Grand Chase Striker Guide

Grand Chase Striker Guide by GKeyblade

Greetings, and welcome to my guide to Striker!
I’m known as Sora, or ItchyPanda and i main Lass’ Fourth Job known as Striker/Slasher.
I decided to make this guide because I haven’t seen many people who uses Striker correctly and to its fullest.
So it’s my pleasure to share my knowledge to the chasers of all the servers!

Feel free to contact me for any questions you may have, my e-mail is or if you play the North American server of Grand Chase you may whisper me (ItchyPanda) for anything you want.
I want to thank some people for making this guide possible:
Cow, for making the blog.
Michiko, for the awesome banners.
Mike, for the videos to come.
Drk, for the current videos.
SGI, for allowing me to play in the server.
KoG, for making the game.

Note: Remember that ALL of the commands listed on this guide are meant to be used facing right.

Dash | → →
Double Dash | → → → →
Dash Attack | During Dash, Z
Double Dash Attack | During Double Dash, Z
4 Hit Combo | Z Z Z Z
Substitution | Z →
Hit Up | Z Z ↑
Critical Attack | Z Z Z → →
Double Attack | Z Z Z Z → →

Rage Cutter Rage Cutter
1 MP
Rage Cutter


This MP Skill lets Lass do a very strong hit from his sword followed by very fast strike that knocks your opponent down.


Rage Cutter is, in my opinion, the most useful skill for Striker since it delays the enemy enough to do a fast dash or jump attack for extra damage before they hit the ground completely, this skill can also be chained with Phantom Blade.
Phantom Blade Phantom Blade
2 MP
Phantom Blade


This one Skill will allows Lass to make quick and powerful strikes against the opponent finishing with one
final strike that knocks the opponent down.


You need to be really careful when using this skill because it will let you open for an opponent attack if it misses, you can’t just release the skill and hope for the opponent to run to it. The best situation to use Phantom Blade is the spawn kill, explained in the next section, you can also use it when the opponent is falling or gets delayed.
Blade Spirit Blade Spirit
3 MP
Blade Spirit


Summons a Gigantic sword from the core of the Nodachi that greatly damages the enemy 3 times, the last being the
most powerful one.


This skill will certainly K.O your opponent if it hits completely, sadly it’s really hard to time, and it can be countered on any of its hits, so if you are going to use this skill make sure your opponent has no MP or use it as a surprise attack.
Advanced Combos
Combo Air Grab

    Commands | Z Z ↑ Jump, Dash, Grab

Pretty simple, do two hits of your basic combo followed by the ↑ added attack then air grab your opponent.
Infinite Slash

It can be done with Shadow, Flash and Half Flash Steps

      Commands with Flash Step | →, (→+↑) , ↓, Z Commands with Shadow Step | ↑, →→, ↓, Z

(Can be done easier by tapping (→,↑), (→,↓) )

    Commands with Half Flash | ← (Hold), →, (→+↑), ↓, Z

This is more like your main attack than a combo itself, it takes time to master but once you do it so you’ll give anyone who fights you a hard time.
Hit Up + 2MP Skill

    Commands | Z, Z, ↑, 2MP

Also pretty simple, do two hits of your basic combo followed by the ↑ added attack, you might have to start charging your MP before pressing ↑ so your MP can go up to 2 bars.
Combo Air Grab x2

    Commands | Combo Air Grab, Ground Grab

This is harder than the Combo Air Grab because you have to catch your opponent in an air grab at the highest point that they get lifted up, to be allowed to catch him on a ground grab.
Spawn Kill

    Commands | (Right when the enemy touches the ground when spawning) 2MP, 1MP, dash attack

You will be using this alot, since this allows you to hit your enemy even before they get to move after spawning. You need to get a FULL hit if you want it to be a kill, so you might want to time it right. There’s a pro and a con to this:

  • Pro: There’s not really an exact time to hit an enemy you can do it a little earlier to get some major damage, that wont kill your opponent but will leave him with really low HP.
  • Con: If you time it late your MP gets wasted.

So its better to time it earlier than later, but even if you time Phantom Blade late, you can use Rage Cutter right away to get a delay grab.
Delay Grab

    Commands | 1MP right after your enemy recovers from a fall

I’m not a big fan of using this because the enemy can easily escape if you are not fast enough, but it can be used on enemies that are not really fast (Lire, Arme).
Back and Forth

    Commands | →, →, ↓, Z, →, →, ↑, ←, ←, ↓, Z, ←, ←, ↑
    Commands | →, (→+↑) , ↓, Z, →, →, ←, (←+↑), Z, ←, ←

This will take some time to get used to since it requires you to input the keys correctly and in a succession, this works like a charm to confuse your enemy and follow them with slashes. In my opinion, its really useful against Dark Assassins.
Platform Slash

    Commands | (on a platform) →, →, ↓, Z, →, →, ↑, ←, ←, Z, ←, ←, ↑
    Commands | (on a platform) →, (→+↑) , ↓, Z, →, →, ←, (←+↑), Z, ←, ←, ↑

This is the hardest slash of them all, since you are on a platform and you have to dash attack down to a solid ground below and go back slashing up, you can use this to go through many platforms.

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