Dragon Oath Making Money Guide

Dragon Oath Making Money Guide by dete_lynn

Introduction for making money in D.O. Wish you get rich!

I really don’t want to SAY something universally known, just EMPHASIZE: even living in Song Dynasty in China 1,000 yrs ago, you cannot live without money! As well as in D.O.!

To let you better know how can you earn money in D.O, I would like to point out a truth, during your lifetime when you are not playing DO, you make money by working, lottery, or investment (which is either working or lottery depends on how well you know the field that you are going to invest).

So, the two defferent ways of making money in game:

Taxonomy 1, works in DO, including:

1. Waterprison Quest
For detail info, experience if the best teacher.
Rating: 1, no one do this quest at all at current CN server.

2. Life Skill (materials)
Practise mining, and planting. When you upgrade to 7 or above you can sell your production.
Rating: 4
Very benefit if you are expert, for example, in CN server the lv10 materials for weaving is sold in 45g/40 items. Want that income?

It can be tiresome when you practise those life skills as well as doing guild quests for contribution points. In the 3 cities you can upgrade from lv1 to lv5, and then you have to upgrade in guild, also the guild have to be prosperous enough:

lv5 to lv6, 100 Contribution Points
lv6 to lv7, 250 CPs
lv7 to lv8, 500
lv8 to lv9, 1000
lv9 to lv10, 2000

Planting: Comflicts will occur when the 3 cities have no vacuum fields, you have to grab others’ fields, also vice versa, they probably remember and war you when you go “outdoor”.
Mining: Be warn when you are mining infront of another miner who comes to this ore a bit later…

3. Life Skill (Buff and class quest)
Rating: 3
Cooking, pharmacy give you a chance to make items for supreme buffs, but you need not only practise and do guild quests, but you got to find recipes.

Class quests can be very tricky after lv40.Learning herbalism/pharmacy/pharmacology to produce byproduct remedy which can be obtained randomly during pharmacy; or learning planting/fishing/cooking/regimen to produce class quest dishes.
In CN server, Changyou team now sell supreme buffs in token shop. For class quest items, in CN server, 1 class quest item ranges from 3g to 5g.

4. Trading Quest
Rating: 2
Again ask for veteran merchant player to help, also, don’t forget to join a guild with GOLDEN merchant routes. Kind of bored.

5. Fight evil in Suzhou
Rating: 2
Actually you are fighting for treasure maps. Percentage of obtaining a treasure map: 50%, I did the experiment, did the quest 150 times and got 73 maps. On sale price: 3g to 4g50s

6.Teleporting Invocation
Rating: 2
Learn the skill in Da Li, cost 30g. Then produce “flight tickets” to sell. 1g per one.

Taxonomy 2, lottery in DO, including:

1. Events. Rebel, for gem or Shopkeeper’s Manual; Thief raid, for class skill books; the 3 chain quests in Suzhou, for set equipment. Good chance to become arriviste.
Rating: 5. Great XP too. Keep an eye on any new released events.

2. Bosses. Cat/Red frog on pet island(later you will have Dog on the pet mt.), and those bosses at grassland (sorry I can’t translate precisely). This always leads to guild war, especially the boss at Twin Island.
Rating: 4

3. Horse gangsters. Fight the gangsters which released when someone is digging treasure maps. (Seems currently unavailable in US server)
Rating: 4

4. Sewing and Crafting
Rating: 3. This really depends on how well you respect the GM and Changyou team  you can suffer great loss on buying materials. However I respect them well, so I made a 8 stars amulet which is +1700 spi atk, +154 fire atk, +89 int, +9 critic sold out immediately in 7,000g.

Taxonomy 3, investment in DO, including:
1. Breeding pet. Got an 2,000+ tal rare, you fatten.
Rating: 4. You have to tame young pet again and again for a better growth rate.

2. Play the market.
Rating: 3.

This introduction may not cover all, and some of them might haven’t been released here, please forgive any mistakes that I made, only for references.

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