580624 
4. 7492500  598770
5. 9328640  965998
6. 8121150  724500
7. 8749050  850080
8. 9466305  993531
9. 5462970  192864
10.7680870  636444
11.5205810  141432
12.5205810  141432
13.9165930  933456
14.5276530  155576
15.5276530  155576
16.5782155  256701
17.5782155  256701
18.5354320  171134
19.10146030 1129476
20.7322340  564738
21.9675415  1035353
22.12263850 1553040
23.6051690  310608
24.6051690  310608
25.11331990 1366668
26.6776430  455556
27.6776430  455556
28.12015330 1503336
29.6377820  375834
30.5178680  137806

Max EXP = Base EXP *5 (400% bonus + 100% from Base EXP) + Lv Bonus
Lv Bonus EXP for lv 85 is 4489650
lv 84 is 3701340
lv 83 is 3329640
lv 82 is 2991540
lv 81 is 2684340
lv 80 is 2405040
lv 79 is 2151090
lv 78 is 1920240
lv 77 is 1710390
lv 76 is 1519590
lv 75 wasn't been test yet... cause I don't have a lv75 for test this

Lv up require EXP (For season Rebirth and Eternal)

From lv to lv
Require EXP

76 to 77 – 71.55 mils
77 to 78 – 105 mils
78 to 79 – 144.5 mils
79 to 80 – 213 mils
80 to 81 – 170 mils
81 to 82 – 212.5 mils
82 to 83 – 265.5 mils
83 to 84 – 332 mils
84 to 85 – 415 mils

A little additional information :
Lv 1 to 85 require a total of 2076mils EXP
Lv 80 to 85 require a total of 1395mils EXP
Lv 1 to 80 require a total of 681mils EXP, for season Rebirth and before, it is around 16800 mils or 16.8bils EXP
Lv 76 to 80 require a total of 534.05 mils EXP

EXP bonus cap still 400% (from all sort of exp boost), if you have more than 400% EXP bonus boost, the exp gain will reverse back to amount of 400% exp boost in the end of result screen.
So the max exp you can gain from a dungeon is 5 times of it base EXP ( 1 from base and 4 from EXP bonus boost)

From investigate, X+2 to X+4 Lv dungeon mode is best for your EXP

Remember, result screen is everything, EXP bonus that apply into your stat info may probably not apply in result screen; something that wasn’t may apply into it, vice versa.

3. Random Facts

  1. There a Relic GP ring named Flame Ring, from Sphinx minigame of 2013. A top tier reward. Lv 60, prop value is same as season Rebirth Fire Hammer Ring.
  2. Stage 30 reward doesn’t stack, you still can only take 1 accessories as the reward even If you try to finish another time of stg 30 before you claim last cycle stg 30 reward
  3. Any devolution and evolution pet will have their lv set as lv 0
  4. The cap of GP is 10 mils, however there is no cap for Gems.
  5. The Boss Gate from champ can be delayed till is the countdown times out, assuming the delayed Boss Gate has 0 hp, a Gate Boss spawn after times out when it no longer delayed by player specials, boss will be killed immediately when the “complete” words pop out
  6. When a boss is killed and screen delayed, exit the dungeon immediately then you can enjoy slow-motion of practice mode.
  7. Lagging can cause the delay of 3rd party damage (asin, geas, dio 4th, twilight rin weapon enhancement)
  8. Attendance time is possible to carry over to the next day if you change server or disconnected in the correct time.
  9. Previous day playhouse fruit can be carry over till next day until you enter playhouse, disconnected or change server
  10. Not just hungry pet revolt, you can block all dungeon mobs from escape if standing in a corner (the blue goblin from trial tower, outerwall and bfb can prove it)
  11. If you was online when your beefiness ring expired, it will not expired (in inventory it will state as :Expired) until you change server or start a run of dungeon or pvp, and it will apply 50% effect for the last time before it expired.
  12. Even if your GC club expired and disappear from inventory, you still gain the bonus stat and Gp/Exp bonus as long you stay in the same room.
  13. If you stay at server on when 23:59 pass to 00:00 of next day, you will not gain 5 guild point from the daily log in, lol.
  14. Change server during 00:00 till 00:49 may cause player unable to done any HD, WL and Berkas on 00:00 till 00:49
  15. In Trivia continent, upon activation of phoenix, gnosis and persephone earring, you will be unaffected and dropped down from tornado.
  16. Invincible cause one can’t affect by water pump (ToC, Kastulle Ruin Lower Floor, Zeruel , Hammer Reach, BfB)
  17. Even though one is invincible, he/she still can take effect from Confuse (Venessa, Stone Golem)
  18. If you are invincible and can’t take set damage (1000) from ZB/Zeruel jump part, you will loss 30% of your max hp, like other jump map.
  19. A result of getting common reinforce stone by transmuting an epic and a common stone attached equips will cause the common reinforce stone to have [prop] . (but when you click the prop, nothing is show there)
  20. If someone doing average more than 400% extra amount of his/her base damage in a room from dungeon with buff, upon the complete of the dungeon run, a message will pop out and stat that the game file has been modified. The exp and mobs killed will not be count for this dungeon run. However he/she will still receive the drop and loots from dungeon run.
  21. You can’t done(fail/success/exit) another run of HD/WL/Berkas in the same hour, but not when you start doing the dungeon. For example a player solo stage 19 from 03:40 till 04:40 , he can’t do another run of WL in 04:30~04:50 period. So one is possible to keep disconnecting himself/herself and retry doing HD/WL/Berkas as many time as he/she during the opening time until he done it (fail/success or exit)
  22. All sort of EXP and GP will be finish counted at the very first second when result screen pop out. You can straight press Esc then Enter to exit and skip the dungeon result screen if you are in hurry, like for WL/HD/Berkas. You will still get the armor/accessories/pearl reward.
  23. Lagging can cause a delay-active/re-active and stack of buff(s)
  24. Monthly attendance reward is stack-able, so if you didn’t take the reward for 12 months, you can receive and get up to 12 accessories at once
  25. You can have two same mission on mission list at once, but the two mission will be merge when into one mission if reach the same part.
  26. A constant spam of close and open slot may end up closing a room to 1/1 slot.
  27. If a player reach GP cap/10mils gp, the result screen box will show 0 GP for both 25/50% of dungeon run base earned GP reward
  28. Summoned mobs will only provide virtual exp
  29. Upon the trigger of hellspear, the whole damage of that specific hit will ignore any sort of defense and resistance from mobs
  30. Killing soul capture summoned monster [Elven Mage and Naamah] will cause someone who trap inside instant loss of all HP
  31. Even though you have max out your inventory slot, you can still get more item to your inventory slot by forge, item from reward screen, minigame, mail, attendance check . A max out of inventory slot will only cause you unable to take up Loot item and purchase anything in shop, moving some non-coordi things out from warehouse to inventory

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