Dragon Oath Monsters List

Dragon Oath Monsters List by Dacchei

Hey guys,

This information is listed on the World Map, but this should make it easier to find them for guild quests, etc. And for what maps you need to grind in . Also, I don’t have bosses or caves listed here but there are caves in each map that have the same level monsters as the map they are attached to. Hope this helps some people out~

Also, to search through this easier, press “ctrl+f” to search for a specific monster’s name

Mt. Infinity (1-10)
White Mountain Ape
Mountain Wasp
Lightning Panther
Blue Spider
Reed Scarecrow

Wild Plains (1-10)
Flatlands White Ape
Flatlands Black Ape
White Scarecrow
Ghostly Shaman
Elmwood Puppet

Mt. Sanctity (15-21)
White-Headed Tiger
Strawhat Ape
Deserted Mechanoid
Deserted Everlast
Prairie Wolf

West Lake (20-26)
Willow Treant
Straw Hat Prowler
Venom-Eyed Bee
Abysmal Warriors
Abysmal Scout

Werewolf Plains (25-31)
Barefoot Titan
Dire Wolf Warden
White Wolf King
Speckled Panther
Wolf Druidess
Wolf Scout
Werewolf Warrior

South Yan (30-36)
Gray Bear
Sharp-Toothed Panther
Dogfaced Qin Raider
Qin Escort
Qin Scout
Northwest Wolf

Dragon Fountain (35-41)
Fey Panther
Cunning Reaver
Cunning Assassin
Cunning Skulker
Cunning Arsonist

Werewolf Hill (40-46)
Werewolf Berserker
Werewolf Dreg
Werewolf Guard
Werewolf Fighter
Beard Titan
Snow Wolf

North Yan (45-51)
Blood Bear
Blood Spider
Qin Guard
Qin General
Qin Raider

Mt. Fire Rock (50-56)
Lure Spider
Grand Frozen Soul
Hillside Blade
Hillside Raider
Hillside Warrior
Valley White Ape

Stone Forest (55-61)
Stone Lion King
Granite Golem
Stone Lion
Stone Golem
Shane Golem
Dire Wolf

Grasslands (60-66)
Grasslands Wolf
Black Bee
Lightning Raider
Winter Horse Raider
Wind’s Horse Raider
Warrior of Song

West Liao (75-81)
White Wolf King
Giant Bee
Black Horse Rider
Scarlet Horse Rider
Frost Berserker
Shield Fiend

Plum Hill (65-71)
Jungle Titan
Blade Spider
Roving Bandits
Hillside Guards
Hillside Priestess

Jade Valley (70-76)
Blood Golem
Atrocious Spider
Dire Golem
Stone Golem
Golem Guardian
Golem Master
Dragon Golem

South Sea (80-85)
Croc Tribe Brute
Croc Tribe Trainee
South Sea Crocodile
Human Bandit
Curse Stone Golem

South Rainforest (84-89)
Spectral Panther
Splint Mail Warrior
Demon Bee
Splint Mail Thief
Miao Warrior

Mt. Everwhite (88-93)
Black Bear
Northeast Tiger
Snow Mountain Hunter

Crocodile Island (91-97)
Croc Tribe Slayer
Croc Tribe Chief
Croc Tribe Warrior
South Sea Pirate
Blood Crocodile

Border Miao (96-101)
Doom Demon
Evernight Demon
Chaos Demon
Inferno Demon
Marsh Crocodile

If there are any typos or missing info please let me know!


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