Mabinogi Giant Guide

Mabinogi Giant Guide by Kouhai


Just a little intro, my ign is xrokku from the Mari server. I have been playing my giant character on and off for just a bit over a year and it has long become my main for its raw power. In this guide I will be teaching you what es, items, forges, and skills to get. As well as fighting tips. The build is centered around Master Striker(lancer,close combat,fighter)+Alchemy. (am currently prepping for the Guard Cylinder update).



  • Highest melee damage of any other race(most str)
  • Lance + shield (which means lance + alch at the same time with guard cylinder)
  • Full swing is an epic transformation move (dealing 970% damage)
  • More will and better chain mastery for fighter (best fighter dmg out of all races)
  • 2nd highest movement speed
  • Naturally more Tanky (shield, more hp)
  • Use of heavy armor with little drawbacks


  • Low dex, puppetry isn’t as good of an option for giants
  • Lack of a long range combat style (except throwing attack more into that later)
  • Fewer fashion options (not a big deal imo, you can still make an awesome looking giant)


So if u like getting close and personal and beating faces for 15k+ damage lets continue.

Skill Progression
When you start your giant you will want to be under the close combat destiny or the fighter destiny as this is the quickest way for you to deal decent damage. I recommend going fighter first because of its quick scaling with skill ranks.

Fighter tree

Giants has the huge advantage of being able to use fighter (Tier 3) with no penalty with Heavy Armor

Prioritize these Skills
Chain Mastery 40% increased dmg, 20% cd reduction, 44will, 10str – 148AP
This is the skill that separates us from the puny elfs and humans. We get a whopping 10% more cooldown reduction. and 10% more damage. This allows us to infinitely chain our fighter skills. Really great skill to get the most bang out of your AP.
Knuckle Mastery

Low priority due to being useless or very high ap cost

Close combat

Combat has a lot of universal skills, The entire talent(+Grandmaster) = 115str|30hp
10 str = 4max(in future updates 10str also = 1 defense)

Prioritize these Skills

  1. Windmill, 30str, 50will – 177AP 
    [*This skill is amazing, and is your primary aoe skill with lances. Don’t be fooled by its low 250% multiplier it has a automatic 30% to crit and its highly spammable(giant, 3s cd), enabling you to achieve very high dps. It also serves as a defensive tool , knocking back mobs away. It can be used during a windguard, allowing you to camp on top of bosses while taking relatively low amounts of damage while dishing out the deeps at the same time. It has tier 1 stat to ap ratio gains to boot. R1, RIGHT AWAY!]
  2. Smash, 8will|8str – 183AP
    [This is what sets us apart from those elf and human wannabe melee’s. We get an extra 120% additional smash damage when using 2h(lance). Refer to the Mechanics section below to unlock Giant smash’s true potential. With a cd of 3s, this skill is a highly spammable single target dps skill. Once your able to one-shot monsters with a single smash you will be able to chain smashes together to clear a room relatively quickly. Getting hit by a Giant’s Lance smash will pretty much bring death down on anyone. R1 ASAP!]
  3. Critical Hit, 45will – 132AP
    [Self explanatory, when you crit you do more damage, whats not to love. R1]
  4. Combat mastery 10min,20max , 47str,13 dex, 150hp, 15bal – 198AP
    [Nothing really to explain here but to R1. Great stats.
  5. Assault Slash, 17str -201AP
    [Combined with a Thames plate set AS will be dealing a lot of damage, This should always be constantly used to follow up a knock down move]
    [*]Stomp, 40str – 153AP
    (master title gives us 16max, later replaced by shock master 15max universal).
  6. Finally train whatever you can in order to obtain grand master warrior(40str boost).

Some notable skills you want to pick up,

  • Taunt, 25str – 168 ap
    Rank for the str
  • Defense, 15defense|41hp – 173ap
    I would rank this for the passive stat, almost never use the skill itself.
  • Blunt mastery, 19str – 157ap
    Rank for the Str
  • Axe mastery, 19will – 157ap
    Rank for the will
  • Throwing Attack, 19will, 13str – 148AP
    [This is a very underrated skill (especially in pvp, and multi agroo/hard target situations) It has a 7sec cd and is like a ranged smash at R1. Despite its somewhat long cooldown the projectile comes out instantly and the stun also lasts for quite a long time. Combine this with jousting javelins(+400max) for extreme damage. Unsure if it works with Elemental damage
  • Evasion

Low priority due to being useless or very high ap cost

  • Wind guard, 28will|56hp – 416AP(Great stats, super high ap cost)
    This skill is not that bad. The stats are fantastic but the AP costs is pretty high. I mostly use it for camping on The other alchemist boss(Basilisk). And WM. The extra protection and defense combined with mana shield makes you an immovable object.
  • Sword Mastery, 19 dex – 157AP(We don’t use swords, but maybe a dragon fang if you want max damage but that’s entirely out classed with a piercing lance)
  • Counter Attack, 15dex – 141AP(Rf is good enough as an “oh shit” button, use wm if you can you’ll want to maximize dps by using wm instead of counter attack. Largely replaced by counter strike or lance counter.

Lance mastery first
Lance counter to r3 to unlock penetrating, +2 penetrate
Lance charge to r8 to unlock secret +10max


  1. Lance Charge – R1
  2. Lance Counter – R3 (unlock penetrating)
  3. Lance Mastery – R1


  1. Chain Mastery – R1 (giants get +40% damage, and -20% cd, also heavy armor with chain3)
  2. Charging Strike – R1
  3. Drop Kick – R1
  4. Focused Fist – R1
  5. Knuckle Mastery – R1
  6. Pummel – R1
  7. Respite – (up to you)
  8. Somersault Kick – R1
  9. Spinning Uppercut – R1


  1. Alchemy Mastery – R1
  2. Barrier Spikes – (up to you)
  3. Frozen Blast – R1
  4. Life Drain – R1
  5. Rain Casting – R1 (very useful in difficult combat situations, force no agroo)
  6. Shock – R1 ( for aoe stuns)
  7. Wind Blast – R6 (for crocodile)

Support Skill Sets
here we pick off couple skills that benefit the main build


  1. Mana Shield – R6 (capped, yep that is it, were WARRIORS not frail little mages, mana shield makes us much more beefy)


  1. Battlefield Overture – R1
  2. Composing – R1 (good source of int you’ll want some b/c int lets u tank magic with Mdef)
  3. Dischord – R1 (Str, and its a fairly good skill)
  4. Enduring Melody – R1 (when u wanna tank)
  5. Harvest Song – R1
  6. Lullaby – R1 (pretty good CC)
  7. March Song – R1 (when u wanna go fast)
  8. Musical Knowledge – R1 (good source of int you’ll want some b/c int lets u tank magic with Mdef)
  9. Playing Instrument – R1 (buffs everything else)
  10. Vivace – R1 (useful party buff)


  1. Mostly Skills that boost str/will/mana/stam/hp/luck ( I won’t go into further detail with boring life skills)
  2. when everything you have is ranked proceed to go into other categories for more str and will


  1. Berserk – R1 (anti CC, think Olaf’s Ult)
  2. Chain: Counter Punch – R1 (another way to start fighter combos)
  3. Doppelganger – R1 (another gap closer)


Gear can make or break your character. Having good gear makes a huge difference. These enchants are something I currently have and is possible to obtain for the average player(I barely spend any nx, maybe like 50 dollars over the past 15 months)

* am researching the best forges i’ll get back to this later
* best set is thames armor set [this is end game thou] 1.15* Smash and 1.15* AS


[20max, 8hp, 3crit, 10dex]

[22max, 10balance, 20str[when pot poisoned,30max)]

Expansive/Elegant[Camel[+9max, roll) instead of Elegant, depend on whether u need the balance and crit or not).
[10max, 10crit, 10balance, 10Will]

Fleet/Viscount[More expensive to get, go oblivion instead of Fleet]
[16max, 2crit, 1atkspd]

Oblivion/Alteration(or count, or whatever u want)
[10max, 25str]


Knight Lance
Special Upgrade:
R4 +
Elemental damage(Fire,Ice,Lightning) 4+
Smash Enhancement 20lvl if possible (+200% damage)


Champion Knuckles
Speedy/Heavy Punch
Special Upgrade:
S4+ [ I prefer S for the consistency you can go R for more crit damage if you like]
Elemental damage(Fire,Ice,Lightning) 4+

Guard Cylinder
Oblivion/Alteration(or count, or whatever u want)
[10max, 25str]


I will update this when armor update comes out. than we can use 2x accessories with heavy armor.


The useful titles for this build are

  1. Shock master (15max)
  2. Hamlet(15max + 10hp) – unless u were lucky enough to get DK Ruairi or Nao suffix

EGO selection

The simple truth is that there are no good egos for giants. Egos are rendered useless by special upgraded weapons.

Ect Category[aka Doll bags]

This is unnecessary but incredibly useful addition. I spent 7mil to obtain both a succubus and incubus bags. Not only does it give you 49 + 25 = 74 inv space but.
+5 Strength
+5 Dexterity
+5 Intelligence
+5 Will
+5 Luck
+10 Max Damage
+5% Critical
+5 Defense
+3% Protection

*Combat Tips


Single target death combo:
Charging strike or focused fist -> a tier 2 -> a drop kick -> follow up with a lance charge -> smash -> assault slash into either a wm/lance counter. Repeat.

AOE tanking combo:
Activate shock on your self -> turn on mana shield -> windguard -> wm spam (you’ll live through almost anything)

An explanation of why rain casting is an over powered skill

heres the wiki:

and this is the op part: Enemies underneath the cloud will not aggro unless attacked.

imagine those horrific ghasts and now they don’t even attack you!
imagine Martial arts, its the final and you rain cast. Guess what? You and your friends can just beat on one target at a time making this an easy mode mission

Battlefield Overture[The skill you will fall in love with]

For some reason BO, is still a very underrated skill in Mabi. Not many people have it. It has the potential to boost your damage by 25-35%[more multiplier] This means the more max you have the more max your going to get with BO. This skill is probably the most efficient ap to max damage ratio in the game. Just gotta remember to use it. Have a lyre in your inventory and be prepared to click switch your knucks and lyre.

*Some Math

How to Maximize your Lance Smash

Giants at default get a 600% smash damage and a multiplier of 1.2 with two-handed weapons. The smash reforge adds to the base value of 600 so we get.

The smash reforge is added to the BASE value. Aka, the 600%. Then lances do NOT get a 20% smash damage boost. That’s actually the two-handed weapon boost. And it’s not added it’s multiplied. The true equation is:

[(600+200) * 1.2] * 1.15 = 1104% (yup, boom.)

Red is the base smash multiplier. Blue is the bonus from reforge. Green is the two-handed weapon boost. And Orange is the Thames set boost.

*Thank you Daihau, I respect you for using cold hard math to fix my formula. I would like more feedback like this.

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