Dragon Oath Identifying and Appraising Guide

Dragon Oath Identifying and Appraising Guide by BrotherGrymm

Okay, this gave me a lot of troubles until I figured it out.

When an item you loot says “Unidentified” it means you have to identify it. To do so, you must go to a vendor that sells Identification Scrolls. There are four types of ID Scrolls, ones for weapons (Sold by the weapon merchants.) ones for gear, ones for accessories, and common ones, which work for all three types. In addition, each type has various levels, based on the level of the item you need to ID (If you have a level 15 item, you need a level 2 ID scroll, because the level 1 scrolls only do 1-10.) Note that merchants only sell the ID scrolls for items that are around the level of the items they sell, or so it seems.

Basically, in either Su Zhou or Luo Yang, you have to find the “Grand Master” or something. In Luo Yang, hit Tab (To open your map) and click where it says “Arms”. One of the NPCs in there is the Grand Master (Two of the NPCs can actually “Appraise” your items.) In Su Zhou, open the local map and click where it says “Artifact”.

What the appraising does, is give an additional bonus to the base stat that an item has (Bracers add to hit rating, so once you get it appraised, a bracer will give a bonus to the hit rating in addition to base amount. Weapons will add + Physical and + Spirit attack. The bonus will always be displayed in a percentage, followed by what the actual amount is. Example:

Cotton Silk Hat
Basic Phy. Def +42
Basic Spi. Def +42
Int. +2

Physical Defense Capacity
Perfect +19% (8)
Spirit Defense Capacity
Perfect +16% (7)

The Capacity listed is the bonus you get from appraising. As you can see, it gives a percentage bonus, and then does the math for you to tell you the actual result. There are varying degrees of bonus you can get, depending on how lucky you are.

1-5% = Normal
6-10% = Medium
11-15% = Good
16-20% = Perfect

It is possible to have Physical (Damage or Defense) as one value, and Spirit as another.

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