Grand Chase Warlock PvP Guide

Grand Chase Warlock PvP Guide by lilboyboy


Without a doubt, most people would consider Warlock to be that “weird” Arme class that no one plays. However, it is quite an interesting (And powerful) class. Unlike most jobs in Grand Chase, Warlock’s strength lies in its map control/presence; whether the opponent above the Warlock, far away from the Warlock, or next to the Warlock, you she can exert pressure on the opponent. This wide control over the map allows her to wreck havoc with proper prediction and strategy. This characteristic differentiates Warlock from her sister classes that have great area control rather than map control.

Mythbusters: Warlock Edition

Warlock is exclusively team and survival based; she isn’t viable in 1 v 1.
False. With proper prediction and game sense, she can function just fine in 1 v 1. If anything, she’s somewhere around mid-high to high tier in 1 v 1.

All you need is Blizzard.
While in some situations, it does appear to be the case, you won’t get anywhere in this class with this mindset. While Blizzard is OP, Warlock is fragile (In the sense that she can’t do much if a person is up close to her and harassing her). If any derp player that doesn’t know what he/she is doing can run around and land Blizzard on you constantly, I’d be more concerned about your abilities.

Warlock is hard.
No. She’s quite easy. She just requires you to think about what your opponent’s going to do, and she can’t charge and rush into a fight like the other mainstream classes.

You need to otto to use Warlock.
Absolutely not. If anything, otto doesn’t contribute to Warlock’s strengths. Personally, I don’t use otto on Warlock in PvP and I’m doing just fine. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t use it. Just that you don’t have to use it.

The Basics

Jump Attack – Arme swings her lamp.
This is not an actual input, but I felt that jump attack is so vital to Warlock that it needs to be mentioned. This is extremely important to Warlock because Warlock needs to maintain distance from her opponent unless she is well-prepared for close combat. It is her fastest attack she has, and it is the only thing she has to quickly defend herself outside of skills. Luckily, it has decent range, so it does its job well; to knock people away from you. Use it frequently. I can not stress this enough. In fact, Jump Attack should be part of your movement pattern.

  • Utilize Dash -> Jump Attack (In the opposite direction) frequently. Although Arme’s teleport-dash can be frustrating to the opponent, anyone that knows how to fight Armes in general know to aim for her destination spot. The Jump Attack prevents them from setting you up.
  • Since Jump Attack doesn’t knock down, you can use it on someone that is stuck in a freezing frame (i.e. End of their skill, grab animation, etc.) to flinch them for a grab.
  • When you are going up and down a platform, use a jump attack; it won’t slow you down and provides extra protection.
  • Spamming jump attack up and down a platform is a great tool for playing defensively. (As well as hogging the upper platforms to ensure that you can utilize Blizzard to its potential whenever the chance opens up)

Lesser Salamander Spirit (z + ^ ^) – Arme unleashes a cloud of fire in front of her.
This attack does unreasonably high damage if used right. The attack has several hits that occur on different elevation levels; this characteristic results in “random” high damages from multiple hits. Alternatively, this attack can be used to set up traps by predicting where your opponent will move, and have them run into the attack.

  • The multiple hits occur when the opponent is in mid-air; this is because you are taking hit from each of the individual “cloud” that makes up the attack. With this in mind, try to set up a situation in which your opponent falls into the salamander attack. Also, if someone is directly above you is falling, land a lesser salamander on them if possible.
  • A spot that I love to use Lesser Salamander Spirit is on ledges (Such as the bottom left area of Elven Forest). It is highly likely that someone will run into the attack, and they will be in the air when it happens.
  • In 1 v 1, if your opponent is nearly dead and knocked down, you can time a lesser salamander so that they get hit by it when they get up; then they die.
  • Great move if your opponent is the type that charges straight at you. (Unless they step VERY fast; they’ll grab you before you get to use it)
  • Use this attack frequently on air-reliant opponents (i.e. DA, Geas, etc.)
  • Do you know how DAs LOVE corners? Trick them into falling into a lesser salamander by setting one up while you’re under them while they’re camping a corner. Watch them get punished for thinking that they can hummer you that easily.

Greater Salamander Spirit (z z + ^) – Arme hurls a giant fireball that hits multiple times when it lands on the floor.
This attack is quite useful if you use it right. Due to the multiple hits, it creates many opportunities while your opponent is flinching from the attack (i.e. Dash Combo). It also provides anti-air protection due to the movement pattern of the attack. If you aren’t being targeted, this attack also provides great map control/presence.

  • If you are away from a mob of people, go ahead and spam this attack; it’ll result in lots of damage and/or forced counters.
  • This attack doubles as a form of protection for your teammates. You can aim the attack on your teammates (While they’re near an opponent) to provide them a form of protection in case something happens to them (It will register a hit on your opponent because of the lingering after-effects).
  • Avoid using this attack if you are being pursued/pressured by the opponent.

Lesser Undine Spirit (z + > >) – Arme throws three shards of ice overhead.
This is a valuble attack because of the range of its attack. It allows you to harass your opponent from a distance with ease. Furthermore, it provides constant flinching to assist your teammates (It would also force your opponent to waste their MP countering out of the harassment). Needless to say, this functions as your vertical map control/presence.

  • Use it while you’re under an opponent (Duh).
  • If someone that poses a threat to you can be hit by it, throw a bunch of them at them; you want to eliminate those that are a danger to you ASAP (Whether it’s Survival or Teams).
  • If predicted right, your opponent may charge into one if you set it up right, and they are wide open as a result.

Greater Undine Spirit(z z + >) – Arme shoots a blue-colored firebolt.
Mage’s Firebolt, but blue and you move forward instead of backwards. Note that it also pulls your opponent foward. This attack functions as your long-distance horizontal map control/presence. Not much else to say because I’m sure we’re all used to seeing Mage’s firebolt that shoots faster and doesn’t feature Arme screaming “FIREBOLT”.

Update: Greater Udine Spirit now freezes the person.

  • Do NOT spam it unless you know what you are doing. Since you are moving forward, you do not get the same luxury that Mage gets from spamming firebolt to play “keep away”.
  • Since it does not knock down an opponent, time it so that it catches an opponent in the air.
  • DO spam it if your opponents are grouped away in a spot far away and they are low in health (Kill steal is fun).
  • Because each one re-applies frozen state, it is theoretically uncounterable (If you do not shoot them at a fast enough rate and the person can quickly unfreeze themselves, they can still escape). However, abusing this aspect is highly frowned down upon in the PvP community.
  • Use this to set up grabs.
  • If your opponent missed a skill and you have considerable distance from him/her, time the attack so that their invincibility frames from the skill expire right when the firebolt is on their hitbox.

Lesser Sylph Spirit (z + < <) – Arme summons a mirror that reflects projectiles.
Description is self-explanatory. Realistically, you’re only going to use it when you’re fighting Lire and maybe Arme (You’ll rarely use this against firebolt if you trap the Arme properly). Be sure to use this frequently against Lire, ESPECIALLY if they love to guan.

Dash Combo (> > + z z + ^ ^) – Arme whacks her opponent with the lamp twice, knocking them up in the air. Then, she unleashes a lesser salamander spirit as they fall down.
This is your bread and butter. It sets up a mid-air Lesser Salamander Spirit to inflict lots of damage to your opponent. If anything, this is the second thing (The first being Blizzard) that people consider to be the OP aspect of Warlock. And yes, they might give you grief about this attack. However, in a game where Striker’s slashes does ridiculous damage and Geas’ ample combo capabilities (Not to mention her damage), I don’t see why Warlock should hold back on using this attack.

  • If your opponent is open for this attack, GO FOR IT (i.e. flinched, stuck in frames).
  • Keep in mind that you are wide open while using this attack. If an opponent can potentially go after you mid-combo, don’t execute the full combo (Or don’t do it at all).
  • Alternatively, you can use the first portion of the attack (The one or two whacks with the lamp) to flinch your opponent to set up a Blizzard, Tornado, or grab.

Otto (z + v)
To be honest, I was debating about whether I should even acknowledge otto in my guide; personally, I don’t use it at all when I’m using Warlock, and it’s certainly not necessary for using Warlock either. For those that do know how to otto, the only times you should go for an otto is if you are safe from being interuppted while you chip away your opponent’s HP. That being said, I would only use otto with Warlock in PvP if you are comfortable with your otto and can use it in realistic PvP settings. If you can’t do it, don’t worry about it; it’s not the end of the world, and you can still play Warlock without it.


Tornado – Arme shoots a tornado that hits your opponent multiple times.
This is a great 1st bar; it has heavy delay, it sets up for grabs, and it allows you to push your opponents away to get the distance you need. Because of its heavy delay, you can grab your opponent while they’re getting up after being knocked down if timed properly (Similar to what DA without the damage boost). It also supplies an opportunity to use your Dash combo. It should be noted that it also functions as a means of escape.[/COLOR]

  • In most cases, it is better to go for the Dash Combo after the Tornado than the grab. This is because the pre-salamander portion of the attack already does about the same amount as the grab. Therefore, if your opponent counters, they still received about the same damage and lost at least a bar of MP. This creates a “lose MP or die” situation. However, if your opponent would die after a grab or if other people may hit you if you go for the Dash Combo, just go for a grab.
  • If you miss the timing of your Tornado on a falling target, jump attack them before they hit the floor; at least you scored a bit of damage and have an opportunity to move away if necessary.
  • An alternative is to shoot a Great Undine Spirit or two right after a Tornado, preferably if your opponent is farther away.

Fire Ring – Arme gains a 15 second defense buff.
The description is self-explanatory. This defense buff is very noticeable and can save a life if used at the right moment and your gameplay during that 15 second buff is good.

  • Although the buff is strong, you are far from invincible. Using it when you’re down to about 1/3 of your HP is fine, but you are only wasting your MP if you are barely living.
  • If your opponent leans toward a “poke low damage attacks and let it accumulate” playstyle, Fire Ring is also viable; it would shut down this strategy completely since Warlock can damage an opponent just fine without MP.

Blizzard – Arme unleashes a Blizzard that targets those that are on the same elevation level or below her.
Ah, Blizzard. One of the most OP third bars of all time. It is uncounterable, has a great range, and does a lot of damage; however, don’t expect a person with full HP to die from it unless you land a crit. This skill functions as a form of secured damage because it’s uncounterable, and you should utilize this skill whenever there is a great opportunity to use it. You’ll get hate and flak for this skill, but let’s be realistic; why wouldn’t you use this skill? We have Rama spamming White Monkey Washing Face 3rd bar, Geas’ Tempest (Not to mention how ridiculous Geas is in general), AR’s Chakra, and many other high AoE skills that do just as much (If not more) than Blizzard and difficult to avoid. I’ll admit it, the skill is OP, but you certainly shouldn’t feel that guilty about it considering that Warlock isn’t the only offender of this issue (Not to mention that the more mainstream classes that do it rarely receive the same amount of flak for doing the exact same thing).

  • As the description suggests, the skill hits opponents below you. Therefore, you should set yourself on a higher platform when using this skill if you want to land it on multiple people.
  • Catch people that are in the air; if someone is in the air and vulnerable, go ahead and hit that D button. (This ensures that they can not skill out of the Blizzard)
  • Alternatively, you can use Blizzard when someone is flinching. For example, you can use Blizzard immediately after hitting someone with the first poke of the Dash Combo.
  • In Survival Mode, do not use this skill as a spawn kill; it does NOT spawn kill unless you crit. (This is not an issue in 1 v 1 or team mode since your only concern is damage output)
  • A common “counter” people use against Blizzard is a shield of some form (i.e. AK’s 2nd bar, Geas’ shield, Mage’s Saver, etc.). The thought process behind that is that the shield will absorb all the damage because Blizzard only hits once. However, opponents are still capable of being hit (No damage is registered though) while they are in Blizzard’s petrify state. Therefore, go for a Dash Combo attack to knock that shield off if they think they can get away with that trick. (Many people do not know about this trick, so it’ll surprise many people. Expect some to rage as well. [:v])
  • Think about your opponent’s MP before using it; if you know they have a bar of MP to escape from the Blizzard, you might want to wait until they are vulnerable (i.e. in the air or being hit) or without a bar of MP before using it.
  • Don’t just sit there watching your opponents do the “petrify dance” after using the skill; use the opportunity to get to where you need to go (Whether it is to kill someone or to escape from the mob of people)
  • If you are in a 1 v 1 situation with Zero, keep in mind that Zero does not take damage from this attack if he is in his defensive stance although he will be vulnerable.

Chain Rush – Arme summons all three spirits to blast them with wind, fire, and ice.
This skill is mediocre compared to other 4th bars (I’m looking at you, Ley. Geas. PK). Some may even consider Blizzard more useful than Chain Rush because Blizzard is capable of killing someone (If the person already lost some HP) while Chain Rush leaves the opponent on fatal due to the freezing effect; however, it is far from useless. Chain Rush has a powerful suction and a great range, resulting in being able to catch opponents easily. Unlike Blizzard, it is capable of hitting opponents above you. And, it has uncounterable points; the only time in which your opponent can counter the skill is during the fire spirit (The second one that appears). Sure, Blizzard is completely uncounterable, but it’s still a nice feature.

  • If you are using Chain Rush to get kills, use it when your opponent already took considerable damage (About half of their HP); this makes it likely that Chain Rush kills them due to their attempt to counter.
  • This skill is capable of spawn fatal due to its heavy delay. You want to use it a little bit after they spawn (While their invincibility is still there). If timed right, the invincibility will wear off right when the skill actually starts.
  • Based on the bullet point above, it also functions is a spawn kill in 1 v 1; grab the person right after the skill ends (The person is probably going to be right next to you).

The Concept/Playstyle of Warlock

Warlock is a character based on trapping. All her spirit attacks function as a form of trapping. As a result, prediction and game sense is crucial to using Warlock. I have given my tips on how to utilize each of these attacks, but it is ultimately up to you to hone your judgment on how and when to use an attack. Your attacks should either pressure your opponent or hit your opponent (Because they are forced to take the hit). In addition, Warlock functions as support through this trap-based playstyle as well. By flinching and poking her opponents, her teammates gains the upper hand in the fight. That is all there is to Warlock. This sounds like a cop-out/half-assed commentary on how to play Warlock, but that’s really all there is to the class.


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