Aura Kingdom Choosing Second Class Guide

Aura Kingdom Choosing Second Class Guide by Hynegard

Hey guys, I decided to make a guide about choosing a second class, so here it is:

What is the second class? 

The second class is what people also call the subclass, because it’s weaker then the main class, and it’s obtained after you finish the second dungeon chain quest at level 40. The reason it’s weaker is that all the CD will be increased by a factor of 2.5 and the subclass doesn’t gain the Envoy’s Path bonus (+3 on all skills and sometimes a special factor, like Balad being AoE for Bards).

How will this guide work? 

In this guide I will describe and rank classes, so you can choose what class you want to get as a Subclass. The rank will go from A to D, A being the best.

Guardian (C for Melee, D for Range) 

Skill: Sword Slash (B)
CD: 7
Description: Sword Slash has a relative small CD, although it’s damage isn’t that high, it’s buff is kinda good if you are soloing, since it reduces flat DMG you take.

Skill: Shield Bash (C)
CD: 15
Description: Shield Bash will do a good amount of damage and stun the enemy. It will generate a good amount of Malice, and that isn’t good. It can become AoE if you use the Ultimate Skill, but it takes a lot of upgrades for it to have a good range.

Skill: Windfury (B)
CD: 22
Description: Will allow you to charge towards an enemy, it’s useful in order to escape a frontal AoE skill from the boss, although it’s damage isn’t that great.

Skill: Mirrored Shield (D)
CD: 112.5
Description: Allows you to reflect a certain amount of flat damage if you are attacked. It’s CD is huge and the damage reflected isn’t great, thus, this skill isn’t any good.

Skill: Thundercut (B or A if Ultimated)
CD: 10
Description: Does a frontal AoE, deals less damage then Sword Slash, but has a bigger AoE. Can be Ultimated in order to give DoT. The DoT will actually last 10 seconds, thus making it a nice damage dealing skill.

Skill: Phalanx (B)
CD: 100
Description: Gives a nice flat damage reduction, would be really good if not for the fact that it’s CD is huge.

Skill: Terrifying Roar (D)
CD: 30
Description: An AoE that taunts the monsters, high CD, low damage, good AoE. This skill still isn’t any good.

Thoughts: Guardian is possibly the worse subclass there is, it’s only remotely good for Melee players.

Ravager (A for Melee, C for Range) 

Skill: Raging Slash (A)
CD: 5
Description: Nice damage for a spammable skill, great for boss fights.

Skill: Horizontal Slash (A)
CD: 8.75
Description: Nice damage for AoE fights, it has a medium CD, good DMG and a nice AoE.

Skill: Soaring Slash (A)
CD: 20
Description: A good skill to start a fight, you leap into the enemies dealing a good amount of AoE damage, high CD though.

Skill: Mirrored Axe (A)
CD: 10
Description: Hits a single enemy for a lot of DMG, does Slow.

Skill: Flame Slash (A if no other Ravager, C if there is)
CD: 10
Description: Does a good amount of damage in AoE Frontal Cone, and gives a nice DoT. Only problem comes from the fact that your AoE will never stick if there is a main class Ravager in the same party.

Skill: Round and Round (A)
CD: 20
Description: Nice AoE with great damage and does a small DoT that last 3 seconds. Unless you use it together with another Ravager, the DoT should stick.

Skill: Aftershock (A)
CD: 20
Description: Nice AoE with decent damage, it will stun everything for 3 seconds.

Thoughts: Ravagers are one of the best subclass for the AoE pulls, although not that great when fighting a single opponent.

Duelist (B for melee with high SPD, C if not, D for range) 

Skill: Slash Cut (A if no Duelist, B if there is)
CD: 7.5
Description: An attack that does a very small AoE damage (like Sword Slash). It reduces the enemies defense by a flat amount, but will never stick if there is a duelist in the party.

Skill: Cross Slash (A if no Duelist, C if there is)
CD: 10
Description: Does damage to a single target and does a DoT poison that will stack 5 times. Will never stick if there is a duelist in the party.

Skill: Sunrise Snowflower (B)
CD: 20
Description: Does some damage and the next critical will deal an extra 60% damage. High CD makes this skill not all that great.

Skill: Purple Lightning (C)
CD: 150
Description: It will boost the skills of Whirling Dance (50% slow) and Deadly Wink (DoT, stacks 3 times). Gives an extra 20% movement speed and 9% critical chance, will last 20 seconds. Great skill, huge CD makes it blow.

Skill: Whirling Dance (B)
CD: 20
Description: You will charge your enemy and deal damage to a single target, does a good amount of single target damage.

Skill: Deadly Wink (C)
CD: 20
Description: Deals a good amount of damage to an enemy, requires low CD and Purple Lightning for it to be good.

Skill: Dancing Balisong (B)
CD: 20
Description: Will deal AoE damage around you and heal you for a small flat amount.

Thoughts: Slash Cut and Cross Slash are both great skills when there are no main Duelist, since Debuffs won’t stack. All the other skills have a high CD, making them not great. Duelist is not a really good subclass.

Grenadier (A for high SPD, B if not) 

Skill: Fiery Salvo (A)
CD: 7.5
Description: Good single target damage, does a nice stun also.

Skill: Fiery Grenade (A if no Grenadier, B if there is)
CD: 10
Description: Nice single target damage, does a nice DoT also, although it won’t work if there is a Grenadier in the party.

Skill: Plasma Cannon (A)
CD: 10
Description: High Line AoE damage.

Skill: Machine Gun Turret (A)
CD: 20
Description: Summons a Machine Gun that will attack nearby targets, will last 30 seconds.

Skill: Icy Grenade (B)
CD: 30
Description: Nice AoE skill that deals decent damage, will freeze the enemies for 4. It’s huge CD is kinda of a downer.

Skill: Meteor Cannon (B)
CD: 37.5
Description: Huge AoE, Huge DMG, Huge CD, nuff said.

Skill: Healing Crystal (B for high SPD, C if not)
CD: 300
Description: Will summon a healing crystal that will heal everyone for a flat amount. Will last for 1 minute, but the 5 minute CD is a killer.

Thoughts: An excellent choice for the ranged classes that want to deal a lot of damage.

Gunslinger (A for Melee, B for Ranged) 

Skill: Aimed Shot (A)
CD: 5
Description: Nice single target DMG, will slow target by 30% for 4 seconds.

Skill: Bombardment (B)
CD: 10
Description: Much like Aimed Shot, just a higher CD.

Skill: Sonic Bomb (A)
CD: 10
Description: Deals a straight line AoE DMG.

Skill: Frost Trap (A with no other gunslinger, B otherwise)
CD: 20
Description: Will lay a trap that gives a DoT and immobilizes enemies that are in it’s range.

Skill: Dark Flare Trap (A)
CD: 20
Description: Will lay a trap that does DMG to all nearby enemies.

Skill: Decoy (A)
CD: 75
Description: Confuses the target, reducing it’s Enchantment level by X. Huge CD. Target becomes an allied unit and is targeted by other enemies (from what I’ve been told).

Skill: Ultraviolet Catastrophe (A for Melee, C for range)
CD: 10
Description: Does a lot of AoE Frontal damage on a low CD, unfortunately you have to be almost at melee in order to use it.

Thoughts: I have no idea what Decoy is about, but other than that, it’s a solid subclass.

Sorcerer (A if no main Sorcerer, C otherwise) 

Skill: Devour Soul (A)
CD: 7.5
Description: Deals a good amount of single target damage, heals you for 10% of the damage done.

Skill: Demon Seal (A if no Sorcerer, C otherwise)
CD: 5
Description: Deals a small AoE damage. Debuffs EVA, DoTs and grants extra DMG for anyone attacking it. This is one of the best skills in the game, but you will never keep it up if there is another sorcerer in the team.

Skill: Arrow of Binding (B)
CD: 20
Description: Good single target DMG that immobilizes the enemy for 4 seconds. High CD is kinda bad.

Skill: Blood Seal (A if no Sorcerer, D otherwise)
CD: 10
Description: Deals single target damage. Debuffs CRIT, DoTs and grants life steal for anyone attacking it. Another great skill, but you will never keep it up if there is another sorcerer in the team.

Skill: Rejuvenation Mantra (A if no Sorcerer, D otherwise)
CD: 15
Description: Applies HoT on allies in a small AoE and will cure a negative status. This skill can’t be kept up if there is another Sorcerer in the group.

Skill: Flame Impact (A)
CD: 7.5
Description: Deals a linear AoE damage to the enemies.

Skill: Nightmare Totem (A)
CD: 30
Description: Places a totem that will make enemies go to sleep for 6 seconds and deal damage.

Thoughts: Sorcerer is an excellent subclass if you are going Solo or if your party does not have a Sorcerer. It’s really bad when there is a main class sorcerer.

Wizard (B) 

Skill: Fire Bolt (A)
CD: 5
Description: Good single target damage skill, has stun if ultimated.

Skill: Ice Bolt (B)
CD: 10
Description: Good single target damage skill, will slow target, has a higher CD.

Skill: Snowstorm (A)
CD: 15
Description: Small AoE that will root it’s target for 3 seconds, deals nice DMG.

Skill: Blessing (C)
CD: 75
Description: Gives you a HoT and has a huge CD.

Skill: Wind Storm (A)
CD: 10
Description: Deals DMG in a straight line.

Skill: Meteor (B)
CD: 30
Description: Deals massive DMG in a good AoE, but has a high CD.

Skill: Lightning Strike (A for Melee, C for Ranged)
CD: 25
Description: Deals a good amount of DMG in AoE at the target and stuns everything for 3 seconds, but will force you towards that enemy.

Thoughts: Wizards are a solid subclass, nothing that great, just lots of DMG skills.

Bards (A for Solo, B if no Bard, otherwise C) 

Skill: Storm Song (C)
CD: 5
Description: Single target DMG, not very high.

Skill: Blissful Harmony (A if no Bard, C otherwise)
CD: 10
Description: Deals DMG and leaves a DoT, not very good if there is a main Bard.

Skill: Healing Harmony (C)
CD: 6.25 (Casted)
Description: It’s a casted heal, it will stop your rotation, only good for desperate healing, so… Not that great in parties with Bards.

Skill: Ambient Drone (A for Melee, C for Ranged)
CD: 30
Description: Will deal a small AoE DMG around you, stunning enemies for 3 seconds.

Skill: Ballad (A if no Bard, D otherwise)
CD: 3.75
Description: Will place a HoT on you for 15 seconds, that stack up to 3 times. Does not work if there is another Bard in the party.

Skill: Healing Tones (C)
CD: 3.75 (casted)
Description: Heals the party for a small amount of health… Yeah… Not that great, will stop rotation.

Skill: Holy Notes (B)
CD: 25
Description: Instant heal, always nice, although it doesn’t heal that much.

Thoughts: Bards are garbage as a subclass if there is a main bard, but kinda good if you want to go Solo or if there are no other bards.

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