Mabinogi Transformation Hunting Guide

Mabinogi Transformation Hunting Guide by Thorne

Probably not the most asked for guide, but it may be helpful to some.

I’m not going to list the Free Transformations unless I have something noteable to say about them because…well…they’re free.

This guide will be updated according to what rank I have in game, so it will be incomplete until I reach Rank 1.


First of all, you’ll probably want to get the Adventurer talent the next time you rebirth if you plan on spamming for transformations, it gives the x2 exp for the skill and it gives a bonus for catching monsters, I believe around 15% (Typo’d in the game at 150%)

I also suggest doing this alone, as it is after all kill based and much faster alone.

For those having difficulty with the Kiwi at the very beginning, I found it was easier spamming defense and hitting them than smashing them and chasing them around everywhere, saves time and irritation.

Don’t bother buying a dreamcatcher, as Shamala will give you one and it’s just as good as the beginner Dreamcatcher, they’re pretty much exactly the same.

I also suggest keeping Brionac close at hand as it can be used to skip difficult transformations, especially at Rank 5 and onward.
[Rank F]

Pretty much self-explanatory, just the monsters lying around at most known locations that you should probably know, but I’ll list them anyway.

[Foxes and Racoons] Best place would be at the Lumber Camp in Dugald.

[Armadillo] Best spot would be near the Elf village in Iria.

[Spider] Easiest would be in the graveyard in Tir Chonaill, or you could run Alby and save you some extra time and collect the [Rat] too.

[Rat] Otherwise, there’s a spawn point at the farms nearest to the path to Gairech.

[Rank E]

It’s worth mentioning that you get the [Wild Horse] transformation for free in this rank, it’ll help you get around easier and what is more noteable is that it can windmill, which can make for easy clearing later, and you don’t lose your dreamcatcher 2% bonus when you’re transformed, and windmill is available for other horse types such as [Zebra] [Shadow Shire] and [Unicorn] if you don’t like the Wild Horse.

[Wolf] Easily found in Tir Chonaill near the moongate.

[Bat] Running Alby again might be the best idea, as you might get a few [Mimic] collections if you’re lucky.

[Mimic] Rundal or Rabbie seem to have more common Mimics due to the Mimic pits.

[Wisps and Direwolves] The spiral hill is an easy place to get both, I believe there is two or more wisp spawns usually, and you can change channels if you don’t wish to go anywhere else.

[Goblins] Ciar is the best place, and you can get the full capture within a few rooms and leave.

[Coyote] Sidhe Seatchta is the closest as the next closest would be in Iria in Vales.

[Rank D] 

[Kobolds] I personally went to Bangor, but Math dungeon would probably be the better choice as there is less running around.

[Plateau Wild Boar] Found easily in many places around Taillteann, up to you to choose where really.

[Shadow Fighter] I would personally do the mission {Defeat the Shadow Warrior} as there is plenty, and you can easily do it by yourself. Taking Basic would make it even faster if you don’t really care about EXP, or simply do {Dorren’s Request}.

[Bandit Imp] Buy a single lower leveled item, you will only spawn Newbie Bandit Imps.
{Information provided by Combusken}

[Bear] Burgundy Bears instead on the path to Tara in Taillteann do count, and are in more numbers in a smaller area rather than Ulaid forest.

[Physis Fox] Self-explanatory, you can find them easily in Physis.

[Wild Boar] (Should be Forest Boar) This one is a bit tricky as it requires a Fiodh intermediate pass. Small golem drops a pass for 1, and can easily be spammed for in Ciar Beginner if you wished, or you could go to Another World and kill the giant worms there, which also drop the pass.

[Imp] Barri normal has imps, and sometimes you can get the Banner Imp spawn room, which should give a easy collection.

[Gremlin] Both Fiodh and Coill normal have Green Gremlins, though Barri Basic would be better if you had the option, as Gremlins are more common there.

[Rank C]

[Shadow Lancer] {Defeat the Shadow Warrior} is still a great place for getting this one, or you could also do {Dorren’s Request}.

[Bandit Goblin and Bandit Human] Same as my tactic with the [Bandit Imp] ,this one should be easier as they’re more common.

[Wicked Penguin] Par ruins is really the only place you can get these.

[Skeleton] Running Rabbie is more reliable than gathering the spawns in Gairech, as there really isn’t enough spawns there to be significant.

[Ardvark] Best place undoubtedly is right in front of Quilla Base Camp. There’s plenty there and you can just kill them with one auto-attack depending on how strong you are.

[Rat man] You’ll need a Ciar Basic or Intermediate pass for collecting this one, but other than getting a pass, it should be done within a few rooms.

[Lightning Sprite] You can either go to Coill or Ceo, I went to Ceo as they respawn, and you don’t have to deal with the other mobs in Coill.

[Flying Sword] You can either go to Rabbie Arena if you’re human, or do {Fomor Attack} in Tara and kill the Rusty Flying Swords that spawn there.

[Grizzly Bear] The fields around Dunbarton has plenty, you should have no issues.

[Jackal] Doing a few rooms of Fiodh normal should be enough.

[Rank B]

[Porcupine] Near the [Armadillo] closest to the Arena near the Elf Village.

[Mongoose] Like with the [Ardvark], there’s plenty in front of Quilla Base Camp.

[Shadow Shire, Crag Cow and Shadow Wizard (f)]
Best place hands down would be {Dorren’s Request}, as you can hit the orbs for spacific ones and you have an infinite amount, if you use Basic you can easily spam windmill in any of your horse forms.

[Bone Fighter] {Shadow Cast City} in Tara is simple enough.

[Bandit Giant] Somewhat like the [Bandit Imp], this one seems to be a pain as well, a little more common than imps, but your success rate is going down the higher the monster rank, so it may take just as long.

[Ice Sprite] Ceo island may be the better choice, like the [Lightning Sprite].

[Water Buffalo] Easily found across the river in Cor, they’re decently weak and they gather in clumps as they walk around. Perfect for Windmilling!

[Grumbill] I found that a lot of them spawn in {Defeat the Shadow Wizard}.

[Sahagin Fighter] Spawns in Rundal Basic or Siren. You can easily buy a Suspicious Fomor Pass from a player or you may have gotten one when you were hunting for the [Flying Sword].

[Zombie] Get a Black Fomor Pass from Kristell and you will find them in the Graveyard in Another World.

[Rank A]

[Shadow Warrior] Shows up in groups during {Defeat the Shadow Wizard}, easily obtained there.

[Bone Lancer] {Shadow Cast City} like with the [Bone Fighter].

[Elsinoire Rat] Shows up in large numbers in {New Kings Request} Theatre Mission, it’s much easier to get pages if you can get a sheep stuck on something.

[Arat Deer] One of three spawns in {Stones of Silab Cuilin} Shadow Mission in Taillteann, I only had to run it twice, you may get lucky and only have to run once as it’s not a long mission.

[Fennec Fox] Muyu Desert in Iria has them scattered all over the place, you should have no trouble finding them.

[Stripeless Hyena] The spawn point for these is greatest around the Southeast Muyu Mana Tunnel.

[Fire Sprite] East corner of Ceo Island like with the other sprites.

[Snake] Fiodh Normal has a few types of snake, should be an easy capture.

[Poisonous Snake] This one was tricky, because I remember there being only Poisonous snakes in Fiodh Advanced. HOWEVER. There are Young Poisonous Snakes at the entrance of Scathatch Beach, which also fit the requirement and save you a lot of time and effort.

[Corrupt Alchemist] {The Other Alchemists} Shadow mission in Tara, as it is one of the very few mobs in there, it should be no problem.

[Zombie Soldier] {Their Method} Shadow mission in Tara has only these mobs.

[Sahagin Warrior] Siren dungeon or Rundal Basic in Emain, much easier just to buy a Suspicious Fomor pass or just skip it if you’re not going for completion. You can always come back to it later.

[Warg] Wargs are most common towards the southern part of Physis in Lunae Valley.

[Rank 9]

[Stone Mimic] Spawn in the first room of Maiz Prairie dungeon 4/5 times, you can simply just do the first few rooms to get [Fighter Slate] as well, leave, repeat.

[Stone Bison] If you can find anyone to give or sell you a stone bison part, you can easily just get it without much trouble, there will be more of these in the future, so to save time and trouble, collect a few peices from each monster so you won’t have to run through again for just one mob.

[Pot Warrior] Found in Dugald Castle.

[Werewolf] Simply run Fiodh normal.

[Spiked Worm] Found in Barri Advanced dungeon, if anyone has any other information on this one please feel free to PM me and I’ll update the guide with credits to you.

[Ghoul] Instead of running Peaca, you can do {Warden of the Gods} Theatre Mission.

[Skeleton Wolf] More common than [Skeleton] in Rabbie, so you could easily pick it up there.

[Ant Lion] Instead of getting lost in Underground Ant Hill, take the cave that takes you to Physis.

[Hellhound] Repeat the quest {The Identity of the Black Panther}, the second wave spawns a group of 5 hellhounds. When you finish killing them off, leave and re-enter the mission to kill them again.
{Credit to Froglord}

[Alligator] Found in the Swamps of Pantay in Coracle.

[Snowfield Bear] Found in large amounts in South Lunae Valley in Physis.

[Spider Wasp] Found in Alby Advanced, if anything else counts please let me know.

[Gnoll] Found in Rundal Basic or Siren dungeon, simply buy a Suspicious Fomor Pass from a player.

[Desert Ghost Fanatic] Groups up South East of Rupes desert mixed in with the other Desert Ghosts.

[Rank 8]

[Dingo] Clusters in South East Barba in Physis with the Reindeer.

[Cave Rat] Spawns in a group halfway into Scathatch Cave.
{Provided by Froglord}

[Capybara] West of Calida Lake Base Camp with the Ardvarks.

[Bush Boar] You can find them clustered near the most southern entrance to Karu, North of the Mana tunnel in Muyu.

[Stone Zombie] If you can find someone who has a part to sell you, buy it and use it in Karu Ruins Dungeon.

[Short Horn Gnu] South of the Flower Mark in Maiz Prairie.

[Ixion] Use the Pera Volcano Mana Tunnel in Zardine to find them.

[Desert Rhino] They gather at the Desert Rhino mark near Neres Plateau.

[Beetle] Run Longa Desert Ruins dungeon in Filia.

[Shadow Commander] {Mobilizing the Expeditionary Force} in Tara is spammable, about 5 minutes depending on your strength on Basic.

[Basilisk] Boss in {The Other Alchemists} in Tara.

[Snowfield Spider] Run {New King’s Request}.

[Maned Hyena] Short and Long Maned Hyenas gather in Muyu North above the ‘es’ in Desert.

[Phantom Mask] Found in Dugald Castle Dungeon.

[Tarantula and Jungle Millipede] Take the Manatunnel that is South of Cenae Meadows, where the Tarantulas spawn in large numbers, just a little farther south in the cluster of trees you can find Giant Jungle Millipedes that still count for the transformation.

[Desert Warrior Ghost] They gather around South West of Rupes Desert.

[Rank 7]

[Shadow Wizard (M)] Spawns frequently in the {Fomor Attack} Shadow Mission in Tara.

[Shadow Ghost] Spawns in {Lingering Darkness} Shadow Mission in Tara.

[Python Shaman and Python Soldier] Both appear in {Ghost of Partholon} Shadow Mission in Tara.

[Desert Spider and Striped Hyena] Scattered around Muyu Desert in Iria, I found most of them close together at the northeast side of Muyu.

[Pot-Belly Spider] Spawns on the first floor of Karu Forest Dungeon.

[Sand Millipede] Spawns towards the center of Erans Canyon in Connous.

[Sulfer Spider] Spawns frequently in {Sulfer Spider in the Shadow Realm} in Tara.

[Spike Laghodessa] You could try any of the dungeons in Another World if you don’t have any access to a basic pass.

[Stone Imp] Spawns on the final floor of Karu Forest Dungeon.

[Pawn] Spawns frequently in Cuilin Castle Dungeon.

[Long Horn Gnu] Spawns around the Flower Mark in Maiz Prairie, located in Iria.

[Mummy Servant] Spawns in Longa Mysterious Arrow, a tad difficult to get.

[Hobgoblin Warrior] Go to Lappa in Courcle where they spawn.

[Ghost Cloaker] Spawns in Peaca Basic.

[Golem] Do the Shadow Mission {Dorren’s Request} in Taillteann where you can spawn as many as you need.

[Dark Commander] The Shadow Mission {Enemy Behind} is spammable and easy to get this one.

[Rank 6]

In this rank your main focus will be on mobs in Iria, so be wary.

[Masked Goblin] Spawns in Karu Forest Dungeon.

[Aonbharr] Spawns in Falias, a very difficult and costly mob to get to due to having to get Falias Fragments.

[Blind Crab] Spawns in several different places in Zardine, the best place being at Raspa Mana Tunnel.

[Cave Millipede and Goblin Keeper] Can be found and killed easily in the Nubes underground tunnels.

[Llama] Found in Nubes in Iria.

[Stone Hound] Spawns on the second floor of Karu Forest Dungeon.

[Forest Mushroom Spider] Spawns frequently North of the Snake mark in Karu Forest.

[Dragonfly and Cobra] Both spawn in Pantay Marshes in Courcle.

[Coffin Mimic] Spawns in Peaca.

[Cactus Lizard] They spawn frequently at the Sun mark in between Maiz Prairie and Muyu Desert.

[Hobgoblin Grenadier] Spawns in the G18 mission {Reclaim Hillwen!} towards the end of the mission. Also Grandmaster 4-player Missions as described in its description.

[Specter Fighter] Spawns as a boss (If you have a party member with you) in all castle dungeons.

[Lion] Spawns in large groups in Central Cenae Meadows.

[Bandit Boss Ogre] Just take a few of the lesser expensive items and take them to the most profitable location (AKA, usually Bangor to Tara or vice versa)

[Cloaker] Spawns in Peaca normal, or in Scary Library.

[Bandersnatch] Can easily be obtained in Par Ruins.

[Scorpion] You can either get them in Zardine or Connous, it’s up to you.

[Ice Hyena] Spawns in Par Ruins, in the Snow Crystal dungeon.

[Rank 5]

[Snowfield Ostrich] you may have to do some running around with this one, they’re located West of Vales. I highly suggest using a transformation that has high speed, or a mount that you can attack on.

Phantom Tableware Located in Sen Mag Dungeon, pretty common spawn. While you’re there you can grab [Candle Spider] as well.

[Sand Mimic] Just run Longa Desert Ruins normal a few times.

[Reindeer] Pretty common spawn all around Physis.

[Ice Mimic] Do a few normal runs of Par Ruins.

[Chon Chon] Found commonly in Barri Advanced.

[Ice Bison and Ice Bear] Both are found in Par Ruins Snow Crystal Dungeon, just take the time to run normal a few times, where you’ll get [Ice Mimic] and hopefully you’ll get a Snow Crystal or two.

[Buffalo] They spawn near the rivers in Courcle and Physis, depending on where you’d be closer to.

[Bandit Boss Human] Tends to spawn when you have a lot or expensive items during commerce, you can follow a friend around or go solo.

[Bishop] Spawns in Cuilin Castle Dungeon.

[Armored Skeleton] Spawns in Rabbie Basic, or in Red Gem dungeon in Albey.

[Queen Slate] Guards chests you can find in exploration rarely. Otherwise it’s found in the Glowing Gargoyle Dungeon at Maiz Prairie Dungeon.

[Specter Warrior] Spawns as a boss in all castle dungeons, if you have a party member with you.

[Ornata Spider] You can substitute this with the Striped Desert Spiders in Muyu Desert, located southeast of the Sheep Mark.

[Glowing Stone Hound and Glowing Stone Imp] Both are bosses of the statue dungeons, and must be fully glowing for it to count. (I know, this sucks doesn’t it?)

[Spider Fighter and Grendel] Both are found in Alby Advanced Dungeon.

[Wight] Found in Peaca dungeon, but if you are lucky enough to be on G11 or G12, the quests that involve running Peaca dungeon have them without being as difficult.

[New Gremlin] Spawns as the boss of Barri Advanced Dungeon. The higher the limit on the pass, the higher the number that spawns at the boss, I suggest running a Pass for 8.

[Zippy Nipmore] I personally would skip this one, as there’s a slim chance of finding a Bandit Boss in a Homestead Raid, and you don’t have control over which one you get. Otherwise you’ll have to hunt Bandits.

[Wild Troll] They tend to hang around in the forest area of Scathatch Beach.

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