Aura Kingdom Guardian/Gunslinger PvE & PvP Guide

Aura Kingdom Guardian/Gunslinger PvE & PvP Guide by R_e_i


Disclaimer: This guide is not yet ready, or complete.
It has a few previews but PLEASE DO NOT FOLLOW THIS JUST YET.
It could potentially damage your character/parties.


-I’ll be working on a guide & posting information with the upcoming Content update Tuesday!

Get RDY!


-Hey, other tank & gun lovers!
I’m Airi, from Siren server.
I came across this really unique (and underplayed) combination of awesome classes and felt like creating & sharing a guide for everyone.
But before starting, I have 1 thing to say:

Important Note: This class is NOT for casual players. It WILL require funding, learning small, important mechanics, and a lot of dedication to be successful-
-If you do not appreciate either of these classes, and begin to doubt if this is the right choice, I do NOT suggest playing it-

-Anyway! To start off, I played the HK version for a few weeks ~ 1 month before coming to the CB of our version where I first discovered this awesome combo. I was pretty set on katar, but since that crap isn’t releasing and it’s extremely hard to PvP with, I had to make do with something cool – Guard/Gunner. I played CB and did insanely well with this combo, so i figured I would tone it up & research it to perfection :3


[PvE] – So why this combination?
-As for how it fairs in current content & later levels.. it’s REALLY good. Not Only are you able to tank in hardcore dungeons, but you can output a LOT higher DPS than some of those cookie cutter tanks, making you a more favorable choice for parties! On top of all this, you’re another member with decoy ; )


-Pros (4)-
-High AoE AND Single Target DPS output
(It’s like you’re like an assassin disguised in knight’s armor)
-Easy Malice Control w/o expunging pts into that passive

-Cons (1)-
Low-ish healing capabilities (until self-crafted Noct. Gun/SnS- or 65 Life Leech Gun)
(We still got Revitalizing Wall, and always have 1 of those sexy bards on hand!)


[PvP/Duels] – A-F’N-Mazing. I absolutely LOVE how this class is in PvP, and the best way to classify it is a Burst Tank. You’re Pretty much the Hulk combined with the ranged nuke of a literal Tank.
-Given that, think about charging in on whatever the heII you want, ripping it apart to near death, then moon walking away blasting the poor soul in the face with lightning.
Yeah, that is THIS class.

-As Fun as it is to keep talking about what this combination is I do have to mention you will need to learn a lot of specific mechanics & understand other classes. When using this class improperly, shiz can get real, and you can do REALLY poorly… so stay a gentle(man/woman) and keep it classy. xD

-Level 60 PvP Vid!!

Made into a URL because image was laggy

-Here are a few SS’s of how I generally do in PVP

I think that’s enough of an intro for now, and hopefully this gets ppl interested =)
I will continue this…. hopefully soon, but I’ll answer anything posted here. Till then~


—————————————————-Current Envoy Path—————————————————-


Pre – Lvl 50: You don’t really need to care about your stats and stuff, so you just wanna get that bonus EXP to help you level faster!
(2% + 2% + 4% = 8%)

Pre – LvL 60 gear: There isn’t much content, and there isn’t a need for lifesteal weapons, yet, so I built this envoy path to cover all the PvP needs while making you as tanky as possible.

—————————————————-Future Envoy Paths—————————————————-


I personally found these paths the best way to go for the most damage output while still remaining a tank. Each Side represents your foundation build, while higher levels will let you become more unique with your path building.


I have left 4 points available for each path (LvL 66~75).
Feel free to do whatever you like, creating a unique personal build beyond my guide.
I’ll offer some suggestions with information below, along with my opinion to help you out =)

——————————————————–Base Information——————————————————–

1) Notice I did not get the 75% DMG reduction while stunned because:

a. Mobs & Bosses hardly stun you. You will not need this at all using jump-casting.

b. Skill does NOT proc (work) in PvP or duels.

c. Skill gets nerfed in the future to 3 seconds, making it even more worthless

d. Innate skill servers as your stun immunity later on, not some crappy proc.

——————————————————–Path Reasoning——————————————————–

2) For the PvP oriented side:

-I decided to focus on damage output and the ultimate necessities for PvP within the point allocation process, which brought me to this path (image above).

3) For the PvE oriented side:

-As this is a DPS focused class, it will not be building tank side, but a DPS with the tankiness of its skills provided. The MAIN sources of tanking in PvE will be your skills, however, the Crit Damage Reduction is HUGE in PvE, as well as Life Leech -> which IS boosted by 20% from the Personal Healing. That allowed me to come to this path (image above).

——————————————-Future Path Choices (Choose 2)——————————————-

a. Windfury Upgrade (2 points) – Recommended for PvP
+@ 50% SPD – has a 4s CD and will be reduced by .96 -> 3s CD with the 12% CD upgrade
+16% DMG Increase which is +8k Damage at 50,000 DMG
[Judgement] – Decent in PvP ~ Meh in PvE

b. Thundercut Upgrade (2 points) – Recommended for PvE
+16% DMG Increase which is +8k Damage at 50,000 DMG
[Judgement] – Decent in PvE ~ Meh in PvP

c. Mirror Shield Upgrade (3 points PvE)(2 points PvP) – Recommended for PvP
+10 levels giving more effective Mob Damage & greater potential dmg in PvP/Duels
[Judgement] – Great for PvP as it provides insane bonus damage -> I’m leaning towards actually getting this, myself

d. Get some effective PvE Resistance for Party (2 points) – Recommended for PvE
+4% DEF
+Grant -10% DMG to mobs when using terrifying shout
[Judgement] – Awful in PvP ~ Alright in PvE

e. Boost Potential Life Leech (2 points) – Recommended for Hybrid
+20% P-Healing that boost your lifesteal -> If you leech 3.6k that’s 720 bonus => 4,320 HP
[Judgement] – Great in PvE ~ Not really useful in PvP…

f. SnS skills gain +5% Crit Rate (2 points)
[Judgement] – Alright in PvP and PvE, but it’s not +5% Flat crit rate.. and only SnS skills.

g. Malice Passives (1 point each)
+Every attack generates malice
+50% Increased malice to skills that generate malice
[Judgement] – Only used for PvE, and Aggro holding shouldn’tbe hard with a DPS class with huge aggro skills initially. Seems unnecessary, imo, but some players may want them.


Please take into consideration I can’t get much higher on crit because of the stupid level 50 gear D:


————————————————————- P v E ——————————————————————–

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