TMQFEL Fast Progress Beginner’s Guide

The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Fast Progress Beginner’s Guide by trulez

This is all encompassing guide for the best way to progress in The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot.


Below there are two lists of things you should use your blings for, the first list is for everyone, the second one is only for those who have a lot of blings to spend. The item’s are listed in the order of priority.

The essentials for everyone:
a) One additional inventory space (if you got extra space from Double-O package skip this one)
b) Worker’s Cabin upgrade to Rank 2
c) Life Force Boost from the Alchemist
d) Magic Find Boost from the Alchemist
e) Legendary Weapon from the Blacksmith

The big spenders shopping list:
a) Everything listed in the other list above this one
b) Gold Boost from the Alchemist
c) Durrrr from the Summoning Portal
d) Hurry building time when needed
e) Full Legendary Gear from the Blacksmith


The most important things to upgrade in your castle listed in the order of priority:
a) Castle Heart
b) Gold Chest
c) Life Force Chest
d) Hero Trainer
e) Gold / Life Force Mine up to level 6
f) Summoning Portal
g) Research Lab
h) Architect’s Office
i) Alchemist
j) Blacksmith

Early on you should only focus on the top 5 buildings I listed. Those will allow you to get your Hero Levels up fast while not spending currency on things that don’t help you along. If you want to bolster your defenses then upgrade the Summoning Portal and Research Lab but avoid upgrading Architect’s Office if you don’t absolutely need more space for monsters. The Alchemist gives you access to potions, but beyond the first level where the Boost potions are available you shouldn’t need to upgrade it. The Blacksmith is absolutely useless building UNLESS you have a lot of extra Blings to spend, only then should you upgrade the Blacksmith. If you ever find your self stuck at any particular Hero Level because you can’t kill monsters of your own level then you might want to upgrade the Blacksmith to access the higher level gear, but that shouldn’t be needed in most cases.


Simple rule, you don’t upgrade them.
Upgrading monsters also increases their cost at the Summoning Portal so you end up hurting your self a lot in the long run if you start upgrading your monsters from the get go. If you have extra Life Force that you want to spend then buy monsters from the Summoning Portal so later when you need more of them in your castle you already own them. When you reach a castle level of about 18 you should make an extra effort and get all the monsters you think you might need for the near future, and when you’ve bought those monsters only then you start upgrading. Doing it this way will save you a metric ton of Life Force in the long run.


1) Fill your castle with nothing but Derps, upgrade those Derps
2) Invite one player to be your friend (you can invite me if you like)
3) Issue a challenge to your friend where the target is your castle, choose 1 hour of completion time, choose level adjustment of 4 levels below the level of your Derps for maximum experience
4) Run that challenge over and over again, and you will get all the gold, life force, and experience you’ll ever need

Remember to refill your castle with more Derps between levels, and upgrade the Derps along the way. You can, and should, switch to someone elses Derps farm as soon as possible in order to save your resources for something else. Here’s a list of few of them.

Sparkky => Derp lvl 6
Abyss => Derp lvl 14
Subseven => Derp lvl 22

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