Dawngate Sakari Tips and Tricks

Dawngate Sakari Tips and Tricks by ImSmitten

Hey everyone! i’ve been playing a ton of Sakari over the week, and I am absolutely loving her. Here’s the tips and tricks excerpt from my guide to give you guys some fun ideas on how to use some of Sakari’s abilites! Let me know what you guys think of these, if they were helpful, or if you have any more to add to the list! :D

  1. if you’re running away from an enemy melee shaper and they’re right on your tail, place an iceberg under yourself but slightly to the side where the enemy shaper is. this will give you a slight push in the direction that you’re running. you can also do this in quick succession and move your self fairly quickly but it is hard to pull off.
  2. Zone enemy melee gladiators from their CS! place the w iceberg around your minions when they go to farm them and laugh as they struggle.
  3. block the enemy team off of parasites or a spirit well while capturing it.
  4. split the enemy team and zone out half of them for a 5v3 team fight with your icebergs.
  5. when using your e shatter remember that it is a target required ability! so if you get 10 stacks and they walk into a bush which you don’t have warded… You’re SOL. use your e before they walk into a bush, or be quick to place a ward into a bush they’re running to.
  6. q ice lance is a relatively skinny skill shot. when in lane try to fire your q between the melee and ranged minions from the side when they think they’re safe behind them.
  7. when you’ve played a line of w icebergs that the enemy has to run around to escape, you know the path they’re running along so it’s going to make your q ice lance a lot easier to hit! so place a few of them when the enemy is running away for free q s
  8. your w icebergs will also move minions! so when the enemy is trying to hide behind the creepwave, use your iceberg to part those minions like the red sea. then you have a free shot right between them to blast the enemies in the face with your q ice lance.

Edit: added more tips

  1. If the enemy is trying to safe farm under their tower, you can block your own minions using 3-4 ice walls to pull the lane a bit closer to your end.
  2. You can use your icebergs to surround and cage in your opponents
  3. The stun on Avalanche lasts 1.75 seconds. This guarantees you at least two free Ice Lance hits if you wait until you have a clear line of sight before dropping your ult.

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