Forsaken World Special Quests Guide

Forsaken World Special Quests Guide by GIJOE

Special Quests will give you a ton of xp but they can waste your time if you’re not good at hide and seek.
I will list the quests by the required lvl so it will be easy for you to find the quest your on.

Lv.20 Tragedy and Love
1.Talk to Morin pick up the quest

2.Talk to the Teleporter in the same town

3.Port back to the main map and talk to Lian

4.Kill the Vampire Baron at the top of the hill in the cemetary then report back to Lian(there should be a link for the Baron)
5.Go back up the hill, and click the tombstone behind the windmill to the npc that spawns, accept the quest then head to maxwell.

7.port back to town and talk to npc Rida and then Hugh

8. Find Marr at Iron Claw

9. port back to town and talk to rida
Reward 12000xp

Lv.22 After War
1. talk to Morin

2. port back to Freedom Harbor and talk to hugh Sutherland
3. Talk to Susan (there should be a link to her)

4. Talk to Wott @ the tavern
5. Go to the secret room in the 9th district, there is an npc standing infront of the door. He will give you a list for the code, the answer is 2nd option and then the next question the 1st option.

6. Kill the 3 bosses then talk to Kevin behind the counter
7. Run back and talk to Susan
8. Then talk to Wott
9. Port to the cemetary and run east along the river and you will see the Lancet Keepers And Robby.

10. Once you kill the lancet keepers talk to Robby
11.Port back and talk to Susan
12.Port to twilight town and check your map, you will see a red dot, that is robby

13.Go back to the main city and Talk to Hugh Sutherland
14.Talk to Susan
Reward 13950 xp

Lv.23 Gift
Note: to make this quest faster, have 3 cods, scissors from the grocer, and 1 lavender)
1.Starter NPC Annie (she’s infront of a tomb stone)

2.Go to Susan and ask for puppet

3.Go to grocer and buy Scissors (2nd Tab)

4.Go back to susan and wait for her to craft the puppets.
5.Go to Annie and give the puppet
6.Go to the Lake in Freedom Harbor and keep killing crabs until the gem drops

7.Hand the Gem into Annie
8.Go Back to the shore of the desert and fish 3 cods, or buy them off other players. (Note: you will need lvl 2 fishing to fish cod)
9.Gather 1 lavender and go back to annie (lvl1 gather skill, you can find lavender outside freedom harbor, it’s the purple plant)
Reward: 11k xp

Lv.25 Werewolf’s Plan to morin to gronny

3.Find the werewolf at bloodclaw encampment and give him bottle of blood

4.he will transform into a human, then talk to him again
5.go back to Gronny to general sutherland to christopher
8.Find Jacob (he’s right outside the monestary) to Andrew (The priest in the monestary)
Reward 14k XP and 10 crystals

This will unlock another quest

Lv.25 Fallen Elf
1.Talk to Andrew
2.Find Reed

3.An Elf sin will appear, kill it
4.Go back to Andrew
5.Talk to The Elf Priestess at Freedom Harbor

6.Talk to General Sutherland
Reward: 12k xp and 10 more crystals

This unlocks another quest

Lv.25 The Undercurrent
talk to Sutherland
2.go to tavern talk to wott
3.Talk to Luia, she will give you potion
4.Right click the potion, the go to pirate leader john

5.Talk to general sutherland
6.Go into the front door of the Villa, there will be a shiny thing to the right, click it, you will get infected.

7.Port to Andrew since hes the only one who can cure illness from special qeusts
8.Find the priestess on the cliff on the other side of the monestary

9.Talk to her again
10.Go back to Jacob again, he down the cliff of the monestary (check #8 pic of werewolf quest above)
11.A scene will appear watch it to the end.
12. port back to town and report to general sutherland
Reward:19k xp and special crystal

Lv.28 The Missing Soldier
Note: To make this quest faster have 10 hyacinths, 1 glass flask lvl4, and 3 mercury ore
1.Talk to Teemer

2. Talk with Muller

3.find the npc in the half moon oasis to the left

4.Go to the grocer in town to buy the supplies

5.Go back to the npc at oasis
6.Do what he says till you get to the part where he tells you to find the librarian to the north west

7. Bring the librarian the following materials,10 hyacinths(purple flowers you can gather in the desert with lvl 3 gathering), glass flask lvl 4 (which you can buy from the alchemy tutor in freedom harbor), and 3 mercury ore (which i bought from another player)
8. wait for him to craft you the item
9.Once you get the potion run back to the half moon oasis and talk to murren
10.Find the chained demon and kill it, he patrols in a line like the picture below

Reward: 27k xp

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