TMQFEL Killing Heroes Guide

TMQFEL Killing Heroes Guide by Pete

Hi all, Pete here.

I want to share some knowledge with you all so I can see more creative and fun to raid castles. Even better is if I have to grind my way into the heart of a castle at the same level as my hero. THAT would be awesome!

For grinding I mean “using all my pots while trying to not be slain and maybe dying in the process“, not chasing running summoners and wasting time.

That being said, I’ll present some points to make your castle deadlier, as well as some insight about the chars, minions and counter-mechanics. Its a long post, so I’ll try to make the sections as small as I can.


First, you have to understand the heroes and how they are both played. As a general rule, all players should use at least one high damage skill, one no cost skill and one movement skill, so they can reposition when needed. Crowd control is nice but not necessary (I use it).

  • Archer – positioning is EVERYTHING. Try to get the minions as much in a straight line as you can. Dont let them get around you. Run and kite a LOT. I MEAN A LOT. And last, you are ranged. Stay ranged, don’t let them close the gap. One more thing: you are SQUISHY! Care for those traps.
  • Knight – get the sustain skill (life regen) and some health. Get those ranged damages out of the way and dont get cornered. You are not as mobile as an Archer, but you can take easely most mob groups and tank a few free hits from traps.


Traps are good for a couple of things:

  • Some traps, as the glue and the wheel, have crowd control effects, as slow and stun.
  • Players will try to avoid it (naturally). Use it to keep the hero around the area you want or to manipulate their movement, e.g. causing them to aggro a mob that normally they wouldn’t.
  • You can also use the spring trap to throw the player into a group of monster that they wouldn’t aggro.
  • position traps smartly. The player will know they are there, but if they have to time their way through it and more time they lose for you. Also its more fun for them because requires more skill;
  • players, CARE ABOUT WHEELS CLOSE TO WALLS. (ubisoft guys, please fix it A.S.A.P.)


Minions are stupid. They have to be so the game is fair for both sides. But minion composition can be smart and give the players some headache. These are some tips about minion compo:

  • a regular hero can easely defeat a 20 defense points group. Better still if they are the same kind of minion (the player has to play against only one mindset). Combining tanky minions with ranged minions is enough to get the player moving a lot around the room. Combine with a trap and they’ll have to avoid 3 things at once;
  • Even with a diversified compo, players will just have to target the main damage dealer, kill it and then get those pesky tanks down (or backwards, but its harder). Position the minions so, when the player move to take the back monster they aggro a new group, having to fight 40 defense points or more at once;
  • make good use of double, triple and quadra pulls (yes, they can happen). New players will fall straight into fighting a 80 Def. Points group (on top of 1 or 2 traps) and pro players will have to kite one group at time avoiding traps, losing time;
  • Know your minion attack times. Snort’s attacks are slow and target the ground, while archers are quickier to aim and harder to avoid, as the bullet flies straight until they hit a wall;
  • Care about each minion’s abilities. The defend-o-tron wall have a cooldown long enough to be able to block 2 smites in a row from a knight, if the player miss the timming of the first one.
  • Some minions have passives that combo with others, such as rage shamman + fists of rage ciclops/pete;
  • Care about abilities that cancel eachother. Ciclops with dash + hungerbots with pull are not that nice together, as those passives do little damage and are only worth to control player movement. But this setting could be interesting if the ciclop gets the player into the hungerbot’s range, then it’s something like a double pull. Never got this strat working, though.
  • Upgrade ALL your active creatures to the last possible level. Its important so they can stand the player’s attacks and be dangerous.
  • Preetty please, challenge the other players, don’t waste their time. That means don’t do running summoners. Killing is much more effective than wasting time and getting killed is much more fun than seeking the last minion.


  • Play with the players mind. Know the most used strategies and do the opposite or at least something to surprise your enemies =] They’ll sure enjoy it!

And if you got surprised with something, rate and leave a comment saying it! Feedback is important to everyone.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading this far. I invite all to come check my castle (I’m always trying new things), but only if you leave a message after about it. All my strat is subliminary in this guide, but I didn’t gave all the gold!

Thanks to all those who died and those who will die in my castle =] I always cheer for you to pass AFTER the first death (I really do)
Thanks to all those who beat it too. You help me make it better.

If you beat my castle, congrats! But shhhh, don’t tell how you did it ;]

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