Mabinogi PvP With Fighter Skills Guide

Mabinogi PvP With Fighter Skills Guide by MasterSwag

In this guide i will teach you what i have learned so far PvPing with the new fighter skills 

Things to know

Some things you should already know about some of the fighter skills are

1:Spinning uppercut has the chance of temporarily lowering the opponent’s Defense and Protection

2: the last Somersault kick has a chance to Daze the enemy which temporarily prevents it from using Magic or Alchemy.

3:Charging strike can be used while stunned, however the player will not be able to attack after the skill until the stun would end.The user does not receive stun nor knockback from Icebolt and Lightning Bolt while executing. It Will always successfully intercept an incoming Melee attack, with the exception of Assault Slash.

Things i’ve learned while PvPing

While fighting a alchemist you are able to dodge most attacks, though ive only been hit with flame burst and used charging strike to counter the flame burst mid-way

i’ve also found out you can use windmill and use charging strike right after and execute combo from there.

when you’re faced with getting knocked off your feet the most best way to do is use counter since it doesn’t take much time as it used to take to load


Combo*knuckles,shield,sword* : When the countdown is starting be prepare to hit the target 3 times with regular punches(with the knuckles ofc)then use focused fist(DON NOT USE charging strike because you’ll need it later on for this combo)Then proceed and use spinning upper cut then drop kick(this is important because you will need the distance for the next step)right after drop kick is done use assault slash and quickly use windmill right after and proceed to use charging strike and then somersault kick followed by pummel,right when you hit the ground execute tumble and quickly use charge right after while the enemy is stunned load smash and use it by this time Assault slash should be done cooling down so you assault slash and right after you windmill then you load charging strike and continue the combo from there.

the combo should look like
3-4 reg punches>FF>SU>DK>AS>WM>CS>SK>Pummel>Tumble>Charge> Smash>AS>WM>CS
or (haven’t tested it yet)
3regpunches>FF>SU>DK>AS>WM>CS>SK>Pummel>Tumble>Cha rge>Smash>AS>WM>CS>SU>
Pummel>evade> 2 regpunch>FF

Haven’t tried new combos yet still a work in progress will update if anything new happens or i figure out new tactics

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