Wakfu Starter’s Guide

Wakfu Starter’s Guide by DeepViridian

“How do I earn money” OR “Where do I get ore?” or “What do the points stand for?” …

So far I’ve found wakfu to be enjoyable, but whenever I tell my friends to play after 2 hours of gameplay or less these few question pop up.
Frankly the game itself isn’t very… newbie…nooobie…. starter: : friendly ( EVEN WITH THAT WHITE SLIME


  1. I think Imma write a short happy guide about the game.
  2. Anyone know what to actually sell on the market? Or rather any tips on how to earn money, I mean new players have a hard time with this type of virtual economy
  3. I think someone should start a newbie thread here somewhere. Or is there one and I don’t know about it )

I’ll post all my experiences in the game here.

SYN-TK (Stuff you need to know) for now…

  1. If you need help deciding on your character this is not the thread for that ) in depth character analysis is on the characters page although some of them are slightly outdated.
  2. Money in this game does not grow on monsters, you literally need to MAKE your own money via ores (did that sound as boring and discouraging as it did back there?
  3. The concept of the game is to have a player driven economy, meaning SOMEDAY, there will be enough money circulating around to make everybody happy (though i really do not know how that workso ut for newer players….)
  4. There are NO and I REPEAT.. NO shops out there, NPC teach you professions instead, meaning the money cant go bye-bye, it just goes from player to player, it also means that whatever you need to buy you buy from your fellow hardworking players )
  5. In the game everybody’s a merchant, meaning everyone gets his or her own “Haven Bag” and you can use that to sell sell sell sell se..(falls asleep)
  6. Yes there are quests in game, but they are in the form of achievements please direct yourself to your in game menu for that.

… but seriosuly yes there is an in game ecosystem and countries and you hafta play nice or else… well i really do not know what happens to you other than a deduction to your “citizenship points”



For starters when you start the game you end up in a happy cloudy sheepy place named incarnum-nam whutever ) What you need to do for now is save your slime.

After that apparently you go fight ur first few battles with those rabbits (who doesnt like picking on bunny rabbits …)

After that you can fight some more rabbits and a woodcutting jujuhead
then the game teaches you the concept of making money, via an old dood who asks for a KAMA (kama is the name of the in game currency)

He then lets you through the portal to a giant cat who has 2 optional tasks for you,

  1. Go to dojo to learn how to fight its to the waaaay left gate of the gate
  2. Go to the north and learn about the “ecosystem” i mentioned earlier. This is also where you get your first sell second profession if you count the money making profession as the “KAMA MINTER”

Lets starts with the dojo, basically the giant panda (you cant miss him hes too big and he’s marked with a star on the map which is accessed by pressing M did I also mention that all npc’s are marked with an M on the map? )
Basically he tells you to enter the three rooms in the map (THE ROOMS ARE NEXT TO THE DRUMMING PANDAS I HAD A HARD TIME FINDING THEM SO THERE :| ) )
once you complete the three rooms you can proceed with the other quest.

The other quests basically teaches you a new profession and about the ecosystem, the woflguy will give you a book to read for the trapperprofession and the ecosystem.

For the trapper profession you need to answer his awe inspiring questions and how to become a trapper once again read the book, after that you will notice that there are achievements to be made, so make sure you pay attention.

after all thats done you can now drop down from the cat in the central area, to the real world where you will meet an owl (i feel like a schmuck for talking like this ) ) asking you for thee feathers for who knows what (he uses them to write stuff)

PART TWO by Leibraj

After choosing a nation and going through one’s nation’s HQ zaap for the first time, you will be prompted to go to an NPC which will provide you with a Haven Bag. To sell things while offline, set prices on items left in haven bag and log out inside of haven bag. For marketplaces located in trade bridges, you have to set the time.

Now to make your experience with Wakfu more complete, look for Clan Members and ask them to teach you professions. (Clan Members are marked by stars in your map, press “M” to bring up map)

Summary of Available Professions

1. Miner – Ores and Stones
2. Farmer – Gather seeds from existing crops, sow seeds in fields, reap straw/vegetables
3. Trapper – Gather animal seeds from monsters, plant animal seeds in areas where these monsters grow, harvest resources from monsters (sometimes harvested resource may change depending on whether monster is alive or not e.g. Champ slobber/Champ root)
4. Lumberjack – Gather cuttings from existing, fully-grown trees, Plant cuttings, Chop down fully-grown trees for wood
5. Fisherman – Fish
6. Herbalist – Gather seeds from existing wild plants and flowers, plant seeds in areas where these plants and flowers grow, cut them for their petals/stems

1. Tailor – Makes capes and hats
2. Leather Dealer – Makes boots, bags, and belts
3. Handyman – Makes items for Haven Bag
4. Armorer – Makes breastplates, shields, and shoulder pads
5.Chef – Makes consumable items which give characters temporary bonuses (e.g. +5% wisdom, +5% lock, etc.)
6. Baker- Makes consumable items which restore HP outside of fights
7. Close combat Weapons Master – Makes swords, daggers, and shovels
8. Ranged combat Weapons Master – Makes wands, bows, cards, and needles
9. Area of Effect Weapons Master – Makes hammers, axes, and staffs
10. Jeweler – Makes amulets and rings
11. Kama Minter – Produces Kamas, the currency of the World of Twelve, using ores

*Keep in mind that pure mining and minting is not the only way to make money in this game

PART THREE by Thomasgrox

Currently, the market is very lopsided, in that 5% of the players probably hold 90% of all the kamas. As a result, you’ll see poor people selling things extremely cheaply and this makes them even poorer as rich people buy a profit off their cheap prices.

But anyway:

Citizenship Points

Once you join a Nation, you’ll see a new number appear under your S or W (Stasis or Wakfu bar, which indicates whether you create or destroy more, Stasis indicating killing and Wakfu indicating creating) which is known as your Citizenship Points (CP). In this image, the 1145 is the Citizenship Score. The wreath containing the CP score will grow more green the higher score you have, and more red as it gets a lot below zero.

You’ll also see a monster icon thingy under the clan member portrait (next to the sun). Clicking on that brings up a panel like this.

You’ll see the jar with a picture of wheat has a star, then a value underneath (520-780). This means that the clan member wants between 520 and 780 wheat in his zone. If there are within 520 and 780 wheat in the area (in this case, Farle’s Fields in Amakna) all members of the Nation gain a bonus, in this case, +10 max HP. If these values were not met, the players would NOT receive the 10 HP bonus.

If the value is under 520, this means that the Clan Member (CM) wants more wheat in the fields. This means that you’ll be rewarded with +1CP for planting one wheat (if you plant 10, you’ll gain 10) until the system is balanced again. Consequently, cutting down wheat will render the offender a -3CP penalty. If the wheat is overpopulated, the inverse applies: Players will gain CP for cutting wheat down and lose some for planting. If there is no star icon, or the ecosystem is balanced, your CP won’t be affected, regardless of whether you create or destroy.

If a player has less than minus 49 CP, they are branded an outlaw, and get a cool bandit symbol over their head.

If a player attacks an outlaw, they will NOT cop a -10CP penalty. And if they manage to kill them, they actually gain 10CP! So, if you’re an outlaw, expect to be attacked. A lot. If you get killed, you get sent to prison, which is pretty grim.

Depending on the amount of negative CP you had when you were killed as an outlaw, you will be imprisoned for different amounts of time. The base amount is 6 minutes for -50CP, and scales linearly. In addition, you can hand yourself in with as little as -1CP,and you’ll recieve a 20% time off your sentence. In practice, I find it’s better to murder innocent people first.

If you’re in an enemy Nation, you’ll also become an outlaw just by being there, and in a neutral nation, you’ll become an outlaw by doing anything that would attract a CP penalty in your own nation. On the upside, as an outlaw in another non-allied nation, you can attack people freely without losing CP, so if you feel strong enough you’ll actually be able to kill everyone from the opposition nation. You’ll get no CP for killing outlaws from other nations, but they’ll still go to jail.

By successfully defending a Clan Member attack, you’ll gain 50CP, but considering everyone on the attacking team has to pay 500 kamas to even try, it’s not exactly commonplace.

Lastly, at certain CP levels, you can earn the right to certain bonuses. These include:

Over -50CP: Not an Outlaw.
Over -1CP: People lose 10CP for attacking you.
Over 9CP: You gain the bonuses of the clan membership bonuses, and can participate in challenges.
Over 100CP: You can become a Guard or Soldier, you can vote in elections, you can become any member of government except Governor or Vice Governor.
Over 999CP: You can elect for Governorship (for 100 kamas), you can become a Vice Governor.

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