Mabinogi Money and Leveling Guide

Mabinogi Money and Leveling Guide by OOFeerless0

Welcome to OOFeerless0’s money making guide, Here you will also find ways to level.~

First off level ONE to TWENTY.If you are weak,Not confident about your adventuring skills, or have no friends to party with? THEN THIS IS THE GUIDE FOR YOU NOOBS (No offence)This guide is for people who have or have not rebirthed.

Money rating from 1 to 5 

* being the least and *****being the most.

Exp rating per hour & being the least and &&&&& being the most.

One~I find that FOXES are nice training to level 3. Reason:You need that skill points and ap to advance to training at alby begginer.

Two~Alby begginer is good until level 10, Or higher but i reccomend 10. && ,***

Three~ if you or dont have any party, try black wolves(IF YOU HAVE DUAL CUTLASSES WITH -Smash rank E, Defence rank B Counter rank F, and last but not least Windmill rank F. You should know already how to kill these guys.)&&& *** (According to level and skill)

Or try (for novices) grinding grey wolves which i will explain. Grey wolves are powerful enemies and should not be dealt with unless prior experience assures you victory. Gear Any will do, Or Butt naked.Weapon: Aim for a double weapon with alot of hits such as the dagger.9DO NOT USE THE DAGGER)Two , Two hit weapons will deal ALOT of damage and have a 4/5 chance of killing the wolf in a combo. Approach the wolf and do a normal combo knock the wolf out and use COUNTER (Or WINDMILL). Will knock the wolf back,Approach and use normal attakcs BEFORE it can have a chance to react.I will not tell you about magic YET.***, &&&& (according to level and skill)

Begginers~excited about the things above?Well here your guide leads to…Quests, Yes these are more exp banging in your head. Faster leveling then a gunshot in your face. Finishing ALL begginer quests will recieve you a ***** star money makin &&&& exp ratin’ every hour!from level 10 begginer quests can boost you to at least level 15~20!

LEVEL 20~40

Magic: Magic is a sophisticated but not complicated area of combat….But not too much. Magic has multi-purlose uses.For example an icebolt. Commonly used to knock back a lets say bear to either ready a THUNDERbolt (I will explain later) or to ready another skill.

Magic types: Different spells mean different casting rate,damage,purposes, and mana cunsuption rate.

Spells! Finally we are here to this point after hours of grinding. Spells are of

IceBolt~A ice elemt spell can be used to spam

Power-** Two star
Casting rate ***** Five star (Second best)
Knock back **** Four star (second best)
Stun time ***** five star (third prior to thudner and firebolt)
Overall i give this 16/20!

Fire bolt
Power ***** (best begginer spell)
Casting speed * (Not good)
Knock back ***** (Best)
Stun time ***** (best)
Overall 16/20

Power ***** (best)
casting speed ****(Very Good)
Knock back ***** (Unbelievable)
Stun time (Does not need stun time, Best spell for doing synced blasts)
overalll 19/20! Best begginer spell in my opinion, Icebolt second, firebolt third.

This covers begginer basics.

Advanced basics 

REBIRTHING~You already should have rebirthed, If not here it is

Rebirthing is like….Resetting your current level but adding it to another achievement storage compartment and keeping your current abilities and skills.

In tir you should be now soloing CIAR BEGGINER.***** &&&&& (according to skill and level)

Grind ciar begginer till level 30,Monsters you would encounter are-Goblins, Poison Goblins,Mini Golem, red spiders, rats and i think more.

Level 30 eh? stop that grinding. Here we go to the REAL challenging part.

Grab a party with more then 3 people and head on the normal ciar. The only difference is an extra floor enemies are boosted for about 30%?and the rewards are BEAUTIFUL more then 30k per hour if your on a roll.***** &&&&&

Train there till level 40

40? Well heres a cool thing Advanced and support magic!

Let me introduce you to magic and support magic!

here we go!

SUPPORT MAGIC Support magic helps other party members, Only team players can live up to the name of a supporting friend. Support magic mages are wanted 24/7 and are very hard to find.

Healing magic~Healing magic has no purposes but its name. To heal other players. In rank F its crappy but rank A and up it can save a life or two from a golem.

ADVANCED MAGIC Advanced magic has a twist and is much harder to get.You will need pages from missing books and either kill and grind monsters to find them or buy them.Unless your rich id reccomend grinding certain monsters since some pages are and can be worth a good 10 million.

FIRE BALL (was it) Fireball is a powerful spell.

Power **** (Nah not very GOOD)
casting speed **( Horrible.)
Knock back *** (Decent)
Stun time *** (O.K)
Overall its a nice spell for bosses.
(advanced) Lightning
Power **** (second best)
Casting speed ****( takes from its cousin the lightning bolt)
Knock back ***** (exceeds expectations)
Stun time *****(Fantastic)
Overall a very,very good spell for dungeons

Best spell in my opinion
Power *****(best)
Castomg speed *****( Best)
Overall best spell.

WE have now covered advanced magic/support magic

Pets are real battle toys. Just waiting to be bought and rode on flown on or to beat up some golems.

Types of pets

Bear~Bears from the very start are more then capable to pound golbins to the dirt ground.
Horses~Mainly used for traveling great distances in a medium amount of time
Birds~Used almost always to cover a whole desert in the nick of a minute
Other animals ~ can have different purposes.
We have now covered pets.
Level 100+

You are now on your own. Congradulations.

Money making guides
Mimic former scrolls *****
Black wolve scrolls ****
Fishing *
Party dungeon ****
Solo dungeon *****
Having fun ************
Just going out to do a quest with some friends prove to fly time away and make alot of money.

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