Lunaria Story Money Sprite Locations List

Lunaria Story Money Sprite Locations List by Chernobyl87

Been planning on doing this for a bit and with the offer of up to 2000 gold for guides figured now seems like a good time.

This guide aims to help those looking for some quick money. Maybe you have done all your quests for the day. Maybe you just need a lil more silver for that wing upgrade. Whatever your reason, I aim to help you here.

I am posting up pictures of the locations of the money sprites in all of the maps. If I have missed any let me know and I will track it down and post it here as fast as I can.

The money sprites spawn once every 30 mins. If you note the times that you kill them you can camp out the spawn points and keep em all for yourself.

Also I hope these are in order. If not let me know and I will fix them up.

Area 1: City Harbor

City Harbor

Area 2: Sea Restaurant

Sea Restaurant

Area 3: Great Ship’s Hold

Great Ship's Hold

Area 4: Undersea Dreamland

Apparently this is the only over lvl 30 map that doesn’t spawn money sprites. If they do spawn and someone finds one, can they screenshot it with its place on the map for me please. It would be greatly appreciated.

Area 5: Seaweed Lane

Seaweed Lane

Area 6: Secret Cage

Secret Cage

Area 7: Snow Mountains/Snowy Mountains

Snowy Mountain

Area 8: Icy Abyss

Icy Abyss

Area 9: Winter River Springs

Winter River Springs

Area 10: Tundra Cave

Tundra Cave

Area 11: Underground Ice Palace

Underground Ice Palace

Area 12: Quicksand Ruins

just a note about the lvl 60 money sprite the range of where it can go is quite large it can be found on the entire bottom floor of the level 60 map

money sprite

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