Mabinogi Animal Taming Guide

Mabinogi Animal Taming Guide by Lonnel562

Like Animal Taming? Good because you will need it for G7 and G8 mainstreams!
This skill is better for people with lower CP(aka Combat Power).
People who have high CP this skill may be harder for you(This skill will have a higher sucuess rate for DK’s).

Remmeber That this Guide is Based on Cp(Plus this is probally a double post :P)

My Taming Guide

Rank Novice: Just throw taming bait out there itll get your rank up lol.

Rank F: Just throw some bait out there and try to tame monsters that are weaker than you like white spiders or gray town rats(or depending on your cp).

Rank E: This is where it starts getting tricky. In order to get through this level you must tame a animal the same level as you. You could possibly aviod this by just taming animals weaker than you and failng a bit for the skill requirement. Otters helped me here a bit.

Rank D: Your succes rate should be about normal now and you should try to tame an animal weaker or the same level as you. You also have to throw some bait out there a bit to rank it up.

Rank C: At this taming rank you should proabally get a better taming rod like Ancient or Tikka (Tikka’s are the best ones) to lower the chance of failing.At this rank I found Otters to be very useful for me to tame because ther were the same level as me and you didn’t have to harm them.You also must tame a monster stronger than you so make sure to use obstacles to hold back the monster unless Otters are strong to you.

Rank B: Your succes rate has increased a bit and your Ancient or Tikka taming rod should be useful.You have to tame monsters weaker, the same, or stronger level than you. You can tame Otters, Elephants, or Zebra’s because you dont have to hurt them. You can also try to tame the tarantulas in Herba Jungle.

Rank A: Your almost at Rank 9! Your succes rate should be doing really well with the better taming rod you have. At this level of taming you have to tame an animal at the “Awful” level. You also have to tame monsters that are the same and stronger level than you. Remember that Otters, Zebras, and Elephants, are animals that don’t have to be weakened in order to tame them.

Rank 9: Congratz, your at Rank 9! With your better taming rod, your success rate should be alot higher now. Remember that Otter, Zebras, and Elephants are animals that you do not have to harm in order to tame them. You have to tame monsters that are the same level, Strong, or Awful.

Rank 8: Your just 2 ranks away from the limit of Animal Taming! At this rank your succes rate should be really well. At this taming rank you must tame animals that are the same level, Strong , Awful, and Boss level. Otters, Zebra’s, and Elephants should help alot at this rank since they may be in one of these level ranges. This rank may take a while so have some fun with it.

Rank 7: (check later i havent gotten to this level of taming yet)

Rank 6:Well you have gotten to the limit of Animal Taming for now so have fun!

Important Tips!
-With Animal Taming you can tame through obstacles so try to use tree’s, buildings, ect. to keep the target from hurting you
-You probally already read during the guide but better rods increase the chance for success rate so get an Ancient or Tikka Taming Rod.
-Some animals don’t have to be harmed in order to tame them.
-You can also get better bait by completeing collection books in Corcule. This will also get your succes rate higher

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