Kingdoms of Camelot Finding, Enhancing and Upgrading Guide

Kingdoms of Camelot Finding, Enhancing and Upgrading Guide by BadOmen

It really is a never-ending story. As soon as you find one thing that you like and get it upgrading…you will find something else that you like even more. Or…you will just never seem to find that one that you REALLY want.

It’s tedious…I know. It is just like having to hit wilds over and over again to try and find crests for certain cities…you REALLY needed that Lady of Lake Seal and were getting drowned in Sir Kay’s. I think I still have over 100 of those damned Kay’s today…lol.

And…just like the great crest hunts of old…no matter what anyone tells you, there is no “Sweet Spot” to find specific items. Hitting higher level Dark Forests and Barbarian Camps gives you a chance of finding higher level items…but, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are better. Besides, hitting high-level Dark Forests takes troops…and what is the sense in killing off all the troops you are trying to make stronger?

Barbarian Camps work well…but, you have still have to send enough troops to “defeat” it…some folks out there looking for Throne Room items may not have the troops necessary to hit a Lv10 Barbarian Camp. One benefit to this method is that you don’t clog up alliance reports.

One excellent side effect of the Throne Room, is the high numbers of recent inactive players with cities all over the map. LOOK FOR THEM! Find a Lv10-12 city belonging to a player who recently quit (check last login date on scout report) and send some Cavalry at it. I usually send 10 waves of 1 Cavalry each. (AFTER clearing defenses of course). As those attacks land, check your reports to see if any of them gave you a Throne Room item. If so…then keep hitting it over and over and over again to keep gaining Throne Room items. If you don’t get anything in those 10 attacks…move on to another target and possibly try coming back to this one later.

But…you need Aetherstone though… :(

Not a problem…just salvage all the cards you don’t want. You receive a fair amount of Aetherstone for all salvaged items except for “Simple”. So, just keep hitting that city repeatedly and salvaging any un-wanted items for the Aetherstone value.

There you go…Throne Room items AND Aetherstone with MINIMAL troop loss. Not a bad deal at all, if I do say so myself. Plus, if the city is close to you…think about how many times you can hit it. You will be swimming in Throne Room items and Aetherstone before you know it. Sure, they all won’t be useful…but, you will eventually find something you will want to keep, enhance and upgrade.

Just keep in mind…IT TAKES TIME! Nothing in KoC has an instantaneous result unless you have Speed-Ups to make it happen. Remember the Lv10 Relief Station or Lv11 Fletching? I am not a very patient person either when it comes to things like this…but, it is a necessary evil…and sometimes, you just have to wait.

So, now that you have some items in your inventory and your coffers are full of Aetherstone…it’s time to start enhancing and upgrading those items to levels that will make them a LOT more useful. Let’s face it…a Common +0 item doesn’t really come in real handy.

But, you click on the Enhance or Upgrade button and get, yet another…


Sucks doesn’t it? Wanting nothing more than to see that pretty green check mark come up signaling a successful Enhancement or Upgrade…but…you got that damned red “X”…AGAIN…and AGAIN…and AGAIN!?!?

This is nothing but luck…really.

Imagine that inside of KoC there is a 100-sided die and each time you click that Enhance/Upgrade button KoC rolls that die and looks at what comes up…

Well, that is pretty much what happens.

When you first enter the Enhance/Upgrade screen, down towards the bottom you see a pretty colored bar labeled “Success Rate” with a little pointer on it indicating how good your chances are of actually being successful. (in the picture below, the pointer is WAY to the left, just above the “L”).



Well, for every item Quality (Simple, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Wonderous) and every Upgrade level…Kabam has a specific success rate assigned, which is what the pointer shows you. (I think numbers would have been better, but that’s just me).

So, in the picture, we’ll say that that is about a 5% Chance of Success.

When KoC rolls that mythical 100-sided die, in order for me to get a successful Enhancement…it has to land on 5 or a number lower than that (1-5, giving me 5 chances out of 100 for success).

So, it really is all luck and chance. Some days you will get a few successes in a row…other days, you might not see one at all…and it gets worse the higher up you go. So BE PREPARED to see that red “X” mocking you time and time again…pointing out your failures!!

It could be anywhere between 1 try and 1000 tries(or more)…but, eventually you will get that beautiful green check mark and the two of you can go skipping through a field of daisies together holding hands!! Too much? Sorry. :P

What about Tokens, Orbs and all the other items you can spend gems on to increase your chances?

Honestly, I don’t even bother with them anymore. I never really have seen a great deal of “bonus” to them and prefer to save any gems I might get my hands on for portals and speed-ups. I have this thing about using gems on “chance” items where you aren’t guaranteed anything in return for using them…just feels like a waste to me. But…they are YOUR gems…not mine, so do with them as you please.

However, you can craft the Lesser Lucky Tokens in the Fey Spire for “free”. I say “free” because, they do take aetherstone and Bloodstones to craft. So, you will have to find/use that aether and find/craft the Bloodstones for it.  If you are finding it easy to stock up on aetherstone…I suggest you craft the Lesser Lucky Tokens in large quantities and save them for the 2X and 4X events.

As far as the “Activity Bonus” goes…I haven’t had it really help yet either and stopped trying to use it about the day after it came out. But, that also has to do with my gem-spending habits I just wrote about in the paragraph before. I won’t necessarily see a return on the gems I would use to purchase tokens and such that I would need to keep the items from breaking so that I CAN get that Activity Bonus full. Just not worth it to me…I have better things to spend gems on when I get them.

Bottom line, the Enhance/Upgrade system is STILL usable for those people that don’t want to spend tons of money of gems…or that don’t want to spend gems in the Throne Room. Sure, it will take a little while longer…but, it’s FREE…and who doesn’t like FREE? ;)

There is also a new research available in the Alchemy Lab, called “Forgemaster’s Resolve”…which is supposed to increase your chances of success by 1% for each level it is upgraded. So far, at the time I am typing this, mine is at a Lv9 and I still haven’t seen any REAL improvement. So, who knows if it is really helping or not?

Besides, once you get into the higher levels of upgrades, the success rates are so low that I am not sure there is much that could really help.

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