Aura Kingdom Grenadier Stat Builds Guide

Aura Kingdom Grenadier Stat Builds Guide by MoGAznRebel

Hi Guys! All you Grennies who need a hand! or all the Vets who have a hand to help with! Couple of questions arise when creating Grennies (Grenadiers) and I’ll say what I can to help you guys out. If there are any further improvements to what I have said, please feel free to give your opinion. If you disagree, please produce helpful advice!


I myself experimented with the Crit/Eva build and was pretty successful with it during CBT. And I will say this: personally, i think having to juggle two stats (though may be versatile and helpful along the way) is a little too complicated to think when going around, bombing things and what not. In this section, i’ll just explain what each does and hope it’ll shed let on what you want.

Don’t put points into DMG. It only improves it marginally.

Full Crit/ Full Eva —> Very good in dealing high damage. As long as you get your Crit between the 45%+ range, i think you’re good to go on anything =). Trust me, it isn’t hard. You don’t even need the right gears for it. (Okay, maybe just focus on the gears that give Crit and Eva like Caroline’s Touch of Wind )

Full SPD/Full DEF —> I heard this was very good to use too, basically a Tank (you know, the real life ones with the cannons =)?) The only thing I’ve noticed with this one is that… When you get around 50% SPD, i think the extra points going into it, would be meaningless as it doesn’t decrease the cooldown rate of the skills anymore.

And any mix of the two stats would work, as long as you get them AT THE VERY LEAST to 35%.

There’s a lot of freedom to do what you want, and make what you want here sooo feel free to tell your experiments =).

This Is What I Did:

If you guys can’t see the image, right click and open in a new tab!

As you can see I set most of all of my points, thus far, into Crit, giving me the Crit rate I have there. Though that is not your TRUEcrit rate. You must go to your detailed list for that =).

As for the defensive stats, I was testing around with the Def and the Hp! I’m still deciding on whether or not it’d be beneficial for the Hp but I think I might reroll into full Def. Though a few points into Hp wouldn’t matter xD.

Envoy’s Paths:

If you guys can’t see the image, right click and open in a new tab!

(Will be revised and feel free to give your recommendations!)

I know this is not much of a guide for now, but this is just an idea to give starters a boost. Of course, it needs work and of course, it could definitely be improved! Work in progress! Thanks for the support xD

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