Mabinogi Puppetry Guide

Mabinogi Puppetry Guide by Tropa

I’m writing this guide for those who are looking into using Puppetry and plus, I haven’t seen any guides on this skillset either.
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Act 1: Introduction to Puppetry – Marionettes
This skillset is rather unique from the other skillsets. With Control bars in hand, You are able to use Colossus Marionette and Pierrot Marionette. You can also use two skills with handle bars that can aid in combat when you don’t have a Marionette summoned.

 Control Marionette[Mastery]
This skill allows one to Connect and Disconnect from your Marionette, While connected you’ll be able to move and attack with your Marionette, this passive mastery also adds Marionette stats(Damage/Crit/Balence) the max range that a Marionette can be controlled from the user is 700, any further and it will be disconnected.

55 Aditional Max damage / 30 Aditional Min damage
20 Aditional Critical
15 Additional Balence
148 Ap needed

What are Marionettes?
Marionettes are the Puppets you use to fight with, They have their own HP and “Max and Min damage” as well as Defense/Protection/Magic defense. They also use 70% of your charature’s screen damage. Their appearance changes as their Respective masteries hit higher ranks(Ranks 9 and 5). They also have their own unique skill animations. Monster’s will also aggro Marionettes as if it was a player entity.

 Colossus Marionette[Mastery]
This Colossal Knight will put fear into your enemy’s eye, with his bulky armor and giant arms, he’ll gladly crush anything!

 Pierrot Marionette[Mastery]
This Clown may not seem much, but she can pack a mean punch with her hidden weapons, no matter how big the foe is, she’ll take it head on!

These Marionettes are completely the same stat wise

190 Max damage / 80 Min damage
1200 Heath points
60 Base critical
50 Base Balence
25 Defense
15 Protection
15 Magic defense
5-Sec cooldown time
115 Ap needed(for each Mastery)
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Act 2: Control Bar/Marionette Damage
Like said before, Marionettes have their own Max and Min damage and that they use 70% of your character’s screen damage.

Example: You have 300Max damage, your Marionette with gain 210 of it.

Marionette Damage, of cource, gains maximum damage from The masteries, titles and enchants.
Control bars get max damage from Strength and Dexterity. Every 3.5 Str or Dex will add +1 Maximum damage to Control bars while every 5 Str and Dex will add +1 Minimum damage to Control bars.

Example: You have 300Max damage with the Control bars, which is +210max to your Marionette so… 210 + 190(Marionette mastery) + 55(Control mastery) = 455 Damage on your Marionette

There are four different types of control bars: Basic, Engraved, Jeweled and Demonic.
• Basic Controls bars can be bought at Huw for 10,000 gold.
• Engraved Control bars was obtainable from the Puppeteer’s talent event, bought off from players.
• Jeweled Control bars can be bought from Commerce Imps for 1.2mil ducats.
• Demonic Handles are made with Rank1 Handicraft.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Act 3: Enchants for Gear
Enchants are important for Puppetry, as well as any other skillset.

Control Bar
Colossus Carved +10~15max, +15~30STR, +20 Marionette max, +10 Marionette min

Cheap set
Head: Catastrophic Wild boar
Acc(x2): Topaz/Corundum Wild boar
Body: Marionette Wild boar
Gloves: Topaz/Corundum Wild boar
Shoes: Topaz/Corundum Wild boar

Full Puppet max
Head: Nostalgic Dexterity
Acc(x2): Nostalgic Sonnet
Body: Nostalgic Ambush
Gloves: Nostalgic/Controlled Raven
Shoes: Tragedy Butterfly/Viscount

Hybrid Set
Head: Oblivion Dexterity = +20max, +10 DEX
Acc(x2): Memory Wild Boar = +7~9max
Body: Special Ambush = +15~19max
Gloves: Oblivion Raven = +15~18max
Shoes: Fleet Viscount = +9~13max
total: 73~88max(51~61 Marionette max)

Methods of obtaining these enchants:
Oblivion(Prefix:r9) is a rare drop from Giant Long-horned gnus
Memory(Prefix:r9) is a uncommon drop from Peaca normal
Dexterity(Suffix:rA) is a uncommon drop from Sulfur Spiders in the Shadow realm(Int~Elite)
Special(Prefix:r9) is Random drop from Ancient titled monsters
Ambush(Suffix:r9) is bought from the Commerce imp for 400k ducats
Fleet(Prefix:r9) dropped from Fomor Attack(adv~Elite)
Viscount(Suffix:rA) 10big star reward from Hot-air ballooning
Wild Boar(Suffix:rB) Commonly drops from most Taillteann missions
Raven(Suffix:r9) You get these pre-enchanted from the g15 story line
– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Act 4: Wire Skills
Wire skills are the skills you can use with Control bars that don’t need puppets, they’re mainly support for party play.

 Wire Pull[Offensive]
This is a unique skill, with this skill you can “Pull” your target to you. After the target lands, I’ll have a moment of stun, so it’ll be open for any attack such as Smash. This could be useful in party play as well, If your party mate is being attacked by a monster, you can pull it away! If you attempt to Wire pull a monster that is running out of your range, It’ll fail to pull, keep this in mind. If you have good timing, you can pull monsters that are attacking with ranged or loading Magic.

250% Damage
1300 Range
5-Sec cooldown
154 Ap needed

 Puppet’s Snare[Support]
This skill allows you to immobilizes an enemy for a set amount of time however, you cannot move or attack as well. It also deals small amounts of damage over time while the target is wired. These are called “Tics” while happen every 3 seconds.
This skill is strongly for party play, but, it has a nice use for solonogi, too!
While snaring the target you can freely summon a Marionette and you can also stop Archers and Mages while they are loading their skills(Comes in very handy in Peaca!).
After the skill’s animation is done, the monster will revive Detachment damage, which causes them to be knocked down.
• A notable monster that is snarable are Blinkers.

80 Bind damage
170 Damage for every “Tic”
1300 Range
145 Ap needed
– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Act 5: Act Skills
Act skills are the main skills of this move set, used by your Marionettes.

 Act 1: Inciting Incident[Offensive]
This skill allows you to sling your Marionette at the target instantly, knocking them back, this skill comes in handy if a monster is about to attack you, as well as making some interesting combos. It can also be used to stop monsters from loading skills.
Can’t really say much, but it’s well worth ranking!
• Ignores the Defense skill and Melee ping.

200% damage
850 range
3-Sec stun time
5-Sec cooldown time
135 Ap needed

 Act 3: Threshold Cutter[Offensive] 
The Marionette strikes the target three times, the last hit is the strongest. During the skill animation, the monster can retaliate with Counterattack before the 3rd hit lands. It can also be interrupted by another player’s attack. Critical hit rate is divided for the 3 hits. This can also be used as a staller.
• Ignores Defense skill and Melee ping.

200% damage for first and second hits.
300% damage for the last hit.
7-Sec cooldown time
+35% Additional critical for Threshold Cutter
149 Ap needed

 Act 4: Rising Action[Offensive]
This skill is basically the “Windmill” of puppetry, it damages and knocks back all surrounding monsters around the player. This skill can become useful right after using Crisis. It can also serve as a way of bring your Marionette to you instantly as long as your still connected. Much like Windmill, it ignores Protection for critical rates. All in all, it’s the Marionette’s Windmill.
• Blocked by the Defense skill

300% damage
650 radius
5-Sec cooldown
161 Ap needed

 Act 6: Crisis[Offensive]
This is one of Puppetry’s most unique skill, This works like a reverse Windmill, instead of pushing enemies outward, it pulls everything in. It pulls everything under the Marionette into a neat pile, this is very useful for mob control, making all pulled monsters aggro to Marionette. You can proced to use a multi-target skill such as Windmill, Rising Action, Climatic Crash or Crash shot. For some reason, while in Crisis loading animation, you gain a glitched Advanced heavy stander. After used, your Marionette will gain a buff in Defense, Protection and Magic defense for a short amount of time.

200% damage
600 Radius
0.7-Sec loadtime
7-Sec Def/Prot buff duration
40 Defense Buff after use
15 Protection Buff use
22-Sec cooldown time
267 Ap needed

 Act 7: Climatic Crash[Offensive]
This skill, right here, Is my personal favorite. Your Marionette does a devastating charge at your enemies hitting them 1~2 times. This skill is much like Lance charge with a much wider AoE.
There seems to be a glitch where if the enemy is running to you the Climatic Crash will miss it. This skill also disconnects your Marionette after the skill animation is finished.
It has a 1,000 Charge range with a massive 600 width. It’s not a instant skill, you have to wait till the Marionette is done loading it, this is signaled with a flash, though you can use it just before the flash. If the skill fails to execute, however, it’ll go into a 3-second cooldown time.

500% damage
1,000 charging range
600 width
1.4-Sec loadtime
17 cooldown time
282 Ap needed

 Act 9: Invigorating Encore[Supportive]
The last skill to be listed, this is Puppetry’s “Power-up” skill, thats increases Max, Min damage and decrease Act skill loading time for a set amount of time. Enemies around the Marionette will be pushed back after this skill is loaded. This also gives the Marionettes it’s own AI while disconnected from the player, it’ll attack anything nearby, It’s AI, however, its rather basic and it’ll always try to be near it’s master. It’ll randomly use Act1 and Act2 while it’s disconnected. This skill can only be used when the Spirit Gauge is full, you fill the gauge by using Act skills, each skill contributes a different amount to the gauge.

60 Additional Max damage
40 Additional Max damage

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