Dawngate Mikella Guide

Dawngate Mikella Guide by Idlys


Predator is better right now, as games are currently being decided by early kills. Eventually, once people start to play smarter and more emphasis is placed on farming Gladiator will be the better option. Until then, however, pick Predator.


When playing Mikella, take Q at level 1, take E at level 2, and W at level 3. Max her skills in the order R > Q > E > W.

Why is this a good idea?

Getting Q first in lane gives you two very important things at level 1. First, it allows you to harass the enemy right off of the bat. Mikella’s Q has a very good range, and deals a lot of damage if it can hit the enemy twice. Getting Q first also allows you to farm easier, which is good in situations where you may be outnumber or just having a tough time in lane.

Since E is your primary escape tool, getting it second is a very safe choice. This also allows you to deal a bit more damage, as your E has a relatively high base damage.

Maxing Q first is a good idea because it increases the damage output of the skill and lowers the cooldown, allowing you to harass your opponents more often.

Maxing E second decreases its cooldown, which is good for the mid game, when you will need to begin kiting the enemies. Additionally, E at its max level deals a lot of damage, more than you would expect for a kiting ability. This gives you some burst and increases your overall damage output.

Even though your W will end up doing the most damage in fights, you should max it last because putting levels into it only decreases its cooldown. It deals the 33%, 66%, and 100% hits at every level, so there is no need to put more than one level into it.


Start with Power and 3 Healing Potions. On your first back, turn Power into Aggression and get Consumption. Finish off Destruction, get Conquest, and finish Voracity. These are your core items.

After that, adapt to the game. Getting Pain will give you more damage, so get it if you are fed. Inevitability is good if you are having trouble surviving fights. If your opponents are getting a lot of armor, Rage is a good buy. Pursuit is good if and only if you are in a good position (very fed or your team is winning the game).


Blink is a good spell to start with. It allows you to both escape (since you are fairly squishy) and secure kills.

Stasis or Deflect is a good option for a second spell. Both offer ways to stay alive longer. Pick whichever one fits your preferences and the climate of the game that you are playing in.

For your third spell, pick up with Stasis or Deflect, depending on what you chose for your second. Your goal is to stay alive, and having both of these will let you do that very well.

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