Mabinogi Single Warp Imp Travel in Iria Guide

Mabinogi Single Warp Imp Travel in Iria Guide by KomeijiSatori

Ever get stuck waiting for the mana tunnels to open? Ever get annoyed that Warp Imps can only save one location at a time? Ever get tired of just barely missing the Mana Tunnel before it closes? Well here’s some common knowledge made easy to understand in this helpful little pocket guide! At least until 24/7 mana tunnels come, in which case this whole thing becomes useless.

Now Warp Imps are probably the most useful of the standard pets. So I highly recommend getting one. If for some reason you can’t get one, this guide will only be half as effective seeing as this is called “Single Warp Imp Travel Guide in Iria”. And of course this entire guide is pretty useless if you have 2+ Warp Imps.

But seriously if you have no trouble warping around Iria with 2+ Warp Imps, you probably wouldn’t even need this guide. If you only have 1 Warp Imp though, this could be pretty helpful. Again, this guide is more of just common sense with an item many seem to forget about. Also this guide only applies to Humans and Elves. I’m sorry to all giants, but you’ll see why it doesn’t apply to you below.

1 Warp Imp
1 Flying Mount (preferably Battle Pegasus or Beginner’s Eagle if you weren’t able to buy a flying mount with your Warp Imp)
1 Secret Item Revealed Below

Step 1: Prepare the Warp Imp

This part may seem strange, but if you plan to travel in Iria a lot (Spoilers: You will be) then this is important. For Humans, go to Filia and set it as your Warp Imp’s location. Elves, go to Qilla and set it for your Warp Imp. Giants can pick either Filia or Qilla, but that’s about all they’ll be able to do.

Step 2: Obtain the Secret Item from any Healer NPC

What’s the secret item? Why it’s a Hot Spring Ticket, sold by most Healer NPCs in the Etc tab of their stores. This little piece of paper can warp you straight to Zardine’s Hot Springs. And what’s directly below Zardine? Why Vales of course, silly! This acts as a Zardine/Vales warp (Spoilers: You’ll need it eventually). The flying mount is just an easy way to get from the Hot Springs to Vales.

This is why Giants can’t use this guide as effectively since they can just warp to Vales with Continent Warp. Now we have Zardine, Vales, Filia, and Qilla covered. All that’s left is Cor Village! … Wait why do we need a warp there? Cor is right in the middle of Iria, accessible by every other region.

If you don’t have an L-Rod, the fastest way to Cor is from Vales since all you need is your bare hands. Simply fly down to the southern river in Physis and collect an Ice Rock from the rocks near the river. Use it and presto! An instant bridge! No L-Rod needed!

So unless you’re fine with waiting for the Mana Tunnel and/or not on a time limit, the Hot Spring Ticket combined with a Warp Imp can give instant access to Iria’s hot spots. Apologies to all Giants, but you’re already in the coolest place to be in Iria (Please don’t shoot me for the terrible pun).

So in conclusion… Hot Spring Tickets. They’re a thing. Use them. Support your local Healer NPCs. Explore Iria more. Punch Ferghus- wait what?

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