Forsaken World All Titles List

Potent – No.1 in Level Ranking

Wealthy – No.1 in Wealth Ranking

Elder – No.1 in Guild Level Ranking

Benefactor – No.1 in Guild Wealth Ranking

Zealot – No.1 in Guild Zeal Ranking

Test title – Max HP +1

………….. – Max Mana +1

………….. – Attack +1

………….. – Defense +1

………….. – Accuracy +1

Rotulor Flagbearer – Your name flies on the flag.

Emperor’s Vanguard – Not even the sands of time can stop you.

Lighthouse Sentinel – You provide the guiding light for all.

Welkin Watcher – All that’s left to do is wait.

Gladiator – Even the gods acknowledge your skill in battle.

Pet Whisperer – You have spent a ton of time getting to know pets.

Bomb Disposal Expert – You protected Freedom Harbor from being blown up by the Storm Legion.

Herald of Justice – You fight for justice in the eternal battle between good and evil.

Killer – The World Bosses of Kalaires Plain were no match for you.

Slayer – Killing World Bosses is becoming your new hobby.

Butcher – World Bosses are falling like lambs to the slaughter.

King of the Jungle – You have earned the loyalty of various pets.

Trial Novice – You have tested the waters of Gods’ Trial.

Trial Regular – You are familiar with the ways of Gods’ Trial.

Trial Veteran – Gods’ Trial is just another notch on your belt.

Trial Expert – You could probably make it through Gods’ Trial blindfolded.

Queen’s Guardian – All hail the Queen!

Prophet – Listen to the gods,help them carry out their will.

Ravager – World Bosses now bow in your presence.

Societal Fledgling – Understanding of basic social skills.Freshman in society.

Skillful Negotiator – Good at persuasion. You successfully persuade almost anyone.

Psychologist – Words are your weapons. You outwit your opponents.

Wordsmith – Your negotiation skills are unmatched.

Interrogator – You get to the truth.

Intellectual – You don’t just use language,you fully understand it.

Judge – You draw the line between good and evil.

Director – Everyone else is just a puppet for you to play with.

Legend – Your name has spread through Eyrda like wildfire.

Paragon – Everyone in Eyrda looks up to you.

Harbinger – Your words will come to pass.

Homeland Security – You are sworn to protect Aurora County.

Adult Dwarf – After completing the ceremony,you’re considered an adult Dwarf.

A Pious Heart – You have received a blessing from the High Priest.

Heir of the Blood – After awakening the power of your ancient bloodline,you’ve become a real Kindred.

Lenasha Guardian

New Protector – With Solarien as your guide,may you receive Tytan’s blessing.

Deceiver – You always break promises.

Glutton – You enjoy food. A lot.

Greedy – There is more to life than money,but what do you care?

Immoral – You enjoy the sinister side of life.

Prodigy – You are a master of puzzles.

Orator – Your speech is well mannered and eloquent.

Psychic – Capable of reading the deepest thoughts of others.

Executioner – You were also the judge and the jury.

Destroyer – You leave nothing but destruction in your wake.

Light of Lenasha – There will be no tears shed under your guiding light.

Hatred Creator – You help others discover their inner hatred.

Valorous – You’ve been approved as a real warrior.

Lionheart Navy – Private – Military rank of the Lionheart Navy.

Lionheart Navy – Corporal

Lionheart Navy – Sergeant

Lionheart Navy – Lieutenant

Lionheart Navy – Captain

Lionheart Navy – Major

Lionheart Navy – Colonel

Specialist – Your knowledge of goods is limited to a specific area.

Tycoon – You are adept at selling anything to anyone.

Dawning Light – You have achieved a few things.

Admirable Adventurer – You have achieved a good amount of things.

A Rising Star – You have achieved a great deal of things.

Sebestimated – WTH does this even mean!?

World Shaper – You were one of the first in Eyrda.

Scavenger – Wealth is your motivation!

Dexterous – Nothing escapes your grasp, no matter how small or fast it may be.

Perfectionist – Your Life in the Harbor is going along smoothly.

Absolute Perfectionist – Your Life in the Harbor is ideal.

Slacker – Your Life in the Harbor is full of time wasting.

Lucky – Your hard work for the Free Life Camp has finally paid off!



Annihilator – Soon, all that will be left is you.

Boss – You kill things like a Boss.

Shining Light – You are a true hero.

Quick – You are very fast. Acquired by procuring 40 antiques.

Quicker – Can you be even faster? Acquired by procuring 50 antiques.

Quickest – Can’t be faster. Acquired by procuring 60 antiques.

Seminar Apprentice – You have taken the first step on the path to knowledge.

Flame Wielder – You’ve mastered the flames as if they were your own limbs.

Sealer of Fire – Fire never matters.

Controller of Waves – Rivers flow as you direct them to.

Tide Bender – The tides cannot harm you.

Wind Dancer – You enjoy dancing with the wind.

Staller of Wind – The wind stops in front of you.

Mountain Bearer – Your excellent Earth mastery makes you a part of the land.

Rock Breaker – Rocks are too feeble for you.

Harbinger of Light – Shining like the stars.

Light Devourer – The force that stops the light.

Darkness Dweller – Nowhere is better than the dark.

Darkness Dispeller – Let the shadow beneath your feet fade into nothingness.

Exemplar of Power – Your Physical mastery makes you unstoppable.

Blade Smasher – Physical attacks are too weak to harm you.

Fire Conjurer – Your knowledge of fire is unmatched.

Ender of Heat – You are the one who the fire fears.

Wave Controler – A good friend of Ocean of Hope.

Tide Breaker – Everything of water element frowns when facing you.

Wind Rider – The wind is what you travel with.

Wind Traper – The howling wind kneels down before you.

Child of Earth – You are the child loved by the land.

Land Cracker – Ripping the land open is no harder than breathing.

Herald of Radiance – Brilliance is what you give.

Light Gnawer – The aurora is just a piece of cake.

Cenobite of Darkness – Darkness is the way you meditate.

Darkness Melter – The night will retreat,giving place to the advent of dawn.

Sovereignty of Power – A wood club is capable of serving as your deadly weapon.

Blade Cracker – Physical attack is just a big fat joke.

Pyro Artist – You don’t need to command the fire. Flames willingly serve you as their master.

Frozen Stasis – Flames? What are flames?

Dominator of Ocean – You are the cause of tsunamis.

Saboteur of Water – Even the gods cannot defeat you with the power of water.

Storm Manipulator – People will see you, the architect of wind, if only they have the chance to enter the core of the storm.

Storm Tamer – The storm crouches at your feet like a kitten.

Paragon of Earth – Mountains will rise upon your command.

Discord of Land – You are the fear that haunts the land.

Light Channeler – You are the sun.

Black Hole – Even the sun gives way to you.

Total Darkness – Darkness is your soul.

Purger of Darkness – You remove the darkness deep inside the spirits of all.

Ultimate Force – The ignorant recognize your finger as a devastating sword.

Power Expunger – Offending you is like committing suicide.

Warden – You suppressed the riot in The Forgotten Prison.

Endeavoring Spirit – You have achieved a ridiculous amount of things.

Workaholic – You have achieved an insane amount of things.

Marvel – Your achievements are unmatched.

Unveiling Hand – No secret escapes you.

Treasure Hunter – You travel all around the world searching for treasure.

Passionate – Roses are the symbol of love.Deliver your love with no delays.

Dream Guide – Dreams are your new passion.

Dream Conductor – Dreams are your new reality.

Desert Savant – You have a valuable expertise.

Woodland Savant

Gloomy Savant

Acute Angler – You are the Fishing Contest Champion.

Shimmering – You are radiant.

Star of Luck – You have been blessed by the gods.

Star of Wealth

Star of Charisma

Star of Perfection

Star of Freedom Harbor – You have been blessed by the citizens of Freedom Harbor.

Bloodthirsty – You are a battlefield legend.

Gladiator – You are an arena legend.

Eyrda Elite – You are one of the chosen.

Raptorex Champion – Master of the mighty Raptorex,Tytan’s gift to the powerful.

Wealth Master – You gained wealth at an unmatched rate.

Achievement Master – You achieved greatness.

Enhancement Master – You took care of your gear.

Job Master – You worked hard.

Chief Detective – You went for the gold, and got it.

1st Detective – You got 1st place! Very nice.

2nd Detective – You got 2nd place! Not bad.

Spooky Candle Master – Forsaken World-Halloween 2011

Witness – You were there to see the wonder.

Spokesperson – You are a mentor for new members.

Drill Sergeant – Those who were mentored by you become strong leaders themselves.

Pioneer – You were one of the very first to experience the world.

Winter Festival Participant – The Winter Festival brought you luck!

Lucky Winter – You’re the Lucky Dog of the Winter Festival!

Light of Winter – You have been blessed by the gods.You will have good luck in the new year!

Nightfall Warrior – Logged in for the Nightfall Expansion

Forsaken Anniversary – Forsaken World 2012 Anniversary!

Super Rabbit Savior – You saved the Rabbit!

Golden Noble – You are a billionaire!

Noble’s Fan Club – You are a fan of billionaires!

Proud Sharer – You were a good child.

Legendary Wealth – You are among the richest in the world.

Forsaken Veteran – Forsaken World Player since March 2011

$S’s Husband – My love is like an ocean,with boundless skies and endless depths.

$S’s Wife – My love is like a rose,whose beauty shall be cultivated and preserved.

$S’s Prince – My love is like the sun,burning bright and bathing you in light.

$S’s Princess – My love is like a star,eternally shining and watching over you.

Love Festival Ambassador -You were one of the most popular people during the festival.

Trickster – You have tricked a lot of people.

Sad Clown – Smiling is even more painful than crying.

Potential Master – You know the first steps to being a Master.

Associate Master – You know something about being a Master.

Master – You’ve become a fine Master.

Senior Master – You are getting better every day.

Resident Master – You are respected by other Masters.

Master Director – You are one of the top Masters.

Grand Master – You are the most respected Master in all of Eyrda.

Inspired – You participated in April Fools’ Day.


Fighter for Eyrda – You participated in the website event.

Calydonian Boar Hunter – One day you will hunt the Calydonian Boar King.

Calydonian Boar Killer – The Calydonian Boar King looks like breakfast to you.

Calydonian Boar Slayer – The Calydonian Boar King trembles in terror when he sees you.

Calydonian Boar Butcher – You are the Calydonian Boar Butcher!

Calydonian Boar Predator – You have mastered Calydonian Boar hunting. It’s bacon time!

Traveler of Antus – You have received a reward!

Gardener of Antus – Friend of Antus

Guest of the Feast – You love Antus’ Fruit.

Relentless Master – You never grow tired of tutoring others.

Respected Master – You are respected by everyone for your tutoring skills.

Renown Master – You are renown for your tutoring skills.

Tireless Master – With over 50 Apprentices, you truly are a Master.

Persistant – No matter the challenge, you put your head down and power through.

Guess Champion – There is nothing you don’t know!

Guess Master – You know the world better than anyone else.

Prediction Master – You got everything!

Future Master – You can see into the future.

Guess Talent – You are up and coming!

Guess Idol – You are really talented!

Guess Superstar – You are amazing!

Gold Medalist – You slaughtered everyone in your path.

Silver Medalist – You sliced your way through the rankings.

Bronze Medalist – You deafeated most of your competition.

Friendly – You were one of the first to band together!

Trendy – You are a fashion leader.

Thinking of Love – Your love extends through time and space.

Dreaming of Love – You love goes beyond the bounds of reality.

True Love – Your love is eternal.

$S’s Love – Your love speaks in tender tones.

$S’s Beloved – Your love is out in the open.

$I Love $S – You shout your love from a mountaintop!

Forever With $S – Your love lasts forever.

Flower March – Part of the Four Seasons Chorus.

Rain and Wind

Potential – You have the potential to be a star!

Ambassador of Eyrda – You represent Eyrda!

Midsummer Night’s Light – Your face glows

Midsummer Night’s Dream – You have good taste.

Pyrotechnician – Keep playing with fire!

Braved the Lands – You obtained a special card!

Summer Warrior

Skirmisher – You won a small scale battle.

Combatant – You won a large scale battle

Nursery Rhymer – Participated in Pure Sound Activities during Children’s Day.


Nursery Rhyme Fan

Trainee – You are training to fight against the Storm Legion.

Champion – You are prepared to fight the Storm Legion.

Landlubber – You have turned in a handful of Lures.

Scalawag – You have turned in a quite a few Lures.

Cabin Boy – You have turned in a good amount of Lures.

Crewman – You have turned in a bunch of Lures.

Helmsman – You have turned in a whole lot of Lures.

First Mate – You have turned in a boatload of Lures.

Captain of the High Seas – How did you get that many Lures?

Dedicated – Your Total Login days are a wonder to all!




Amazing – Your devotion has been noted!




Superb – Why stop now?






Deific – You are practically a god in this land!

Scurvy Dog – You look like a pirate!


Trailblazer – You look like an adventurer!

Performer – You look fashionable!

Cultist – You look a bit spooky!

Tribal – You look exotic!

Fashionable – You look fantastic!

Charming – You look fancy!

Classy – You look stunning!

??????? – You look spiffy!

Kitten – You look like a kitten!

Festive – You look very festive!

Whimsical – You look enchanting!

Elegant – You look beautiful!

Adorable – You look like a busy bee!

True Love – Your love comes with no regrets

Romantic Love – Your love is sweet.

Sleek – You look very stylish!

Trendsetter – You look trendy!

Cute – You look so cute!

The Law – You are ready to fight crime!

Sophisticated – You look amazing!

Abracadabra – You look ready for some magic!

Giggles – You look goofy!

Furry – You look like a rabbit!

Natural – You are naturally cool looking.

Fairy – You look mystical

Big Bad Wolf – You look fierce.

Little Red – You look innocent

Hip – You look adorable!

Cowboy – Owner of Cowboy Series Fashion

Wild Cowboy

Dude – You look like a surfer!

Smooth – You look relaxed.

Regal – You look like a cartoon prince!

Belle of the Ball – You must like bows… A lot.

Flame of Dawn – You look so calm

Light of Rainbow

Wizard – You are adept with magic.

Foxy – You look cool!


Annual – Witness of Forsaken World’s 1st Anniversary.

Sutherland’s Friend – Sutherland’s comrade in arms, special title for Forsaken World’s 1st Anniversary.

Morin’s Friend – Morin’s comrade in arms, special title for Forsaken World’s 1st Anniversary.

Civilian’s Friend – Freedom Harbor civilians’ friend, special title for Forsaken World’s 1st Anniversary.

Storm Destroyer – The destroyer of the Storm Legion, special title for Forsaken World’s 1st Anniversary.

High Chief – The first person to reach Lv80 on the server!

High King – The first person to reach Lv80 on all servers!

Bloom of Glory – Advanced VIP

Heritage of Glory – Premier VIP

Cavalier – A noble member of the Eyrda Knighthood!

Knight Templar – A high ranking member of the Cavaliers!

Inquisitor – The leader of the Knights Templar.

Flame of Aerolite – You look so calm.

Light of Color – You look so cute.

Twin Emperor’s Bane – The owner of Inferno Shadow series collections,need to finish the achievement: Inferno Shadow

Forsaken Anniversary – Celebrating a year of Forsaken World!

Knight – An honorary title celebrating The Arena’s first Season!

Knight Errant

Cavalry Knight

First Knight

Dragon Knight

Arena Lover – Gained the Arena Lover achievement and the first season Arena rewards.

Weekend Warrior – Gained the Weekend Warrior achievement and the first season Arena rewards.

Combat Professional – Gained the Combat Professional achievement and the first season arena rewards.

Combat Master – Gained the Combat Master achievement and the first season arena rewards.

The Girl from Ipanema – When you walk, you’re like a Samba!

Blame it on Rio – You only live once, but it does help if you get to be young twice.

Prefect – Oh! Are you a Prefect? You should have said something.

Enchantress – You’re the cleverest witch of your age.

Pilot – Master Flying Lv1

Aviator – Master Flying Lv2

Flying Ace – Master Flying Lv3

Red Baron – Master Flying Lv4

Sky Captain – Master Flying Lv5

Storm Racer – Master Flying Lv6

Star Grazer – Master Flying Lv7

Twilight Waltz – Event title of Call of Dawn!

The Great Explorer – Completed the Adventurer Event 1500 times

Traveling Sage – Completed the Experience Event 1500 times

Hero of Aepelio – Complete the Raisinger Daily Events 150 times

Elemental Master – Complete the War of Elements Event 1200 times

Pets’ Best Friend – Complete the Creekbank Valley Event 450 times

Beast of the Slaughter – Complete the Castle of Ghostfang Event 300 times

Time Warper – Complete a Fissure 300 times

Golden Hook – Complete the Fishing Event 150 times

Gold Digger – Complete the Gold Rush Event 450 times

Staunch Defender – Complete the Harbor Crisis Event 150 times

Bibliophile – Complete the Good Learner Event 600 times

Star Catcher – Complete the Star Light Event 750 times

Aromatic – Complete the Perfumer Event 150 times

Twilight Master – First in the Leveling Event!

Master, Master!

Little Spy – Recorded everything in Eyrda!

Singer Star of Eyrdan – You won the 1st place of covering the theme song!

Angelic Voice – The Best Single Player Award

The Best Band – The Best Group Award

Eyrdan Music Enthusiast – The Best Cover Award

Sky Dancer – You won 1st place in the Flying High competition!

Cross-server Emperor – Champion of the 1st Cross-server match!

Cross-server Elite – Runner-up of the 1st Cross-server match!

Cross-server Warrior – Third-place of the 1st Cross-server match!

Cross-server Expert – Forth-place of the 1st Cross-server match!

2012 Happy New Year! – 2012 Happy New Year!

High Flyer – You won a prize in the Flying High competition!

Twilight Defender – Owner of the Twilight Raid suit

Twilight Follower – Owner of the Twilight Grace suit

Lady of Beauty – Received 9 roses

One Singular Sensation – Received 99 roses

Aphrodite – Received 999 roses

Love’s Companion – Received 9 blessings

Deep Love – Received 99 blessings


Mrs. Claus -Christmas fashion

Santa Claus

Super Star – Best singer

New God – Forsaken World event winner!

2011Super Elite – Superstar!

Wannabe – Imitation award

Eyrda’s Got Talent – Cover music award

Disciple of Love – Romantic Valentine’s Day!

Angel of Love

New Year Messenger – Blesser fashion

Palace Saint – Saint fashion

Otaku – I just don’t want to go outside!

Queen – Hurray!

The Ordinary– I have nothing special

The Flatulent – I know everything and I’m the best!

The Stupid – I don’t know…

The Calm – Calm down.

Confessor – I want to tell everybody in the world

Beauty – You are the most beautiful!

The Legendary Lover – Love letter writing award

Returned Hero – Welcome back!

King of Humor – You have heard a lot of jokes

Elite of Humor – I like laughing

Joker – Most Likely to have been the Class Clown

Featherwit – I don’t understand the world

Friend of the Forest – You are lucky

Spring Priest

Forever Young

Cupid – The lucky one

Prince – Sweet love


Redeemer – Special Title for Redeption Day

Lord of White

Wondering Ghost

Hellboy – Owner of Hellboy Fashion Set

Pure Maid – Owner of Pure Maid Fashion Set

Fiend Servant – Owner of Fiend Servant Fashion Set

Dark-faced Evil Spirit – Owner of Dark-faced Evil Spirit Fashion Set

Good Boy – Special Title for Children’s Day

Little Caesar in Kindergarten

Member of Eyrda Kindergarten

2012 FWIC 3rd Place – Increased Health by 150 (Granted when you earned the title) Won the bronze medal in the 2012 FWIC event!

2012 Cross-server Competition in Spring No.2 – Upper Limit of HP + 100 Upper Limit of HP + 100 Upper Limit of HP + 100 Upper Limit of HP + 100 Upper Limit of HP + 100 (Come into force when gained the effect) Runner-up of 2012 Spring Cross-server PK Competition!

2012 Cross-server Competition in Spring No.3 – Upper Limit of HP + 75 Upper Limit of HP + 75 Upper Limit of HP + 75 Upper Limit of HP + 75 Upper Limit of HP + 75 (Come into force when gained the effect) The 3rd of 2012 Spring Cross-server PK Competition!

Participant of 2012 Spring Cross-server Competition – Participation Award of 2012 Spring Cross-server PK Competition!

Witness of 2012 Spring Cross-server Competition – Consolation Prize of 2012 Spring Cross-server PK Competition!

The Star Falls – Owner of the Legendary Weapon ‘Disaster Star’

Blood Lineage – Owner of the Legendary Weapon ‘Bloodline’

Trust No One – Owner of the Legendary Weapon ‘Betrayal’

Dragonsbane – Owner of the Legendary Weapon ‘Dark Dragon Blood’

Unknown Disaster – Owner of the Legendary Weapon ‘Inferno Shadow’

Dust To Dust – Owner of the Legendary Weapon ‘Ashes of Hope’

Life eternal. Power unlimited – Owner of the Legendary Weapon ‘Bloodrite’

Even Gods Shall Weep – Owner of the Legendary Weapon ‘Resurrection’

Shooting Star Tears the Night Sky – Owner of the Relic Shooting Star

Take Charge of Life and Death – Owner of the Relic Will

Light-footed like shadow, agile like lights – Owner of the Relic Shadow Light

Invisible waves of Dragon blood, fangs of fate – Owner of the Relic Dragonfang

Dreamland of world, mirage of magic – Owner of the Relic Phantom

Disaster ends, hope befalls – Owner of the Relic Hope

Soulf of fight, Sacrifice of bloold – Owner of the Relic Power of Blood

Nightmare will elapse, life revives – Owner of the Relic Sound of Reviving

Huffy Tyrant – Midsummer Night Title

Midsummer Night Love – Love Song of Summer Night

Disaster Reborn – Completed the quest to upgrade an Eternal Belief weapon

Water Dragon – Special Title for the Dragon Boat Festival

Famous Writers and Poets

Boat Racer

Hip-Hop Boy – Owner of Hip-Hop Boy Serial Fashion

Magic Girl – Owner of Magic Girl Fashion Set

German Football Fanatic – Owner of German Team Shirt Fashion Set

Spanish Football Fanatic – Owner of Spain Team Shirt Fashion Set

English Football Fanatic – Owner of England Team Shirt Fashion Set

Italian Football Fanatic – Owner of Italy Team Shirt Fashion Set

Dutch Football Fanatic – Owner of Holland Team Shirt Fashion Set

French Football Fanatic – Owner of French Team Shirt Fashion Set

Moneycopper – Participated in Counterstrikers event

Agent Provacateur – Participated in Counterstrikers event

Live and Let Resurrect – Participated in Counterstrikers event

Soul Diamonds Are Forever – Participated in Counterstrikers event

From Eyrda with Love – Participated in Counterstrikers event

Bad Romance – J’ai ton amour et je veux ton revenge

Peacocking – LOOK AT ME!

I’m an assassin. Shhh – Reached level 80

Lightning Bolt! – Reached level 80

Boom. Headshot. – Reached level 80

Step 4: Prophet – Reached level 80

Pied Piper – Reached level 80

Take Nothing for Granite – Reached Level 80

Team Edward – Reached level 80

Leeeerooooy – Reached level 80

Player – First level of Purchaser Rewards

Club Member – Second level of Purchaser Rewards

Cleric – Third level of Purchaser Rewards

Lord – Fourth level of Purchaser Rewards

Knight – Fifth level of Purchaser Rewards

Noble – Sixth level of Purchaser Rewards

Baron – Seventh level of Purchaser Rewards

Viscount – Eighth level of Purchaser Rewards

Earl – Ninth level of Purchaser Rewards

Marquess – Tenth level of Purchaser Rewards

Duke – Eleventh level of Purchaser Rewards

Monarch – Twelfth level of Purchaser Rewards

Hang Ten! – Surf’s up, dude!

Bird of Paradise – When you look at me, when you think of me, I am in paradise.

Wheat – N/A

Harvest Festival Envoy – N/A

Frostgale Fjord Icebreaker – Icebreaker Lord

Frostgale Fjord Icecracker – Icecracking Expert

2012 Championship Participator – Glory Symbol Title

2012 Championship Top 5 – Upper limit of Health + 50

2012Guild Baby – All attention!

Heartthrob – The ladies love you!

Sister Goddess’ Close Friend – Sister Goddess’ Close Friend

Wolf’s Soul – Wolf’s Soul

Wolf’s Love – Wolf’s Love

The Brave Return – The brave warriors who return to Eyrda continue to fight

Lansys Exile – You escaped from Lansys, but you will return there one day!

Witness to Miracles – The rewarded title of ‘Call of Dawn’ event

Intern War Correspondent – 2012 Cross-server Intern War Correspondent

War Correspondent – 2013 Cross-server War Correspondent

War Correspondent Star – 2014 Cross-server Competition War Correspondent Star

Eyrda Devotee – Grand contributor of Eyrda

Fate’s Dispatch – The Wheel of Fortune moves slowly

Humorous Prosperity – You’ve done so well, you can’t help but laugh in joy

Sanguine Circle – Member of Sanguine Circle Cavalry

Magic Academy Graduate – Forsaken World two-year anniversary celebration, singing all the way.

Heritage of Glory(Occupying)– VIP Unique Title

Shaman – Ting tang walla walla bing bang.

Huntress – Ooo eee oo ah ah!

Abandon – Upper Limit of Health + 150 (This goes into effect when gained) 2012 Xserver PK Champion

………….. – Upper Limit of Health + 100 9(This goes into effect when gained)2012 Xserver PK Contest 2nd place

2012 Xserver PK Contest 3rd place – Upper Limit of Health + 75 (This goes into effect when gained) 2012 Xserver PK Contest 3rd place

Guild Participated 2012 Xserver PK Contest – The participation reward from 2012 Xserver PK Contest 2nd place

2012 Xserver PK Contest Qualifying Guild – Qualifying reward from the 2012 Xserver PK Contest

2012 FW International PK Contest Champion – (This goes into effect when gained) 2012 FW International PK Contest Champion

2012 Xserver PK Contest 2nd place – (Increases Health 150) 2012 Xserver PK Champion

………………………………………………….. – (Increases Health 100) 2012 Xserver PK Contest 2nd place

Leader of the Pack – Leaders are born, not made.

Call of the Wild – We all heed the call, eventually.

Blood Traitor – Cause baby, there ain’t no mountain high enough, Ain’t no valley low enough, Ain’t no river wide enough, To keep me from gettin’ to you,baby!

Compensated – I demanded compensation, and all I got was this lousy title.

Hero of the North – special title exclusive to purchasers of the Hero of the North Founder’s Pack

Guardian of Neverwinter – special title exclusive to purchasers of the Guardian of the North Founder’s Pack

Neverwinter is Coming – special title exclusive to purchasers of the Neverwinter Starter Kit Founder’s Pack

Forsaken Aniversary – Celebrating two years of Forsaken World

Forsaken Original – You’re a true original

Hungover – Exclusive title granted to the War of Shadows Screenshot Contest Winners

Supernova – I survived the Nova Pack Rollback!

Phoenix – Welcome Back!




Charged Up

Hey, big spender!

Title flavor text

US Title 18 – N/A

US Title 19 – N/A

US Title 20 – N/A

VIP Title

Golden Supreme


Fated to Love You – It was destiny

3v3 Arena Overlord – Max Health + 300

King of the 3V3 Arena

6v6 Arena Overlord

King of the 6V6 Arena

Infernal Majesty – All Masteries + 1

Conqueror of the 50th round of Hell Road

Boundless and Everlasting

Purchaser Birthday Title

Sweet Love – 2013 Valentine’s Day Pack Title

Forever Love – Forever Love Set Owner

Summer Song – Summer Song Set Owner

Lord of Roses – Owner of the Rose Lord fashion set

Queen of Hearts – Owner of the Heart Queen fashion set

Lovesick – You have received 9 Spring Roses

Love Song – You have received 99 Spring Roses

Fume Blanc – You have received 999 Spring Roses

Expecting a Girlfriend – You have sent out 9 Spring Roses

Sweet Valentine’s Day – You have sent out 99 Spring Roses

Love You Forever – You have sent out 999 Spring Roses

Childhood Sweetheart – You have received 3 Spring Roses

Young Love – You have sent out 3 Spring Roses

Superman – Upper Limit of Health + 300 – Tough as steel

Androgenous Spider Person – Evasion + 9 – The powers of a spider and the sexual dimorphism of a cephalopod!

iHawk – Accuracy + 12 – The most hipster super-hero EVER.

Positive Energy – Outgoing

Above Average Man – Max Health + 1000

Nurse Weird – Max Mana + 1000 – You’re a Mystical Med School drop-out!

Weapon W – Attack + 50 – Did you just…tape knives to your hands?

Invincible Sodium Man – Defense + 20 – Iron is easy mode, you want a challenge? TRY SODIUM!

Forsaken Star – You’re the shinest star!

Pure Prince – Pure love, pure heart

Pure Princess – Pure you, and me

Fatal Fury – Max HP + 300

Love Legend – For White Day

Prayer – The owner of Prayer fashion set

Herald Saintess – The owner of Herald Saintess fashion set

Rainforest Rogue – The owner of Rainforest fashion set

Daughter of Leafspirit – The owner of Leafspirit fashion set

Innocent and Pure! – Special title of Forsaken World

You’re in Big Trouble!

Eyrda Contributor

I Love Diaoyu Islands!

Forsaken Style

Good Friends

Five Hundred Bottles – During Carnival drinks 20 Gin, Vodka, Rum,Tequila and Brandy respectively

Mom Told Me Long Title Will Be Easier To Be Found –


Top Ten

Sutherland’s Guard

Mona Lisa Smile – The owner of Mona Lisa wedding dress

Handsome – The owner of Speaker fashion set

Forsaken World All Titles List by satalia

Beauty – The owner of Shirley fashion set

Generous – Crushed under Mercury Statuettes

Rather Stand than Die

Reverse Scale

Blooming Spring

Blood for my Brothers

Forsaken Blood


Sorrow Memories

Time Flies

Disaster in Fate

I’m the Super One

Pay and Reward

Coxcomb – Rank 1 of Flower Delivery List

Playboy – Rank 1-20 of Flower Delivery List

Forsaken World Baby – Rank 1 of Flower Receiving List

Flower Baby – Rank 1-20 of Flower Receiving List

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