Dawngate Nissa Beginner’s Guide

Dawngate Nissa Beginner’s Guide by AeoYun

Ok. Hello my name is AeoYun and as I started to play this moba I’ve first time played Nissa. I didn’t know what her spells did at the beginning ( I didn’t even bother reading ) but I realised I’m doing very well ( I was like 5-1-1 with 30 cs above everyone ) . Now that I played her a bit more I decided to write a short guide:


I will include everything here.
– Perks +18 Power
– Gladiator
– Max R>Q>E>W ( Ofc max Q first till you get 6 lol, but always put a point in your ulti when available )
– Other 3 spells ( idk how they are called ) Blink > Shield ( for yourself ) > Shielf ( For others )


As for items.. I always focus on having a decent amount of power early on. Then as fast as I can I get life drain. At this point I can stay and trade with people and while they might need to burn trough pots I can just farm and get my hp back. From mid game More power and more AS! Also as a last item in lategame make sure you get one deffensive item so you don’t get droped in 1 second.

Play style

Early on play her def. try and poke when you can if they have on meele guy who doesn’t stay in the bush. Don’t push! Take care for ganks or you might see yourself dead or just burning your blink. If they dont have a jungler or you are getting really ahead and you can push them to theyr tower and zone them, whenever the wave reaches that point go and farm 1 jungle camp till the wave gets resetted. This gives you even more CS/EXP lead.
Later on you are a carry. You must NEVER engage always let your tank engage and stay in the back throwing everything you have and autoattacking. Also make sure you hit as many as possible with your ulti both times.
Your ulti can be used to steal buffs or ( Idk how the big creep in middle is called ) if you have vision.


Ok this might not be really considered tricks but I’ll post them.
– Your Q is resetting your auto attack. If you attack then Q right away you will deal more damage in lower time.
– If you are chasing or getting chased in small areas pop W and put your E down for the slow.
– Orbwalking/Shiftwalking/Kiting. Not a specific Nissa trick but you must be able to do it. When you get chased by a melee guy just pop W and run. While running stop for a second to attack( and Q right after if you have the distance) then keep running. Like this you will get free damage and they won’t hit you. If you have enough lifesteal you can turn around the sittuation.
– Your ulti is a boomerang. When you throw it and you let the enemy with somewhere at 30 hp and the boomerang is about to come back but they are not on his direction use Blink to put yourself in the dirrection. This is a nice way to secure kills.

I know my guide is quite short but afterall it’s a game in beta and I didn’t play it too much. I can just tell you I enjoy this champion alot.
Proof :

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