Lunaria Story Elementalist Star Palace Guide

Lunaria Story Elementalist Star Palace Guide by _lambo

Alright so let’s get to the point.

HP, MDEF, PDEF are useless in Star Palace.
If you know how to not get hit then getting Accuracy, Critical Damage, Critical strike & Attack.
Getting Orange seals of the 4 – ACC, CD, CS & MATK will help a lot in Star palace.

(Keep HP, MDEF & PDEF seals also. Just switch seals for doing different things i.e. Star Palace & Warrior Duel.)

Okay, let’s begin.
In star palace you will notice that they’re 13 mobs to kill each round 1 – 4, 6 – 9 & bosses will appear every 5 & 10.

1st step: Combo Buff.
We all need combo buff for this. 45% is great if you’re able to get. (Easiest place is slasher)
Make sure you have enough time on your combo, cause you don’t want to be messing around inside having to extend the buff.

2nd step: Skills.
Only skills that should be used Star Palace are Normal attack & Explosive Fireball. Unless you got like 15k+ Mana, then all skills would be useful. Having low mana & using all your skills, will not help. Fireball lvl 5 is only 70 Mana, Lightning Rage lvl 3 is 140 mana. When skills miss, lightning rage, that’s 140 mana down the drain when you could of just used 2 fireball attack with 4 attacks that could inflict damage.

3rd step: Keep moving.
Next to fight you need to get all monsters into a stack, keep a distance & attack with number 1 & 2 skills. When the monsters get close you move keep a distance & repeat. Cause if you get hit while they’re in a stack, higher place in star palace you are the most likely you will get killed straight away.

4th step: Boss.
When fighting a boss you must be right next to him. When you see his aura turn red, you move a few steps (left or right) to not get hit. Keeping bosses at a distance while you need to keep running & make space between both of you, it won’t work. Every second counts, so being up and close & moving at the right time to not take any damage would be easier & quicker.

5th step: Eh, collect your winning & don’t forget to reset it each day for extra silver & star spirit. xD

At the time I completed the stages my stats was around: (Level 169 in star palace)
46k Magic attack.
15k Accuracy.
18K+ Critical Strike.
14k Critical Damage.
With around 7.5k Mana.
My might would of been around the 160k+ mark.

Anyway I’m not good at making guides & this is how I get through stages on Star Palace.

Ingame Name: •ĐemoN•
Server: S3 Swamp of Sanios.

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