TMQFEL Defeating Glitch Castles and Boss Tactics

TMQFEL Defeating Glitch Castles and Boss Tactics by Melthus

I have run over 600 castles over the last week or so. Because I see the same, 3 layouts again and again, and because it’s getting beyond stale dealing with them, I’ve decided to write this guide to help others defeat these glitches. It is my hope, that if people know how to deal with these glitch setups, they will become less prevalent. However that is a weak hope at best….

Before I begin I’d like to say that currently I am a level 15 knight. As such this will be a guide for knights. He has been left at level 15 due to me finding that I can get a valuable amount of income from higher and lower castles at this level.

I generally take in 1000 gold and life force per castle attacked, however this ranges. Often i can get 3000 – 5000 from one castle, it depends on how much that player has saved up, and the luck of the draw.

Ok, on to the guide.

1. Layout out : Corner Corridor 01 spam.

Littered with derps/snotters and puppet men/ Dr skull. Also littered with tar or fire mines, or they use a hamster wheel to try force you through mob packs.

This setup is designed by having multiple corner corridor 01’s chained together, and littering the rooms with large chain pulls. It is a delay tactic, that forces you to fight off hundreds of skeletons, and often results in skeleton pathfinding screwing up and having them get caught someplace.

This tends to stop the treasure room opening, even after the boss is killed.

The way to deal with these rooms is simple.

First you need to understand the AI of the puppeteer unit. He will path to the nearest corpse and try to raise a skeleton, this corpse can be quite far away, but he will still seek it out. Often treking to other rooms you have cleared, to raise a fresh corpse.

If there are no corpses around, the puppet man will stand still, and follow the attacker around the castle.

The tactic I use here is simple. I exit the castle, and come back in with dragon king slash.

Instead of attacking monsters, I run through all the corner corridor 1’s rooms and gather all the mobs, making sure they are chasing me. I’m careful not to kill any mobs on the way.

Once this is done, i find some other room, and a nice corner where i can swipe at a group to build up the required mana. Then unleash dragon king slash. If done right, you will kill most chasing mobs and severely weaken the puppet men. Kill all the puppet men and raised skeletons and carry on, knowing that no more skeletons will spawn behind you.

You will have saved a tonne of time this way.

2. Linear corridor 1 or junction chamber 3 triple robo pull.

This is a nasty pull that generally involves 2-3 elite robotron units getting up in your face.

There are various combinations of this pull, some use just 3 elites, some use 3 elites + 3 normal robos with shield mode up.

To deal with the robo’s easily, I recommend learning to play the knight without the use of cleave as a mana builder.

My normal skill set is Smite, Punt, Healing strike and Lash.

With this setup, dealing with Robos is cake.

Its a simple combo that once mastered will see you through these packs with ease.

It goes like this, engage the packs, or activate the chain by pulling/killing/lashing whatever snotter/derp etc that activates the triple pull.

Now use lash on the first robo, this pulls it in and stuns it briefly. If you have a fast weapon, like me. 0.90 attack speed. You can lash, then one melee attack, and then finish it off with punt.

This chain combo, stuns robos twice, makes sure you recieve minimal if any damage, and then pushes the robo away from you, while your lash cooldown comes back up. At this point I generally kite the robos around untill i can repeat this combo again and again.

With good gear, 1- 2 of these should kill a level 14 robo.

The trick with the punt is to punt the robo toward the other 2 robos, not only does this do damage to all 3 but it stuns them all.

Once you have this combo up and running you can easily kite and dispatch this pull effectively.

Infact once you master punt, you can see that it is capable of ALOT of aoe damage, and can aid against lined up groups of archers, groups of skeletons etc.

3.The ultimate glitch. This setup i’m about to talk about is perhaps the most frustrating room setup atm.

It involves castles that have 6+ rooms. Once a player can place 4 rooms they can create a square shape. With this square shape they can link any room with 3 entrances on to another room, so that you can create a cross room mob pull.

Its kinda hard to explain without a picture or diagram, but once you have encountered one, you will know what i’m talking about.

What this pull does is uses a mob pack in one room to aggro a mob in a different room entirely. You won’t be able to see it. Then they use the get stuck on another passive creature glitch, so this mob constantly paths into the wall.

The biggest tell, you are up against this combo is when you find the boss room right next to the entrance, often only 1 room away. But don’t be fooled into believing this is an easy castle.

Often the boss in this room will be Durr, as Durr takes the longest of all the bosses to kill. Due to his 3 forms.

Now once the boss is dead the gate won’t open, because some mob pack you killed on the way to Durr has aggro’d another mob in another room, and hes stuck on a wall/mob someplace.

Often this tactic will be combined with tactic number 1, which is the skeleton, slow mine, corner corridor spam.

The only real way to defeat this dungeon is to fail first, learn the dungeons layout, learn the mob that is the glitched mob, and beeline straight for it. Pull everything else on the way to that room, then dragon king slash them all into oblivion, then go and finish off the boss.

Now boss tactics.

I’m not going to bother with snottingham as he is the easiest to defeat and only has 2 ranged attacks that can be easily dodged.
Mr firesly – Red Dragon.**

He has 4 attacks.

  1. Normal melee bite, physical damage.
  2. Magic damage fire breath, that has a staggered damage over time effect.
  3. Wing buffet. Knocks you away from him and does a small amount of physical damage.
  4. Tail swipe. Knock back/ Stun move, that does a medium amount of physical damage.

Early on as the knight, before you have healing slash, its best to attack Mr firesly from the sides, you will get hit by his wing buffet, but that is preferable to standing in his firebreath.

When he turns to face you, its time to move, wait till he breathes fire in one direction and then engage him from the sides. Keep moving him around in a circle. Avoid the tail, as any stun or knockback, is lost DPS time, and don’t forget you are fighting against the clock too.

Once you are stronger, you can simply face tank this boss with healing strike.

Keep in mind that any attack that does magic damage is generally rather weak against bosses, the exception to this being smite when it crits.

If you want to take this boss down quickly, building up a large mana pool and spamming jab over and over can do alot of damage quickly. Just keep in mind, jab can’t crit.

If your defender has placed income mines in the boss room, you can stand by these and lure the dragon nearby, if you are in the right location the dragon will stop using his fire breath completely, though i imagine this is a glitch.

*Terror Raptor.*

4 moves.

  1. Melee Bite attack.
  2. Tail Swipe.
  3. Stun Roar.
  4. Summoning call.

Early on, this boss can take quite awhile to kill, and it can often be a race against the timer, lets hope you did well clearing out the rest of the castle quickly.

First of all, I recommend pulling this boss to a corner of the boss room. The reason for this is the tail swipe he uses often, will punt you across the room and apply a stun effect. The further away he punts you, the further you have to run back to get back in melee range.

By standing in the corner he will knock you close to him, and you can get back into melee quickly without losing alot of DPS time.

If you are using charge, you can bypass his tail swipe entirely. Simply wait for his “tell” which is the start up animation of whipping his tail around. Once you see this tell, hit charge instantly.

You will charge through this attack, and his swipe won’t knock you down.

You can also use charge when he combos his stunning roar, and tail swipe together. Once you are caught in his stun, there is a second where you will break out of it just before his tail swipe hits you. If you mash the charge key, you will charge out of the swipe in time.

Its important to use healing strike on this fight, not only will it keep you alive, but it increases your defences, reducing the damage you are taking from his melee attacks. Its a good idea to use healing strike, every 15 seconds or so to make sure you have its buff active.

As for the summoned egg adds, I tend to ignore them. However early on, their added damage combined with the bosses damage can overwhelm even healing strike.

Flame coat can help with the adds, it allows you to focus on the boss while the adds get killed by the flames. Flame coat also allows you to be doing damage while you are stunned.

However like all bosses, magic damage does very little damage. Apart from a smite crit.

Your best bet against this boss, is to stand in a corner, and face tank him with healing strike. Kiting him around as the knight, won’t do much.

You can of course move to collect any health globes he may drop.

Early on, i found spamming jab, was a viable way of doing damage to him. Its low mana cost and instant cooldown, make it valuable against boss mobs.

Later on, if you have a high crit and crit damage multiplier, smite will do considerable damage against this boss.


Perhaps one of the longest boss fights in the game, due to his 3 “lives” or transformations.

This boss is often placed near a static flame trap, that will damage any melee attacker.

Durr has a few abilities.

First form.

  1. Drink from mace. – Durr stands still and drinks from his skull mace, this causes him to glow and allows him 3 powerd up ranged attacks.
  2. Ranged attack (While glowing). Durr will stand still and slam the ground where the player is standing, or in the players direction, sending out a purple shockwave that will damage and stun any player it hits. He can use this three times before his buff runs out.
  3. Melee attack, when Durr isn’t high on skull juice, he will simply melee the player. He will walk to the player to do this. This is when you will want to move him out of range of flame traps.

Durr – Second form.

Once Durr has been defeated, he will be revived with less health, however his attacks are now much faster and more powerful. He also moves alot faster, and can chase down easily any fleeing player.

Durr – Third form.

Once Durr has been beaten yet again, he will raise yet again as an elite immortal spirit and slam out an aoe shockwave that is a larger and more powerful version of his first forms strike.

This shockwave is sent out in a fan pattern and does considerable damage to any player it hits.

Lucky for the players, they can simply walk back and forth to easily dodge this attack.

While in this form, Durr takes reduced damage, however his health is quickly falling. If you wait long enough, about 15-20 secs, he will finally die for good.

As a knight, Durr can take a large amount of time to kill. His first form has a large amount of health, close to 6000.

LIke all bosses, he takes very little magic damage, the exception of course being the critical power of smite. If your character is built that way.

Against durr, its best to take advantage of him while hes drinking from his mace, as it allows you to get in quite a few free attacks. Once he starts glowing, he will smash toward your current location. You can easily avoid this attack by moving out the way, and attacking from a different side.

If you do get hit by this attack, you will be stunned. This is bad, simply because the more often you are stunned, the less attacks you are placing on Durr. Given the race against time, you can’t afford to be stunned all the time by his attacks.

Dodge these 3 powered up attacks, and when he stops glowing, simply face tank his melee swipes with healing strike.

Use his melee phase as a chance to move Durr away from any static defences like flame towers.

Once you have taken down his first form, I recommend simply face tanking his second form. His second form doesn’t have alot of health and is quite easy to bring down quickly.

If you try to run he will catch up to you rather quickly.

This third from can be dealt with various ways. I like to stand behind him when he first appears and get in a few free attacks to start the process off.

You can run away long range, and simply wait out his timer, while side stepping his attacks.

Run into another room entirely, to avoid his attacks completely.

Run behind any income mine, as it breaks his line of sight and he won’t be able to attack you.

Or simply stand directly behind him, and circle with him as he turns. If you do this right, you can keep him turning in one spot, and he will either constantly spin around with you, or fire off attacks that miss.

Be warned that the closer you are to him, the more likely you are to be hit by his fan aoe attack.

However its not a full 360 attack.

This attack does alot of damage and at lower levels you will be lucky to survive getting hit by it 2-3 times.

It also stuns.
** Captain Clubbage ….**

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