Aura Kingdom Making Money Guide

Aura Kingdom Making Money Guide by WingsOfAzrael

Intro: Okay so I’ve gotten a few requests on how to make gold in game so I thought I’d make a guide for it since some people wanted it. First of all, to be able to make a good amount of gold, you should be level 50 so you can do ALL the dungeons and not just some. It’s quite easy to get to level 50 in game, it can take anywhere from a few days to one day depending on the exp boosts you have and how much you’re online. Also the prices can go higher or lower so I won’t list prices, people desperate for items are normally willing to pay higher than what they’re worth.

Methods to Sell:

1. Auction House – This is one of the methods I prefer if the item isn’t rare because you can set a price, and the item is in the auction house and no longer in your inventory so it clears space for more items, note it costs 10% profit to put it in the auction house for 24 hours. Also, if it does not get sold, it gets sent to your PM as an attachment when the 24 hours is up from when you originally put it in. You can only have so many items in the auction house at one time, will update the number when the server gets back up.

2. Stalls – You can set up a stall in Navea in the trade district and set prices for your items and there’s no limit to how long you can be there, but that restricts you from doing other things. Also it can get very crowded as Navea only has one server.

3. Trade Chat Selling – This is where you would hold the item(s) in your inventory and shout on trade chat what you’re selling and link the items, people mostly use this to take bids for rarer items.

Option 1: Aeria Points

This would be the most obvious option since it requires the least amount of effort and you can do it at any level. All you have to do is buy AP, and make sure its on your account then you can pick out items(not mystery boxes) from the item mall that aretradeable and just talk on trade chat and sell them or put them in the auction house for a certain price, or set a stall. Auction house is one of the more effective methods besides shouting on trade chat. Do NOT agree to sell non-tradeable items to people you do not trust as it may be a scam.
The average AP to gold ratio is 100 AP – 10 Gold. But this also requires real money.

Option 2: Dungeon Grinding

This is also the method most people prefer since you get exp by doing this as well. All you do is spam dungeons and you get silver for killing monsters, the more dungeons you do the more silver you get, and the higher level dungeon the more gold you get.
Recommended level is 50 to be able to do all the dungeons. NOTE: Skandia(Lv 50 party instance) Does NOT give silver or gold, but may give rare drops.

Option 3: Rare Equipment Selling

Dungeons This is the most profitable way to make gold besides spending AP. Recommended level is 50 to be able to do all the dungeons. You sell rare equips for 30g+ more or less depending on the item and the % the item is.
Good runs to get rare equips from are: Miner’s Steppe Hard, Deep’s Cavern Hard, Other World Skandia, Cameo Cavern Hard and Temple of Eidolins(Solo run).
Skandia, Deeps Cave Hard, & Cameo Cavern Hard drops unidentified cloaks, rings and necklaces. The daily eidolin guild spawns also do this(guild has to be lv 4).
The sets that drop from those dungeons(not temple of eidolins) are Leo’s Set(tank set), Comet Set (Dps set, also higher in demand), and the Nazrudin Set(evasion/crit set). Nazrudin’s set is harder to sell as most people and classes do better with defense than evasion.
Comet set is worth the most, Leo set in second, Nazrudin last. Also the treasure charms you can get with AP/Loyalty points in the item mall give the bosses that drop the unidentified items give more items. There are 3 levels of treasure charms, basic, intermediate, and advanced, they raise the drops by 1, 2 & 3 items.
In Skandia the Eidolin spawns drop the items, killing the excited bunnyhops have around a 15% chance to spawn an eidolin, you can also get one or more key fragments for that eidolin, collect 10 to get a new eidolin. It IS possible to get more than one eidolin to spawn per Skandia run.
Skandia resets every 180 minutes(3 hours).
Deep’s Cave Hard and Cameo Cavern reset every 120 minutes(2 hours). The silver chests at the end of the runs after you kill the final boss are what drop the items, you can also get non-trade purple gear(pvp).

Dailies Another way to make money by rare equipment selling is doing the level 45-50 dailies in Cameo Marsh, Triatio Highlands and Denamerch Mines, each daily you do(Mirabellie’s bulliton board quests and gathering/kill quests, not the ones where you run dungeons and kill bosses)
give you a treasure chest as a reward, you have a chance to get a level 50 yellow weapon, the best kind of tradeable weapon, it can be anywhere from 100-140% the higher percent for it, the more people will pay for it. Anything under 120% normally doesn’t sell well or fast so I recommended salvaging them for refinement fragments.
You can only do 5 Mirabellie quests a day. Recommended level is 45 as you can do these when you’re under the level the quest says. But only 5 levels under max.

Option 4: Material Selling

The last way to make money is to grind dungeons, recommended level is 50 to be able to do all dungeons. People buy materials for alchemy. Level 40 materials can be found in the two level 40 instances(MS & GG). Level 50 materials can be found in the lv 45-50 dungeons(CC & DC).
Loot charms and loot drop gear with % help with getting more materials because they drop from killing mobs in the runs. Also bosses do drop materials(MS, CC, & DC) that go for about 5-25g a piece. If you’re farming bosses use a treasure charm.
Bosses that drop useful materials are: Bosses in MS, CC, DC(lv 40-50 instances). The final bosses also have a chance to drop rare recipes the level 50 ones go for 20-50g each depending on what part.

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