Aura Kingdom Hotkey Layout Guide

Aura Kingdom Hotkey Layout Guide by Ezsynn

Coming from a StarCraft II background, I’ve experienced firsthand how important it is to have your hotkey layout set up in any RTS In games that allow me to have 3 letter usernames, I use LXE, in games that don’t (like Aura Kingdom) I go by the name Haiji.
The purpose of this guide is to provide some insight on rearranging your hotkeys so that you will feel more comfortable playing the game, have a faster reaction, and execute skills and combos quicker.

This guide assumes you have a WASD keyboard for windows and that you don’t have any extra macro keys on your keyboard and mouse.

Problems with the Default Layout

The default layout uses the following commands
• 1 – 8
• CTRL + 1 – 8
• ALT + 1 – 8
• F6-F8 for Eidolons

This is clearly not an optimal set up as you will have to press CTRL or ALT to execute the skills in your second and third line of commands. This will slow you down considerably because you will lose time trying to press 2 keys with one hand and some key combos such as CTRL + 8 and CTRL 7 are hard to pull off quickly because of the distance between the two keys is very large.
You could try using the other CTRL on the right, but your hand will have to fly all the way there from the WASD keys and back, making you unable to move your character in that time, and slowing you down a Hard of a lot.

Optimising the Layout

You would want to incorporate the following properties into your layout
• More 1 key press commands – Faster because there will be less delay from pressing 2 keys.
• Less distance between the two keys, in 2 key commands. – You really don’t want to do keyboard gymnastics with your hand which is not very ergonomic.
• Have your hand stay near the WASD keys as much as possible. – To keep your character moving.
• Have the skills you use the most closer to the WASD keys, and those skills you use less, further away be set as a 2 key command.
• Skills are categorised, so you won’t get confused.

My current layout uses the following keys.
• ~ and 1 – 7
• F1 – F8
• SHIFT + ~ and 1 – 7
• F9, F10 and F11 for Eidolons

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