Dawngate Kindra Tanky Build Guide

Dawngate Kindra Tanky Build Guide by meatvisage

Why build Kindra as a tank

Kindra provides no utility and has the kit of an assassin, she doesn’t feel much like a traditional tank. She is however incredibly good at sticking to enemies. She also gets resets on almost all of her abilities when enemies die, meaning she’ll want to stay alive. Yes, her kit does allow her some potential for safety, especially with invulnerability from her ultimate. If you build her straight power though you run the risk dying because you got hit by a single stun, or dueled by bruisers who have utility, lifesteal, damage, and defensive stats. Kinda doesn’t really have the choice of choosing her battles with an unreliable gap closer. A squishy Kindra has amazing strengths, and can blow up entire enemy teams. However, she is more likely to fall off if she gets behind and is overall more risky since a potential misstep could throw the game in the later stages. Tanky Kindra can take on the onslaught of entire teams, is able to get into the fight easily, and has the opportunity to lose aggro at any time. This is personally my favorite way to play Kindra, you feel invincible and it is fun knowing that prolonged fights inevitably favor you.

Where to play her
I generally play her as a Tactician, supporting either a Gladiator or a Predator. You can also choose to play her as a Predator if you plan on jungling or taking the farm. When supporting play her with either a bruiser, or a carry with some form of escape or crowd control. You have no crowd control yourself and you don’t want your lane partner to die because of that.

What perk to take
Force Bubble is best for mitigating a lot of ranged harass. Brawler is best for early skirmishes. I generally recommend taking Force Bubble, as it is your best tool against the ranged poke that supports like Dibs and Zeri provide. Take Power if you went Predator.

Starting spell and item
I recommend taking Stagger for the kill potential. Deflect is a great support spell though, and you may want Blink for personal safety. Of course take Vanquish if you are jungling.
As your starting item you should either get Life or Power. Get Power if you are the farmer in the lane.

Early game build
Oppression and Glory give you everything you need. You get plenty of health, armor, and magic resist. Coupled with the power, penetration aura, and damaging aura you get from these items this core build gives you good dueling potential and utility. In most cases when laning you will want to get Oppression first. It is hard to find prolonged skirmishes in lane where Glory will be very useful, the power and penetration will generally be stronger. There are two reasons to go Glory first. The first is when you are taking lots of physical harass and need to be able to clear waves at your tower and mitigate physical damage. The second reason to go Glory is if the laning phase ends early and you want the ability to take buff and wells, as well as push lanes.

Finishing the build
Rebirth, Rampancy, and Inevitability are go to items for me. Rebirth gives you a ton of effective health, Rampancy rewards you with damage for building health, Inevitability helps you chase Shapers down and actually provides a bit of utility for your team.
You can get Protection, Stamina, or Unity depending on the enemy’s team composition if nobody on your team is already getting one. These items can especially be strong when you’re ahead, making teamfights very one sided.
If the enemy is grabbing a lot of magic resist then you should get yourself a Destruction. If you are getting any raw damage item in this build then this should be it, as it should vastly improve the damage from sources you already have (Oppression, Glory, Rampancy, base damages). Decay might be another alternative to Destruction. I have not tested yet but the passives seem very beneficial to the playstyle.
Equilibrium and Subjugation are two really strong items for teamfight utility. I would recommend Equilibrium if the enemy team either has two ranged physical carries or is mostly physical damage and auto attack based, otherwise Subjugation is probably stronger.
Faith gives you an immense amount of effective health verses teams with high amounts of magic damage. If the enemy team has two strong magic damage sources and a tank or bruiser who also does magic damage I would recommend picking up this item.
Get Momentum or Stability if crowd control is causing you too much trouble. You want to be able to cast your abilities every time they are up to make the most out of your high survivability, you also want to be able to stick to enemies.

Hope you enjoyed the guide. If you have any suggestions or criticisms don’t be afraid to offer them in this thread.

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