Wakfu Earth Ecaflip Basic Guide

Wakfu Earth Ecaflip Basic Guide by Koryaze

1. Introduction

Hi everyone, let me just introduce myself. This is Music an Earth Ecaflip from the Remington server.
Let me just start by saying that this is all my own opinion and doesn’t have to be followed by any means.
I personally love Ecaflips to death and because of the recent changes to Ecaflips I’ve been getting a lot of questions how one should be building their Eca, so this is my opinion on how Ecaflips are best utilized.

2. Pros of an Earth Ecaflip

  • Very strong end game
  • Good at PVP
  • Good at PVE
  • Great for certain UB’s
  • Awesome combo’s when lucky
  • Heavy single target damage

Cons of an Earth Ecaflip

  • When unlucky, can do terrible damage
  • Tarots can screw your plans a lot (but that’s the thrill of playing an Eca and can be managed at times)
  • No AoE
  • No push skill (besides paws off)
  • Defense isn’t the greatest and is luck based
  • Low resist

3. Skills and Specialties

All skills are very situational, and knowing which spells to use in which situation separates the good Ecaflips from the great.

Heads or Tails (HoTs)
At the cost of 3 AP (perfect amount for God card AoN crit combo) and has the potential to be the strongest spell that Earth has, this skill is great. Although this is a great skill, it can be terrible and most of the time I don’t rely on this as my main source of damage output unless on God Card.

This skill also has a shorter range to other damaging earth spells and its damage isn’t certain all the time. Good skill to use in CC (Close Combat) or leaping from CC and getting backstabs with 4 MP and a great skill to use on God.


Using all your AP that you currently have, it throws it out as damage, pretty straight forward.
The aspect that makes this skill really cool is that at a percentage it’ll hit 2 times (5% each AP to hit again, 10% on Crit). Its range is also quite good however cannot be used within melee range; the drawback to this skill is if you don’t get that second hit off the damage is quite low.
I usually use this skill to 1 hit your targets that are far away and with high crit can be easy to do.

Not a bad skill to main.

On god card, there are amazing aspects of all-in. Each AP on god card is 2% Stun and 5% stun on a crit, so with the 12 AP builds having 15 with god card can get stuns pretty easily. (15 AP = 30% stun, on Crit 15AP = 75% stun). Surprise your friends with stuns all day every day.

This skill can also be used when you’ve burnt most of your AP and you have 1 left. Alternatively on God card, it works great with AoN (All or Nothing) getting extra damage off and trying to stun.

Good skill to use when you have high crit from WS (Winning Streaks). If you don’t have high crit, this skill can be painful to watch. At a 33% chance to heal the target, considerably lowers your damage and would be worse than an all-in that didn’t hit twice. Range is great and can be used in CC; the downside to this skill is that it requires MP and using it as your main skill would hurt your mobility a lot.

On god card, this skill can keep you alive because of its healing effect. Of course you use it when you’re low HP and or you want to sustain levelling without needing bread, but if you want damage on god card I’d rather All-in or HoTs.

All or Nothing (AoN)
Personally one of my favourite skills, this skill is very risky but fun to use. At the cost of 2 AP it’ll do small amounts of damage with a 50% chance to give 2 AP back, on crit this skill will give 3 AP back.
Works great with a 10 AP build and you’re in CC, using 2 Battles and spamming AoN until you get enough AP for another battle if you’re lucky enough or simply a HoT. Or if you want to use leap get backstab and use 2 HoTs and AoN trying to get another HoT off.

On god card, this skill is so much fun. Spamming this spell on the ground or on an enemy regardless what element of Ecaflip you are is a great finish for you turn. You have to work fast with this though, because if they all work and you get an extra 8 AP or 12 AP you won’t have enough time to use it all in 30 seconds if you’re slow.

Three Cards

This spell has great damage, low AP cost for its damage and has great effects with the pickup cards. The biggest drawback is the cost of WP. If you do use this skill as your main damage, you can’t Roll again, cat tree and summon black meow as often as you like.
The cards picked up from this skill are +1 AP, heals enemy (It’s supposed to heal the Eca) and gives – resist to the enemy (It’s supposed to take resist from the Eca). When you crit however, it’ll be 50% +1 AP or –resist.

With the right gear and stats, this skill is quite deadly and reaches 1000 damage without DoQ.

On god card, this skills damage is the same however if you pick up an AP card, it’ll give 2 AP instead of 1.

(This skill is currently bugged, where if you step over a card it won’t pick up that card. It works sometimes though, but never when you need it)

Like I’ve previously mentioned, knowing when to use which specialty is key. The question “which spec should I level?” depends a lot on your play style.


Double or Quits
I don’t like relying on this skill but I tend to use it a lot when I fail a 2x all-in and I just want the enemy dead. This skill of course can change the tide of a fight, but is probably the most risky skill that an Ecaflip has. I wouldn’t get this skill; level 0 is fine for me.

Maxing this skill it is great. Getting out of lock or using it for mobility while getting a damage bonus, I highly recommend it.

Black Bow Meow
With the latest revamp, this spell is such an improvement from the old. Great for Earth eca’s and better for Fire. Maxing it as Earth isn’t necessary, I have this skill on 4 and it works fine on giving me extra WS’s and once over 50 WS it is super easy to rack your WS to 100 (I have 64 base crit so with 40 or more WS its 100% crit) because with every crit, you’ll get 1 WS.
Edit: Due to the update, this skill isn’t worth getting since WS isn’t as good and exploitable as it was before. There are much better things to get now.

Roll Again
Using 1 WP it’ll give you another card and roll your dice again while also giving a small buff. This skill is personal preference once again; I personally didn’t get any point into it. Using it to roll of bad cards is good enough for me.

Cat Tree
The new cat tree is a great defensive skill imo and can be used offensively in the right situations.
When you get hit, there is a 30% chance you’ll teleport around the tree and if you land on it, you’ll be immune to all damage for that turn. I maxed it; however there are situations that this skill doesn’t work in your favour.

  • If you land on the tree and you’re locked, you cannot leap because of stability.
  • If you need to close in on an enemy and the tree keeps sending you back.

Good situations include:

  • Getting away from CC classes or enemies
  • Repositioning
  • Immunity
  • Block LoS (Line of Sight)
  • People that spam spells on you.

For PVP I highly recommend it, for PVE it’s an average skill.


Ecaflip’s Tarot
I think is a must for an Earth Ecaflip, it opens so many possibilities and its quite fun. I’ve previously talked about it in another thread to better work with the cards. For example, turning away from your target in case you summon a cat blocking your LoS before a Roll again or always walking before Rolling again because of the chance of getting the hermit card. The thread talks about it in much greater detail, it is quite out-dated though.
I’m not going to talk about this spec anymore because there are so many situations that you may enter with this card, that’s why I’ll leave the fun for you to find out.

A great guide to find out what each card exactly does is

Click here

Ecaflip Die (Winning Streaks)
This spec is great and has no downsides; it gives free crit damage and crit. There isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t get this skill. If you didn’t already know, you get 1 MP at 50 WS and 1 AP at 75 WS and each shift of the WS gives you an MP or AP accordingly.

There are tricks with black meow that can be used to reach max WS with ease.
Edit: I lied, the MP and AP come at different winning streaks and damage isn’t general anymore, its only fire damage.

Ecaflip Precision
If you’re going for damage, this is the skill you need. I recommend maxing it.

Flealine Army
If you have high enough water damage and at least level 90 Fleahopper, this skill can work. Only go for this skill if you plan to multi element. If not, don’t bother.
Edit: Completely changed, I wouldn’t even look at this skill as earth anymore.

Paws Off
Another defensive skill that has a 1 range CF (Crit Failure) aura, there are so many other specs that you could get instead of this. But if you want to be more defensive, then get this skill.

4. Builds (Updated)

My current build

Skill elements:



Damage vs. Crit
There have been so many debates whether you should get crit or damage, both are good. Personally I’d rather take a massive amount of crit (I have 64 base crit) rather than extra damage. There are too many bonuses that Eca’s get when you crit to pass, for instance:

  • Bonus damage from WS (Crit hit damage)
  • Damage output in general from higher base skills
  • The higher the base crit, the lower WS has to be to ensure crits
  • 3AP from AoN
  • It looks cool

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