Dragon Oath Classes Introduction

Dragon Oath Classes Introduction by Ka

Physical Melee

-Weapon : spear, long blade
-Ride: Lion
-Highest physical attack in all 9 class
-6 damaging skill with Low cool time
-3 skill buff for physical attack stats
-Fire is the main element
-Horrible Defense against Magic
-Skill are every straight forward and very easy to use
-Can cure poison from Voodoo and Beggar with ease
-Rival with Minstrel
-Attack may leave the opponent burning, which resolve damage overtime

-Weapon: Spear, long blade
-Ride: Wolf
-Highest evasion in all 9 class
-Skill in same caterogy increase in damage if you use them together
-Very balance character in term of physical
-Poison is the man element, Fire is sub-element
-Skill is also easy to learn but can take time to order them
-Best with hit and run strategy
-attack contain poison which damage over time

-Weapon: spear, long blade
-Ride: Tiger
-Highest HP in all 9 class
-Highest Defense in all 9 class
-5 defensive buff
-3 lure skill
-Lowest accuracy in 9 class
-Lowest evade in 9 class
-Contain 5 damaging skill
-Light is the main element
-Rival with Royalty

-Weapon: Fan, Chakram
-Ride: Eagle
-Highest critical rate in 9 class
-Have the best area damaging skill in 9 class
-Skill have high damage, even higher than Pyromancer
-Contain 5 invisible skill
-Ice is the main element
-Great for advance player utilizing hit and run technique
-Can be the best class if used properly
-Can buff critical rate to the extreme
-Rival with Voodoo due to their poison (unable to invisible)
-Rival with Minstrel due to their burning trap (unable to invisible)

Long Range Attacker

-Weapon: Sword, double sword
-Ride: Crane
-Highest Magic attack in all 9 class
-Highest number of damaging skill in all 9 class
-Straight forward and easy to use
-Contain 3 immobolize and paralyzing skill
-Able to use mana shield
-A Chain Combo attacker
-Horrible Defense
-Lowest HP in all 9 class
-Light is the main element, Ice is sub-element
-Rival with Royalty and Minstrel

-Weapon: Sword, double Sword
-Ride: Ox
-Highest HP in all Magical class
-Skill are very tricky to learn
-Poison is the main element
-Skill contain many different side effect such as draining and blind
-Even if no skill is use, opponet who come in contact are poison naturally
-Able to recover mana in sacrifice of HP

-Weapon: Fan, Chakram
-Ride: Deer
-All around stats
-7 damaging skill which 3 are traps
-Contain the strongest skill in the game (cool time 10 sec, have 30% of double any damage done to an enemy during a 20 second period)
-Fire is the main element, Poison is sub-element
-If utilizing Minstrel’s style in PK of hit and run, there is a 100% win over any physical opponent, even if level is 20 higher
-Able to drain opponent’s mana bar (physical attacker’s worst nightmare)
-Advance player with fast finger’s best choice
-Great for ks-ing boss

Lotus Order
-Weapon: Sword, double sword
-Ride: Phoenix
-All around stats- identical to Minstrel
-Low number of Damaging skill
-Contain 3 skill heal ( quick heal, heal by %, basic heal)
-Able to revive
-Ice is the main element, Light is sub-element
-Healing skill can easily be abuse, resolve in an easy win over other class
-L.O is the only class capable of healing.

Long Range Physical Attacker

-Weapon: Fan, Chakram
-Ride: Horse
-All stats is the most balance in all 9 classes
-Highest accuracy in all 9 class
-Royalty’s damage is switch from physical to magical
-In order word, Royalty is a Long Range Shooter who use physical damage, unlike others (who would use magical damage calculation)
-Able to resist all 4 element: ice, fire, poison, light
-Almost all skill are direct damage (ignoring defense)
-Can use fire, ice, poison, and light element

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